Nathawat Brothers


Our past would help you understand us better and
give you an idea of who we are and what we are doing here.

Residing in Pink City, we are the simplest guy on the Earth, that’s what we think and believe. One is in his Early 20’s and the other in his mid’s. One is a Software Engineer and, the other is a Computer genius. One is super stressed, then the other is super confident and hopeful about life and the world around. We both are trying to get all the strength we can to face challenges and keep our pace towards our destination in the chaotic situation like a daredevil.

Nathawat Brothers Standing Together

However, things were not always the same before 25 November 2015. Our life was way different from now; both were on our separate paths without any direction.

One was playing video games at home and, the other one was hanging out with friends. Back then, everybody was below our shoes and, we were, above all, like Royal Highness. We were dreaming about random things, was happy, and spending our nights on T.V. shows. By all of this, it doesn’t mean that we were bullshit; it just that we didn’t have understandings. We were grown-up kids back then, who was going with their life and time, on this Earth. School to home, home to college and college to back home again, that’s was our life. We were tension free.

But, nothing remains for the same it’s the rule of nature that everything changes and, that cold night of November- one day before our sister’s marriage- our father died due to a Heart attack.

Yes, that happened, and it was all painful, shocking, and unacceptable. Moments of laughter and happiness suddenly changed into screams and sorrow. And that horrifying incident changed everything, not only us but all the other things around us as well. People changed or showed their real faces, conditions changed, and we had to face situations that we never thought we’d be in our life. In situations, we needed support and help.

We got betrayal and isolation from people (except one or two, which were never close to us before that). Not only did they let us down us, but they also started to see us associated with our father’s pride. They expected us to do the same as our father. His demise and the following circumstances were not only situations we’ve gone through, but there’s more, and we’re still going through those, which we’d share when the time comes right.

What do we want to do with our present?

If a child and an adult would give you a life lesson, then whom you’d believe?

Adult right? Because they hold the experience, and just like them, we too have the experience we want to use to help people. Also, we know that people would face the same situation this day or another, just like us because every experience is a shared human experience. And with our way of dealing with those situations, people would probably find some help to get through the struggle. Also, we’re trying to build a community that would help people who need it.

Help is the cause.

Is that incident truly changed us?

Yes, but there are still some parts that are on the course to change. We’re more kind than before, paying more attention to important things; want to learn more: in a few things. We’re doing things that we never thought we could.

From where you can start in our blog

In our opinion, you can start with our Best Articles. You can also go to our Books section, where you’d find awesome books we’ve written. If you like our work, please share our post, and don’t forget to visit the Show Courtesy page.

That’s it guys, thanks for being here.