The Importance of Imperfections in Life

Are Imperfections in Life Needed

When we started writing for this platform, we knew almost nothing about how online publishing works. We had our ideas, we had our writing, and the Publish button to send those words to

Why Do I (or You) Want Everything to Be Perfect?

Perfectionism and you - Why we want everything to be perfect every time

This article on perfectionism contains some vivid graphics that might seem inappropriate to readers under 18. If you’re not the right age, please don’t read it. You want everything to be perfect because

7 Things You Must Do Every Day to Live Fearlessly

Live Fearlessly

To live fearlessly means you’ve accepted the uncertainty of life and have a deep trust in the ways of the universe. Some people are lucky to be born with such a feeling, and

How to do something or Anything?

Learn how you can do something or anything

Self-confidence is not about the destination, goal or achievement; instead, it’s about believing that you can walk the journey to reach that particular end; it’s about the involvement in the process to achieve your goal; it’s about having faith that you can get up if you fall on the way to higher grounds.

How to wake up early and not feel tired

Wake up early and not feel tired

Early in the morning, wake up feeling tired? Always sleepy, no matter how much sleep you get. But want to know how to wake up refreshed? Then, in this article, I will share