7 Things You Must Do Every Day to Live Fearlessly

To live fearlessly means you’ve accepted the uncertainty of life and have a deep trust in the ways of the universe. Some people are lucky to be born with such a feeling, and some are raised in such an atmosphere, so they spontaneously learn it. 

But what about all the others who seem to have a tough time getting rid of fear and trust in life? 

The most important thing you need to know is that anyone can learn to enjoy all the beauty life has to offer. There are many things you can do to live fearlessly every day. 

To live fearlessly means different things to different people. The essence is to recognise, name, and understand the specific fear that stops you from living your best life. 

In this article, I’ll describe some of the most common fears and offer practical strategies to master life and live fearlessly every day.

To Name a Fear Means to Face It: the First Step to Live Your Life Fearlessly

There’s a power in naming our feelings. Before learning to control your fear, you need to know what it is made of. Think about all the fears you feel in your life. Take a piece of paper and list them all. 

Woman living a fearless life

Now, think about each fear and answer (and write down the answers) to these questions:

  • If your fear was an animal, which animal would it be?
  • If your fear had a colour, which colour would it be? 
  • If your fear could speak, what would it tell you?
  • If your fear was a shape, which shape would it be? 
  • If your fear was an element, which element would it be?

Answering these questions will give you more precise insight into the nature of your fear. And more importantly, it will allow you to distance yourself from the fear and tame it. 

When you have your list, turn around. Is there any reason to feel the fear here and now?

Fear typically lives in the future. We are always afraid of something that hasn’t happened yet. 

Keep that in mind every time some of your fears emerge on the surface. 

7 Tips on How to Live Fearlessly Everyday

A person who has no fear doesn’t exist. The point is not to be unable to feel fear but to be able to feel and still enjoy life and do all the things you want to do. 

Tips to live fearlessly

Here are some effective tips that will surely take you on a trip to enjoying life more freely.

Understand and Accept Yourself to Live Life Fearlessly

This may sound too serious and too complicated, but it actually boils down to becoming your own best friend. Most people who experience different fears throughout life have a habit of treating others better than themselves. 

So, instead of punishing yourself whenever you feel you’ve done something wrong, or failed in some way or whatever, just stop. 

Think about what you would say to your best friend in the same situation. Why would you treat yourself any worse? You deserve comfort, understanding, and a helping hand, just like everyone on this planet. 

I can promise you one thing, as soon as you start showing some mercy to yourself, others will follow. The result will be that you’ll find much more support than you ever thought. 

Be strong, be fearless and be beautiful.

You Are Not Responsible for Everything

There are only two types of problems in life – the ones you can solve and the ones you can’t. To experience peace with life, knowing the difference between the prerequisites is essential.

If you take on too many responsibilities and willingly accept other people’s problems, it is only natural that you feel anxious. No one can be responsible for everything. 

More importantly, taking on too many responsibilities stops you from recognising the problems within your scope, the ones you can solve. 

By releasing what you have no power over, you can focus on what you have power over. And that indeed makes you feel fearless and free. 

Do More What Makes You Happy 

Investing more energy into what makes you happy will reduce the negative feelings you experience in life.

If this sounds too simple, just try it. It is as simple as that. 

Feelings affect us on every level. Our physiology, hormonal balance, immunity, overall health, and fitness depend on how we feel.

Pleasant feelings boost a lot more than our mood. They make our lives better. The more you feel joy, the less you feel fear. Nothing that brings you joy is stupid as long as it’s not hurting other people. 

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Focus on Here and Now to Live Fearlessly

As I mentioned, fear lives in the future. The more you worry about how things will turn out, the less you can acknowledge what’s happening at the moment. 

Instead of making long-term plans and focusing on distant goals, focus on seizing the day. Plan every day to leave some time for you to do something that brings a smile to your face. 

Don’t think in advance, and stop overthinking

Focus on the day and all the small steps that lead you towards some bigger accomplishment. 

Ask for Support and Live Fearlessly

A lot of fear is generated whenever we feel we are left on our own to face some obstacle, perform an arduous task or meet something unpleasant.

When you share your burden with someone, even when they can’t do anything but listen to you, it gets easier to solve the problem. 

Magic happens when we feel we have the support we need. So, whenever you feel inadequate, incapable, or insecure about something, reach out to someone who loves you and ask for support. 

Stop Caring What Other People Say

Fear of what others will say or think about us has prevented many people from making significant changes in their lives. 

Who are these people whose opinion is important to you? Are they people who know you to the core and give you selfless support in everything you do? 

Even if they are, even in that case, their opinion cannot play any role in how you will live your life because only you can live your life. 

Everyone else can only talk about your life, yet you are the only one who will live that life. Keep this in mind whenever someone else’s opinion prevents you from doing or not doing something.

Express Love and Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Fearless

Experts from the Tiny Changes Matter blog suggest this:

Don’t let a single day go away without saying something nice to someone. We only have so few days to live; each day we don’t share love, our life is wasted. There’s no meaning in living fearlessly, then.

You get what you give, so make sure you give others reasons to smile daily. Love is the greatest and the most powerful antidote to fear, so the more you let yourself feel love, the less fear will hold power against you. 

Others see you through what they get from you. Kindness is also a great tactic to ensure support from your surroundings. 

Where Does Fear Come From?

Your character has a lot to do with the type of emotions you’ll be prone to. But, your surroundings, the people who raised you, and how they treated you decide how you’ll feel towards life. 

If the dominant emotion in a family is anxiety, if parents don’t share or show a lot of affection, it is natural that a child feels confused, anxious, or suspicious about life. 

A child can’t become a cheerful, easy-going person if they were raised in a cold atmosphere full of silent dissatisfaction. Yes, there are exceptions to this, which was how they chose to live their lives.

If you’ve never felt at ease in life, you should at least never blame yourself for feeling that way. When you understand where that kind of feeling comes from, you’ll eventually learn to shake it off and create your own reality. 

The tips I’ve shared will help you get there for sure. 

Final Thoughts on Living Fearlessly

To prevent fearful thoughts from taking over your reality and influencing your judgments, you must be fully aware of the present. 

Don’t worry about the past, and refrain from telling fortunes. There has never been, and never will, another moment like this one. 

Detach yourself from the notion, “oh, this is what will happen because that’s what usually occurs.”

Finally, things will constantly alter when it comes to overcoming your anxieties and taking charge of your life. It’s a terrific talent to learn to accept change and handle everything easily. 

As we grow older, meet new friends, and accomplish new goals, life changes and learning to adjust is a terrific approach to bravely face the ups and downs.

I hope this article helped you learn essential knowledge on how to be fearless and brave. Yet, if you find something I’ve missed or know that should be mentioned in this post, please don’t hesitate to note that in the comments. 

And before you go, let’s look at some of the best live life fearlessly quotes that would motivate you to live your life fearlessly. 

Living Fearlessly Quotes, You May Like

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd (American author and professor.)

“The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow.” — Aaron Lauritsen (Former professional soldier, Canada.)

“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.” — Dalai Lama.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” — George Addair (American real-estate developer.)

“Be thankful for what you have. Be fearless for what you want.”

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