9 Reasons Why Some People Will Never Like You

There comes a time in a person’s life when he has to judge the people around him.

It could be due to his nature, or perhaps he couldn’t forget his loss or neglect by the people. Hence the person; dislikes every person who has misbehaved with him, or both have different views.

And perhaps it’s the same reason some people will never like you.

However, the thing to know here is that not all people are the same. All people have their own theories, thinking, experiences, and opinions.

And these different principles and different thinking are formed only due to different living habits.

Therefore, where giving a clear answer to someone pricks people, sometimes such an opportunity also comes when people feel disgusted even if the person is silent.

The person is entangled in a dilemma that, “if I do this, then that man will start hating me or he will get angry with me, or else he will make a wrong impression about me.”

You should understand one thing in this subject that you cannot keep everyone happy in this world. You have your own views, opinions, and a different lifestyle.

A person often feels that people are angry with him for no reason.

They don’t like him for no reason, form their wrong opinions about him for no reason, hate him and try to humiliate him all the time for no reason.

But in reality, there must be a reason.

People don't like you

The person knows that he has never done any bad deed with any person, relative or friend, but still, this type of situation often arises due to which people’s displeasure starts coming out in the open.

But the reality of not liking a person is something else.

It can be emotional; it can be financial; it can also be related to discrimination or in line with one’s own ideals.

If you have assumed that people don’t like you, then the critical thing to note here is whether a single person dislikes you? Or is there some society, or many people who don’t like you equally?

If a guy doesn’t like you, it could be his own views, he has prejudiced beliefs about you, or he has an irrational dislike for you.

But if a lot of people dislike you outright, there might be a mess here. At this time, there is a great need for introspection and self-evaluation.

Here one has to make sure whether his actions reflect a good personality or not.

Is he a drug addict? Is he a person running away from his responsibilities? Does he have an angry nature? Is he a rude person or a criminal of society?

There can be many reasons for this type of person being disliked equally by many people.

Nevertheless, by all these, don’t mistake yourself as Hitler did. Because he was a disciplined person, never trembled on hangovers and always remained focused on this target.

But still, people hate him. Why? Because his values weren’t helping people. Instead, they brought massacre, depression, fear and tragedy.

Therefore, if people don’t like you and you find it disturbing, first reflect on your values, and if you find no problem there, check out the following reasons that will help you understand why some people will never like you.

9 Reasons Why People Don’t Like You

Without reasons, life is a void. There’s no reason to eat, sleep and even work. Therefore, when it comes to finding out why some people don’t like you, it is also explainable with the help of reasons. 

The following reasons for people not liking you are the ones that are appropriate in many cases. Are enough to help you see the signs of why someone doesn’t want to be your friend anymore.

1. People Judge Us Wrong

When you face ups and downs in your life, people start to assess you based on their thinking born out of their experiences that included both favourable and unfavourable conditions.

In most cases, this assessment towards you will be negative.

Either they will ignore you or try to make you a laughing stock in front of society.

In the above situations, resentment towards you can be seen clearly in people’s eyes.

They’ll judge your thinking as if you have never taken any right decision; they see you as a loser.

People see you as a loser and then judge and start disliking you

One of the reasons for disliking you is that your thinking and ways of doing something are different from people’s thinking and methods.

When people underestimate you, your thinking and profession, and treat you based on all these, it indicates that people dislike you and judge you.

2. Generation Gap

The difference between the two generations means a significant change in their ideological principles, ideas, and education.

It reflects the different ways of thinking by the people of those different generations in any given situation.

And where there is a difference in thinking, there will also be arguments of ideological principles.

And that’s why a particular generation shows displeasure towards another generation to their way of speaking, decision making, and mentality along with disliking the way of living.

It further expresses its displeasure with the people of that generation.

Based on the experiences of generations, the expectations and unacceptability increase in the minds of individuals about any situation.

Under which a person gets involved in proving himself right and the other person wrong.

And because of this, one generation starts dissatisfaction with the other generation, and negative thoughts occur between the two.

3. People Impose Their Principles

An older person has always been using his ideas and principles on a younger person.

The adults or older adults think that their own experiences can make a big difference in the life of others, but they forget that all people are living different lives from each other.

So, naturally, their experience will also be different from others.

But many people think that the way they lived, the struggles they have seen, the same kind of life should be lived by people younger than them.

Mother imposing her principles

This type of situation arises primarily in family and kinship.

The elders of the family work to impose the knowledge acquired based on their life experiences on the children. Or adults younger than them.

It is at this point that a small line of ideals and contempt is drawn.

A person refuses to obey the principles of his elders based on his experiences, and even without wanting, he has to disobey the orders of his elders.

When their principles are not followed, the elders get angry with their younger ones and start disliking them.

They start doing such activities towards their little ones as if they are their enemies.

The elders start keeping distance from the younger people of their age, and their nature towards them becomes negative.

4. People’s Negative Perception of You

If a person has established a wrong perception about you, then no matter how hard you try to change that person’s thinking, you cannot remove his negative perception of you.

In most circumstances, the attempt to make a wrong guess about you is based on what has been heard.

Now the topic of discussion is why did that person make a wrong impression towards you?

Thinking of people

One reason is that someone has lied about you to that person. And why did someone lie about you?


  • The person sees you as their competitor, and lying about you, will make them look better.
  • They’re jealous of your success and privilege.
  • The person wants the other person to fight with you so that they can benefit from it.
  • And so on.

A wrong impression towards a person is born with a bad thought. A person tries or thinks to mould another person’s actions, language, and way of life according to his own.

But if this is not the case, then the person assumes that you have a stubborn personality and are not a good person.

Misconception towards any person starts from judging that person wrong.

For example, answer this, is it bad if a person consumes alcohol?

No, but if he drinks alcohol day and night and runs away from his responsibilities, he is wrong. Otherwise, we have no right to judge him.

They don't like you due to their thinking

If a person is angry, is he wrong?

No, anger is a shared human emotion that comes to all people, but what matters is the wrong thing the person does in anger.

But if you have the demeanour of an angry person, then people are almost sure to have a negative perception of you whether you did something wrong or not.

For example, when we were young, both of us brothers used to play cricket in the temple built near our house.

There was a house near the temple with a beautiful garden.

Whenever the ball went into the garden while playing, the children would jump in the garden to pick it up. Many times the plants and flowers of the garden were also broken by their feet.

Then the garden owner, whom we all children called Heihachi, would come and get very angry.

Now tell me, was his anger wrong or right?

I believe he was right because if you or I have a garden and someone causes harm to it, we would react the same way Heihachi did.

But the children had made a wrong impression about him; we all hated him for getting angry with us, for not allowing us to pick our cricket ball.

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5. People Find You Inferior & That’s Why They Don’t Like You

Some people will never like you because they think you are less than them, have significantly less status in society, and hold a pathetic position in the people’s eyes.

Even though the individual lives in society and is himself social, society judges your level by your personal strength.

If you don’t have status and money, then you are garbage in people’s eyes.

Why would they keep friendship with you?
What can you give them?
And how can you be of use?

People also hesitate to talk to you in your pathetic condition.

Why would people want to make someone else’s problem their problem because they will get nothing from that person.

In your bad times, people start to think that you are so weak, and they try to keep a very thick distance from you.

And that’s enough for some people to never like you.

Because people whom we know or don’t are often unconscious, individuals who give more value to material things rather than spirituality and love.

And when people are behind material wealth, they can’t understand you as a person, which worsens if you’re lesser than them.

6. They Are Jealous of Your Privilege

You must have ever seen such people in your family or in your kinship, whose ancestors have earned tremendous wealth.

And have used it for the beautiful and happy future of their generation so that their children can grow up and study in a well-nurtured environment.

But this good upbringing becomes a source of envy for many.

Because those people believe that those children have no right to live a life full of such amenities.

People dislike because of your privilege

They think that those children aren’t worthy of it because they don’t have any capabilities to earn money.

That’s why people are jealous of your privilege because the money earned by which you are happy or living a good life or making money from it isn’t yours but your father’s or your grandfather’s.

People don’t even directly consider you as its owner.

They don’t like you because you are privileged everywhere, whether in education, business, or any medical aid.

They think you don’t feel pain if you have money. You don’t have to struggle. You don’t need to work hard. Or even work to maintain that lifestyle.

They will never understand your sorrow because your shoe is on your foot. Your shoe is not in the foot of a jealous person.

Here, I mean to say that whatever problems you have seen because of privilege, all those problems are yours only, and no other person can understand them unless they’re part of it.

7. Some People Will Never Like You Because They Expect Too Much Respect From You

The individual is a social animal attached to society.

The person keeps coming and going in social work. And in this social environment, people expect you to give them respect.

And it is at this point of social expectation, that a small streak of neglect and high ideals is drawn.

People start judging your ideals from their points of view.

This thing; also depends on how much time you give to your relatives, family members, and friends.

Suppose you have given more time to one person and not enough time to another person.

Then, in that case, another person considers your thinking of expecting his respect as his neglect.

There is no great science hidden behind this “expectation of respect, and neglect;” it only shows each other’s thinking.

For example, in my country, if a younger person attends some social event and there he does not greet his elders by saying namaste or touching their feet.

Older people will make up their own perceptions that he is disrespectful or doesn’t know how to treat people older than him.

Even some of them would say that it is the upbringing given by their parents.

However, whatever happened, it was because the person was shy and could not greet his elders.

8. You Are Too Direct to Give Suggestions and Put Your Views in Front of People

Sometimes a person gives so much precise and out-of-touch talk or advice to another person that it hurts another person.

If you’re a person who gives straightforward suggestions or advice, ignoring the other person’s feelings, you will put many bitter things in front of them.

This process happens unconsciously.

The person speaking candidly doesn’t know how much the other person has become sad because of what they said.

And therefore, you become a wrong opinion for many different people.

They think you have a wrong idea about them, even though you have kept a valid point about some of their actions.

People can consider your outrageous speech an insult.

They can consider you as a person of angry personality, who could be their oppressor.

9. People Don’t Like You Because You Get Angry Very Quick

It is very natural for a person to get angry. There is no such creature in this world who has never been angry. 

Although the scale of anger can be more or less, if someone says that they don’t get mad and remain calm in every situation every time, this is entirely deceptive.

If a person doesn’t get angry in front of someone, it doesn’t mean that that person never gets angry at all. 

There are chances that these types of people get very angry in private, and such people are perilous for themselves. 


You are angry individual

Well, if these people can’t express their anger to the people, then there’s an urge to take it out on something else.

So what they do is they take their anger out on themselves to get rid of this fierce emotion unless they’re not meditating or practising some mindfulness exercises.

The person sometimes experiences such a wave of uncontrolled anger whose level keeps on increasing. 

And if this type of fierce anger starts arising again and again, then it becomes the person’s nature. 

Once it becomes natural, the person then expresses his anger to the world at any place, under any circumstances.

Due to this people who know the person shy away from talking to him, and also avoid giving him any advice. Actually, people start feeling embarrassed due to the person getting angry at small things. 

People start feeling afraid that that person will not dare to say anything wrong to them on some small matter.

And then, with all these things, people start making social distance from that angry person. 

People’s anger directly toward the person arises only because of his excessive anger. 

This is the reason why people do not like angry people. 

By looking at all of the above points, it’s clear there are definitely some reasons why some people don’t like or will never like you.

However, getting familiar with these reasons, it’s not like you can ignore the crucial part of it, which is, changing yourself where possible.

Because if you do ignore it, then it would be like reading a caption under an image on Instagram. Or some other social media platform, which does no good for anyone.

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