Self-Introspection: The Art of Looking Within Oneself to Live Happily

We humans are a bizarre species. We are always busy, not specifically in the outside world, but more often inside our skulls. 

Thick skull, you can say. 

And while we remain there, we hardly notice it. We hardly pay attention to our thoughts, and if, by chance, we give, we only give it to the negative ones. 

Our thinking has a very mixed reputation. 

Some say don’t believe everything you think. So, there are people who focus on getting rich by thinking. 

But as more and more self-help content is getting spread all over the world, people are becoming mindful.

  • They are reading books.
  • They are attending seminars.
  • They are meditating.
  • They are exercising regularly.
  • They are doing everything that would help them be the best version of themselves. 

Yet, there’s a magical element people overlook. 

People fail to judge their needs. 

People fail to understand their desire to be happy. 

And people fail to uncover or reveal to themselves their true inner core. 

While it’s great to do all those things, if you’re avoiding the essence behind everything, then there’s no sense. 

However, through that magical element, you can somehow touch yourself within yourself. You can free yourself from all the needs and desires. You can turn yourself into something far beyond your imagination. 

And it’s nothing extraordinary. Instead, it’s only self-introspection. 

It’s the art to look within oneself and answer all questions you ever wanted. It’s the art of living happily, no matter how tricky the situation is. 

What’s Self-Introspection? 

If we go with the definition provided by Merriam-Webster, self-introspection is “an examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings.”

From a definition’s point of view, it’s true. 

However, from a philosophical point of view, it’s the process of filtering out thoughts to reach a conclusion. You question one thought after another to ultimately feel the essence of the universal power. 

Self-introspection is experiencing the unique, lightweight thought

You can say self-introspection is the process that helps us think of the universal thought that gives us goosebumps. 

Yes, that feeling you get by thinking about something that lifts you. 

The feeling that makes you free from all the worries. The feeling that makes you feel alive and provides you with a broad perspective about a particular thing. 

A unique, lightweight thought that feels part of your inner core. It feels like your soul is talking to you. 

A whisper that knows you better than yourself. 

Thoughts, or you can say thinking, that you don’t hear from anyone around you.

That’s what true self-introspection means.

Why Do You Need It? (Benefits of Introspection)

We live in a world that’s driven by countless people. 

We live in a world that’s influenced by the thoughts of countless individuals.

We live in a world where our decisions are based on other people’s opinions and how they will affect us in a brief moment. 

To say we do things according to ourselves. However, that’s only 1% true. 

Ask yourself, how many times, till now, you have given a thought about a particular thing in your house, office or neighbourhood and then took action. 

When I say given a thought, it means you felt the breath while you were making that decision. 

realise the power of self-introspection

With confidence, I can say, rarely. Or perhaps never. 

And because of this detachment to our core, we feel dissatisfied with our actions. We keep doing the job we hate because we are not listening to ourselves. 

We make other people’s opinions and beliefs our identity and see ourselves in their reflection.

After closing a deal, we go to our house and in bed, we feel we betrayed ourselves. 

We feel we have lost touch with ourselves. We have lost the person we were supposed to be. And this all happens because we’ve lost the art of looking within ourselves. 

Nevertheless, if we realise the power of self-reflection, we’ll be in touch with our higher self. 

We can analyse your thoughts to understand a particular situation we’re dealing with and be content. With the power of self-introspection, we are truly aware of our needs and desires, so we won’t second guess our decisions once we make them.

the purpose of self-reflection

Self-introspection makes us aware of our true potential. It makes us content with whatever we do. 

It makes us feel the real us within ourselves. It will help us find our purpose and meaning in life for ourselves and brighten this whole world with our light. 

That’s why we’re here after all, even if it would be small, limited to our house or neighbourhood, but with self-introspection, we can make a difference. 

We can make our lives full of satisfaction. Not happy or luxurious, but content. 

Being happy with enough is enough because enough is what we need. 

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How Can One Do Self-Introspection? 

The art of looking within yourself isn’t tricky or rocket science. It’s simple. All you need to do is trust yourself and what you find inwardly. 

To back your gut, you need to align yourself with your breath. 

As mentioned earlier, we rarely make any decision by being fully aware of our breath. And breath is the only entity in the human species that can touch the inner self. The core we feel rarely. 

And decisions taken under consideration of breath are never done out of anger, frustration, or fear. 

We are entirely at peace and conscious when these negative emotions are absent. 

So, next time you want to indulge in self-introspection and be content with anything, breathe first and then do anything you want to. 

The second thing you can do is incorporate silence for self-reflection with your breath. When we are aware of our breath, we know we are fully ourselves, and with silence, we clear out everything unnecessary. 

In this way, we’ll be able to examine our thoughts effectively. 

And the last you need to do is question yourself about what you want. Don’t ask what’s right or wrong. Instead, focus on what you desire and why you desire that. 

Whether the question is about fixing your relationship or finding your purpose, just simply focus on your breath, be still, and ask what you want. 

That’s it; that’s how you do self-introspection. 

  • Breathe.
  • Be calm and be silent.
  • And ask, is this what you want? 

And you’ll know. 

Yes, there are other ways to look within oneself, but these three are enough because less is more, and that’s the purpose of self-reflection. 

We want to be happy with what we’ve got. 

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