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Out there, you’d find many publishers, some are big, so some are small that promise to let people guest post on their website. But because the online realm is so big, most of the time, those promises go unfulfilled. Therefore to make a difference in the big online world, we — Nathawat Brothers — providing this platform to help people get their words out for the right readers. If you think our website is the right place for your thoughts to be published, then you can write for us under the following categories.


Please make sure you check articles under these categories to get the idea about the content quality we’re looking for.


  • The piece you’ll produce should contain at least 1500 words. There’s no limit for a more extended bit.
  • It should be good for SEO.
  • It should follow the Pyramid Content Production strategy.
  • Featured image under 100 kb, and inner content images under 50 kb.
  • If you mention any research or study in your work, then it should contain those researches link.
  • Lie under the categories mentioned above.
  • Maximum 2 links to your old work.
  • Try to use less abusive language.
  • And last but not least, try to be as helpful as you can.

Quick Note

With this, we want to build a voice around the web with your article and your thinking. Therefore, to cut the garbage content production, blogger outreach for agencies, and build a better platform for individual writers, we require you to commit with us for at least 6 months. During this period, we’ll expect from you to provide us at least 1 article per month. That’s all we need.

Doing so, you’ll have a better audience that would not only read articles on our website but yours as well. Moreover, with a long commitment, you’d also have long term benefits like free traffic as long as we’re live. And we have no plan to shut it. 😎

How to get started?

If you think you can meet the requirements and commit to the mentioned duration, then nothing can stop you. The following bullets will help you send us your well written and researched article in no time.

  • Create a Google Drive folder and name it, For Nathawat Brothers.
  • Move your article file inside this folder.
  • The content should contain all the images inside it.
  • Create another folder inside the folder, and name it [Article Name] Images.
  • Copy your images inside this new folder.
  • Please separately title the featured image, as For Featured Image.
  • Once done, fill out the below form and submit.
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