I Don’t Know What to Do With My Life – Yes You Do

(10 Ideas to help you find your purpose)

If you’re telling yourself regularly that ‘I don’t know what to do with my life,’ ‘I have no purpose,’ and blah blah blah, then bear with me for some time, and before the end of this post, you’d know what to do in your life.

What’s the meaning of life for you, and how best you can live it.

You have a purpose that was hidden for a very long time; you know it already but somehow forget it.

And in this article, you’re going to find it for yourself.

I won’t tell you anything; you’ll tell it for yourself. You’re going to find your way in life on your own.

So, without any further due, let’s explore these 10 ideas, which would guide you to become a better you.

Remember what you liked when you were a kid

When I was a kid, I liked to play stories with my brother.

We would lock ourselves in a room and recreate the whole scene we just watched in a movie or T.V. show. But as we started to grow older, we started to find it nonsense and slowly got busy with things that we thought would help us live our lives in a better way.

But things never remain the same, and on 25th November 2015, our father died due to a sudden silent heart attack. That was two days ago, our sister’s marriage.

We fall apart but somehow kept ourselves up and moved forward.

Kid playing without any life purpose

However, on that day, something – a thought – lingered in our mind that we have to do something magnificent, which would make our father proud.

And after a couple of months later, we watched a T.V. show that was very bad enough to watch. Bad like hell, no graphics, no story, and no class of acting. That day, we decided we’ll create something better.

We’ll write something better. So, that’s how our journey started. We got our sense of purpose and completed our first book in 5 months

That same can apply to you. You can have a purpose in something you liked to do in your childhood — things that took you to a different world.

Just try to remember what you’d like to do, something meaningful, something that would bring you on a better path in your life.

I believe you don’t have to press yourself hard enough to remember your past’s good times — childhood.

Are you happy… With what you’re doing?

If you’re not, then there’s undoubtedly something that getting your attraction.

Yes, we don’t feel very good about the things that we do in the present moment when there’s something else in our mind.

You might be doing it because of some pressure. There’s something that is forcing you to do it despite the fact you don’t like it.

So, what’s the other thing you want to do if the present thing isn’t making you happy.

Happy working female

The meaning you want to find in your life perhaps lies inside the other thing. If it’s something there for you to do in your life other than the present, then you should go behind it.

It might open your eyes, whether it’s really your thing or you just fascinated by its shine. Everything looks beautiful from the surface, but when we get closer to it, we find out what’s really behind the curtain. 

We learn the truth, and everything becomes apparent than ever. 

Are you afraid of taking action?

When we’re not happy with the present thing, and know about the other thing we want to do in our lives, but weren’t able to go behind it, then there’s a possibility that we’re afraid.

Afraid of taking actions and whatever might happen after it. 

Afraid woman taking action in life for purpose

Guess what? With fear, you’ll never be going to know what is the point of life.

You’ll never reach your potential of taking the risk and always feel pretty bad about yourself and the world around you. 

If you’re afraid, then I’d like to share some fear truths that I learned from the book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers,

  1. Your fear will always remain in your life as long as you’d try to grow and learn some new things.
  2. The only way to deal with your fear is to do the thing you fear the most.
  3. When finding your way in life, you’ll always meet people who same as you feel the fear. So, you’re not the only one in the world who’s going through this kind of emotion. 
  4. Escaping from fear isn’t an option. Because the one fear you’re trying to go away will come again in a different form. Simply put, you’ll be able to escape the fear from situation A, but you’ll have to face a new fear in situation B. Just like facing ourselves over and over again in a mirror room.
  5. If you’re afraid, with the question of what if, then it’s simply mean that you don’t believe in yourself. You feel that whatever might happen, you’ll be not able to control the situation. You’ll be unable to handle it. 

What made you forget everything?

For me, it was video games and different types of experiments I did on my computer system, which further led me to opt for a bachelor’s program for computer science.

However, it didn’t end well for me. Because back then, I didn’t know I can make money from playing video games. Plus, I’m from India, and in part, I live in, parents play a huge role in shaping their children’s life.

Though my parents never took my educational decisions, they were pretty aware of what video games look like.

Moreover, I still don’t feel it as a career. I don’t see something meaningful in it. All I see is that playing video games is fun, nothing serious.

Excited man playing video games

And for the bachelor’s program, I didn’t know that it included Oops, mathematical equations, and pretty much mixed up things.

To be honest, fancy tricks on the computer were damn easy than programming. 

But I believe, for you, there’s something genuine that makes you forget everything.

Something you can rely on for the whole of your life. For that, you can sleep late, wake up early, scarce your comfort, eat less, and when you do it, you don’t feel that you’re putting effort into it. It’s like when you sit to do it; you don’t remember that the clock is ticking.

I’m pretty sure you know what makes you forget everything.

What difference do you want to make in the World?

Finding your why in the long journey of life is essential because it plays a fuel for us to move forward and face the world.

It’s important to know why we want to do it what we want to do because it doesn’t let us fall apart when something goes wrong. Our why keep us keep going no matter how many times we fail. It gives us hope; it provides us with a passion for making a difference in the world.

To change some things that are no longer part of people’s views.

Purpose of life

Without a purpose, we don’t value our side of things, and as soon as something else comes in our way, we simply get attracted to it.

We compare ourselves and just leave the thing behind, which we’ve started with so much effort and hope. And this cycle keeps going on and on. 

So, what difference you want to make in the World? What are your why’s, or you simply falling for the marshmallows?

What are you good at?

“How to find meaning in life?” It’s a question that not so many people ask in their 30s or 20s. However, if you’re asking this, then you might want to do something magnificent in your life.

But the question shouldn’t be this; instead, it should mention the job that would make life meaningful.

You should be asking, ‘what I do, each day that would bring meaning in my life.’

Expert man

Then, and only then, you’d be able to figure out how to find meaning in life. And the better option from here is that you should do the thing you’re good at.

Something that would require from you to be attentive, productive, and orientated. Because sometimes useless & non-meaningful things, too, made us forget everything.

Like watching T.V., arguing, drinking alcohol, and so on so forth.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know that whatever you’re doing is producing a result, something that can help other people, society, or the next generation.

Perhaps, it won’t give you any money for now, but in the end, when you review it, it would have a positive effect on you and your skills.

The things that won’t give us money from the starting end up giving fortune we can never think of. Whatever we do in life, either good or bad, always have some result.

Not in the way we think, but something else for sure.

Don’t fall for the marshmallow

Sometimes or I can say most of the time, it’s good to have fewer options or a single one because it doesn’t let us fall from our track.

However, on the other hand, when we have too many options, we simply get distracted. We simply fall for the marshmallow. It becomes much and much harder for us to decide what we want to do in life.

Think for a second; if you got to read too many articles at the same time, would you be able to do it at your full potential? I believe you couldn’t.

Don't fall for marshmallow

And what tops the cherry is our need to live a glamorous life and the comparison we do of ourselves with others. When we don’t want to live a simple life, we try to copy others.

And in copying other people, we sometimes start to follow the paths that look glamorous and beautiful in the starting, but when we go deep inside it, we know the real truth.

To live a glamorous life, we might consciously pick a wrong path that later put us in jeopardy. Many people do it, to have a lavish lifestyle like celebrities they choose shortcuts to reach there. 

Celebrity life

On the other hand, the comparison makes us feel low about ourselves and what we’re doing in the present moment.

We see more in the other’s plate and simply start to do the thing they are doing.

Hence, when we face our first failure in it, we fall apart. Because we started to do this thing out of comparison, and when we do something due to contrast, we simply don’t have any purpose behind it, except money, glamour, and fame.

And these three aren’t any significant purpose.

Comparison we do in life

Moreover, when you come across something else with more brightness than the thing you’ve started out of comparison, you’d simply leave it before the first light.

And when something else would come better than that, you’d go behind the other new.

In this way, you’d keep doing it your entire life without learning anything magnificent from it.

So, if you want to do something that would leave your mark in society, you need to do something that would have some solid purpose.

Something you’d be proud of. When we have a purpose behind our thing, nothing can shake us, no matter how tough our conditions are.

What inspires you?

Every Oscar-winning or nominated movie inspires me to the bones.

I get goosebumps whenever I come across a film that has been made to inspire.

And I feel like I want to do it. I want to make movies that can help people come out from their darker corners of life. I want to help them from my stories, and it’s all happened because I was and is going through the same place as many people are going through.

And I believe there’s something that inspires you, too.

Know your responsibilities

Perhaps, there’s nothing that inspires you. Or maybe, you know what inspires you but unable to take action, unable to face the fear due to some responsibilities in your life.

So, what you need to do in that case. Know your responsibilities, take them, and double your effort. Because someone who escapes from duties to chase his/her dreams can never find themselves content.

Because if something goes wrong on their dream chase, they won’t be able to take responsibility for it.

The more the responsibility, the more power you’ll have. 

Woman taking responsibility of her child

You have to work for your dream and responsibility in parallel.

You have to make a lot of sacrifices and need to increase the level of potential you put in your efforts. When we take responsibility for our life and actions, we feel free.

We feel the air of relief that comes from fulfilling our duties and the dreams we live for. So, to know what to do in your life, start taking responsibilities; there’s nothing better than that.

It will increase your confidence, power, and you’ll feel more proud of yourself rather than guilty and self-loathing.

If nothing, just keep doing, keep going

When Mark Zuckerberg first started, he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He just kept doing that thing he was good at.

Like him, Bill Gates didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He just did what he knows he’s good at. Like these two personalities, Google founders didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives. They did what they knew.

These people never stopped doing the thing they were doing in that present moment because of the thing they didn’t know how to do it.

Keep doing what you're doing

And this same applies to us as well, in life when we first do something, we don’t know what shape it would take. But there’s a certainty that it will eventually take shape.

And that’s our first success.

Once the object has taken shape, we can now shape it further to make it something out-of-the-box. 

So, to find your purpose in life, first, you need to start with something because doing nothing is the enemy.

Once you get your first success, then you can decide where you need to take it. Because at that time, you have a much clear picture than the last time.

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