Why Do We Like Being Famous? Everybody’s Desire to Be Seen

Being famous is everyone’s dream. 

Okay, if not everyone, then most of the people want to be famous.

You can count me in as well; I won’t deny it because when you are seen, there are many advantages, not to forget the disadvantages, too.

But my idea of being famous can differ from everyone’s. From this, I don’t want to portray that my meaning of being is good or better than yours, but they could be more rational.

People want to be famous for different reasons. However, I want to be recognised because I want to inspire people

Bring a good change in their lives. Motivate them to rise above their current levels and make the most of their lives. That’s why I want to be famous. Well, “famous” is not the appropriate word for me. 

I want to reach out to as many people as possible. That’s better than being famous.

But what about other people? Let’s find out why people want to be famous or seen.

The Lie People Tell Themselves About Being Famous

When we see celebrities, we go in awe. We want to be beside them. We want to have what they have. 

Imagining ourselves being famous feels good. 

Imagining ourselves surrounded by millions of people makes us feel like we are wanted. It makes us feel like we exist and we matter.

When we see a famous personality, we tend to give them respect. And this makes us think that if we were famous, people would have respected us, too. 

Yes, they would have, but not because of who you are, rather, what you have.

It’s rare that people will respect you out of your true nature and personality. Most of the time, people give us attention because under our light, they seem valued. That’s why they take selfies and later show them to their peers and appear superior. 

People will respect or value you if you’re famous; it’s the biggest lie you can tell yourself. 

Okay, for a moment, let’s believe that they would. 

But would it be right that you’re feeling content or happy when someone else respects you?

Would it be right that you’re only seeing your value or valuing yourself when someone else is doing it? 

On the surface, it looks good. But what will happen if all of a sudden, all of your “celebrity-ness” goes away?

Would you start to downvalue yourself?

If your value for yourself depends on others, then it’s not right. Your value and the reason to be respected and feel content shouldn’t seek validation from others.

It should start from within yourself and expand when met with others’. That’s what is healthy about being famous. 

Your reason to exist shouldn’t be out of people’s respect. But it has to be out of your purpose in life.

You exist, not because of them. You exist because of you and what you do with yourself.

How to Save Yourself From the Lie of Being Famous

The first thing you need to take out of your mind is “the thinking” that people will respect you if you’re famous. No, they won’t. They only want what you have.

They want to be under your spotlight so they can shine, too and feel superior.

The second thing you need to do is stop seeing your worth in people’s eyes. Instead, start to build self-respect and value yourself for who you are.

If you don’t value yourself, then nobody will.

Third, and most importantly, is that you shouldn’t think about being famous. Instead, whatever you do, do out of the helping nature.

Ask yourself whether what you are doing is helpful to the people or if it’s just another act to build your following or to charm your celebrity face.

Is it about being famous, or is it about being virtuous? The choice is yours because the more famous you become, the less effect you have on the people.

The more you are seen, the more you start to bore people–the more you are less wanted.

As Robert Greene mentions in his book 48 Laws of Power, “Too much circulation makes the price go down: The more you are seen and heard from, the more common you appear.

Therefore, use absence to increase honour and respect not only from the people but also from yourself. 

Because what we mostly look outside can be found internally, which is better than all the pearls and diamonds we can find in the world.

Also, the beauty, joy and reason to exist we look for are always inside us. 

We don’t need people to be respected or valued. Instead, we need people to boost what we already have. 

To remind us what we are capable of when we go astray.

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First published on27th August 2023 @ 11:19 am

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