7 Useful Tips to Stop Lying

The psychology behind lying states that a “lie” is a hidden truth developed out of some fear or phobia of the human being.

# 1

Relinquishment of Craving

To stop lying, the first step is: to choose less. Our need to get more & more can put us into situations where if we don’t get what we want, we take help from a lie.

# 2

Learn to Be Silent, Not a Big Mouth

We don’t think if we don’t pause. And when we are not thinking, we don’t pay attention to whether we are spreading lies or truths. 

# 3

Don’t Support Liars

There’s a saying that if one sits with a crow, one will soon become a crow, too. If you’re hanging out with people who lie, they’ll bring situations that involve lies.

# 4

Avoid Showing Off

Show off, and lies are both directly proportional. If you show off, you lie. However, a simple life doesn’t involve that. 

# 5

Get Into the Habit of Doing Lots of Meditation

Mediation brings clarity about what is and what isn’t. And when we have clarity, we know what we are talking about and whether it’s a lie or not. 

# 6

Refrain From Condemning

When we condemn someone, we take help from lies. No one can condemn someone with true honesty as long as that person whom we are condemning isn't criminal.

# 7

Stick to Your Routine

Build a routine, and work for something meaningful, which will help you grow and meet mindful people who would rarely bring situations where you need to lie. 

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