Why Do People Lie? Learn the Top 9 Reasons

The psychology behind lying states that a “lie” is a hidden truth developed out of some fear or phobia of the human being.

# 1

To Maintain the Illusion, People Lie

A lying person maintains illusions in their society, family, business and friends to show themself as the best, prestigious, virtuous, and influential.

They’re afraid that no one will respect them if everyone becomes aware of their real condition. And in that case, they will not be able to put their points/views in front of anyone.

# 2

For Their Selfishness

Wherever they see their selfishness, they will immediately use a lie without thinking twice, no matter how much damage their lie may cause to another person.

# 3

 Due to Extreme Fear

The greater the fear and anxiety about something, the more likely a person will lie to avoid it. And the more a person lies, the more they fear that lie being exposed.

# 4

People Lie to Cover Up a Crime

The criminal starts their activities with a lie before committing the crime. After that, when they commit a crime, they use lies to hide it and to save themselves.

# 5

Due to Excessive Longing

Due to the desire of a person to do more, to get more, they invite lies on their tongue. Greed not only invites lies but directly opens the door to crime for a person.

# 6

Being a Chatterbox

Unnecessarily excessive speaking of a person puts them in danger because when they keep on speaking, they do not realize what and how many big lies they have told.

# 7

A Lie Told to Cover Up a Lie

The tendency to say something vaguely is called a lie. And to hide that ambiguity, the half-truth spoken by the person is also called a lie.

# 8

To Gain Sympathy

One tries to garner sympathy when there's a crisis in a person’s life. They take the lie created by themselves among the people so that they can get help from them.

# 9

People Lie Due to Self-Comparison

When a person is a part of society, they usually see their family or themselves being compared by society. 

And then, the person being compared responds to the second person (who was comparing) with a condemnation of the third person (to whom the first person was compared.)

In the course of this condemnation, that person’s big mouth opens up, and in the process of calling the other person weaker, useless & more irrational than themselves, they spread many lies.

People who lie use untruths to achieve their interests through society itself. Whatever a person learns is a taught pattern of society.

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