Why Do People Lie? The Psyche Behind Lying & 7 Ways to Stop

Why do people lie? Well, lying habits are not a part of a system. Nor is any education on lying initiated in any institution, organization, or school.

People who lie use untruths to achieve their interests through society itself. Whatever a person learns is a taught pattern of society.

A lie is made up of its different forms and develops into a new form of its own according to the need of the individual.

Today, almost all human beings are living with a lie to pursue their interests or keep them safe.

The psychology behind lying states that a “lie” is a hidden truth developed out of some fear or phobia of the human being.

Now that fear can be anything. The person may be lying to cover up his misdeeds. Or he may be lying to maintain false respect in society.

Or it may be that the person’s selfishness is visible in something, or that person may be boastful or imaginary.

There is a saying in India that a lie has no legs. The meaning is that a lie cannot be hidden. It can’t run. 

Lies always come out, or you can say the truth will come out one day; that is, a lie is the truth but hidden.

A man indeed gains from a lie, but a lie causes a lot of harm; this is also true. 

Rich, politicians, criminals - why people lie

Business people lie because they need fame and glittering illusions in their business to flourish. A criminal lies so that the crime they committed may always be hidden. 

And because of this fear, they tell one lie after another, and the truth rises like a bubble of water.

A student lies to avoid embarrassing themself in front of a teacher. 

But they forget that the tendency of the student, beggar and monk is to beg. The more shamelessly they ask, the more they get, so the student should never be afraid of being embarrassed.

Lies make people feel mental happiness in their business, society, family, and life for some time.

But the person knows it is not true; it is a lie. Truth is something else, and the day the truth comes out, all the lies they ever told are enough to make them very ashamed. 

And then fear, anxiety, and many troubling thoughts eat them up inside.

Top 9 Reasons to Lie Because of Which a Person Cannot Stop Lying

1. To Maintain the Illusion, People Lie

A lying person maintains illusions in their society, family, business and friends to show themself as the best, prestigious, virtuous, and influential.

They’re afraid that no one will respect them if everyone becomes aware of their real condition. And in that case, they will not be able to put their points/views in front of anyone. 

No one will support them in business or something else; they will be isolated. That’s why a person starts living with the help of lies. 

This is why we lie most of the time.

All people lie in their lifetime

As milk sellers (especially in India) sell little milk and little water, in the same way, a person feels mental happiness by telling very little truth and more lies in their life to protect their illusion and the false world, thinking that now everything good will be said, thought and understood by people for them.

It is not necessary that only a weak person creates a world of illusion by resorting to lies to maintain their shining image.

An influential person does this with great sincerity and perfection because the powerful person needs more and more power and is afraid of breaking their illusions.

2. For Their Selfishness and Can’t Stop Lying

Selfishness and lies are one and the same. 

Whether a person is a prominent leader of a country or a simple businessman, be it a teacher or a student, a person may be in any profession, they will definitely use lies to serve their selfishness. 

Wherever they see their selfishness, they will immediately use a lie without thinking twice, no matter how much damage their lie may cause to another person.

A person’s selfishness can be related to anything: person, money, land, respect, business, happiness, sorrow, etc. 

There is no separate definition of selfishness; the word selfishness is evident in itself.

3. Being a Liar Due to Extreme Fear

Fear and lies are proportional to each other. 

The greater the fear and anxiety about something, the more likely a person will lie to avoid it. And the more a person lies, the more they fear that lie being exposed.

A person can feel fear in any situation. 

Fear and lies

Fear of getting exposed for the lies told by them, fear of getting exposed of their illicit relationships, fear of getting any mistake of theirs exposed in front of everyone.

It is clear here that the lie told because of fear is always told because of the fear of being exposed if you have done something wrong. Due to this, the person can be saved from that trouble even for some time.

4. People Lie to Cover Up a Crime

The criminal starts their activities with a lie before committing the crime. After that, when they commit a crime, they use lies to hide it and to save themselves.

People of criminal minds do not believe the word of truth; they only live with lies.

Criminal activities are so severe that criminals tell the maximum and biggest lies, and due to these lies, the person gets involved in other crimes as well.

5. Due to Excessive Longing

Due to the desire of a person to do more, to get more, they invite lies on their tongue. 

Primarily this applies to business people, moneylenders, and politicians because, according to them, they own nothing and can earn nothing without lies.

Greed makes people lie

Greed not only invites lies but directly opens the door to crime for a person. Due to desire, a person starts telling lies, which are enough to get all the wrong activities done.

6. Being a Chatterbox

Unnecessarily excessive speaking of a person puts them in danger because when they keep on speaking, they do not realize what and how many big lies they have told.

And then, to prove their lies to be true, they start creating an imaginary world around them.

And the lies told by the person send them in the wrong direction, where they spend their lives in fear, making up concoctions to protect themselves and the lies told by them from their friends, family, and society. 

He starts living in the fear that one of his mistakes may spoil his reputation, and thinking all this, he makes his family members lie.

7. A Lie Told to Cover Up a Lie

Sometimes there comes a time in a person’s life when they have to resort to lies under extreme compulsion. They are not someone who lies all the time, but the lie they told at that time keeps inviting one lie after another.

According to the above sentences, the tendency to say something vaguely is called a lie. And to hide that ambiguity, the half-truth spoken by the person is also called a lie.

8. A Lie Told to Gain the Sympathy of a Person, Society or Family

When there is a crisis in a person’s life, very few people are around to support them, or there are none at all.

And to deal with this state of loneliness, one tries to garner sympathy. And to gain sympathy, they take the lie created by themselves among the people so that they can get help from the people to deal with that crisis. 

So that they can get the affection of the people.

9. People Lie Due to Self-Comparison

When a person is a part of society, they usually see their family or themself being compared by society

And then, the person being compared responds to the second person (who was comparing) with a condemnation of the third person (to whom the first person was compared.)

The effect of comparison and lies people tell

In the course of this condemnation, that person’s big mouth also opens up, and in the process of calling the other person weaker, useless and more irrational than themselves, they spread many wrong lies.

Actually, no lies are good, and lying is bad.

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7 Useful Tips to Stop Lying

1. Relinquishment of Craving

In order to stop lying, the first step is: to choose less. 

Our need to get more and more can put us into situations where if we don’t get what we want, we take help from a lie.

2. Learn to Be Silent, Not a Big Mouth

If we are not stopping for something, we are not stopping for anything. And that’s what happens when we talk, talk and talk. 

Being a big mouth is a reason why people lie

We don’t think if we don’t pause. 

And when we are not thinking, we don’t pay attention to whether we are spreading lies or truths. 

3. Don’t Support Liars and Lies to Stop Dealing With Liars

This should be your #1 thumb rule if you want to stop lying. 

There’s a saying that if one sits with a crow, one will soon become a crow, too. If you’re hanging out with people or friends who lie, they’ll bring situations that involve lies. 

So, better you either stop hanging out with them. Or choose not to support them. 

4. Avoid Showing Off. Get Into the Habit of Living a Simple Life

Show off and lies are both directly proportional. 

If you show off, you lie. However, a simple life doesn’t involve that. 

It doesn’t involve cravings, talks, or bad people, which directly affects our life and how many lies it involves. 

5. Get Into the Habit of Doing Lots of Meditation

Mediation brings clarity about what is and what isn’t. 

And when we have clarity, we know what we are talking about and whether it’s a lie or not. 

Meditation can help you stop lying

Try to make it a habit to practice meditation once a day and say some affirmations that you support honesty, simple life and truth.

This will surely help you stop lying. Although it will take time, you’ll be true. 

6. Refrain From Condemning

We have already discussed this. When we condemn someone, we take help from lies. 

No one can condemn someone with true honesty as long as that person whom we are condemning isn’t criminal in the first place. 

And then we are not even condemning them. Instead, we are telling the truth. 

7. Stick to Your Routine

We get involved in talking when we are free. 

We hang out with toxic people when we don’t have any purpose. But if we are busy and working on something, we rarely get a chance to do those things. 

And when we get that chance, then the above 6 points will help us stop lying and be honest. 

It’s a famous saying, “An empty mind, is a house to devil.” 

Therefore, build a routine, and work for something meaningful, which will help you grow and meet mindful people who would rarely bring situations where you need to lie. 

But it’s always up to you what you choose. 

Lies or truths? 

Thank you for giving your time and reading this article about why people lie. I hope that what I’ve shared here allows you to see yourself and how you express yourself in a new way – a better way. 

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