How to Stop Drinking Alcohol? 9 Practical Tips for Breaking Free

Whether you want to stop drinking alcohol or just researching, first of all, one thing you should remove from your mind is that consuming alcohol is a bad thing. 

It is not like that at all. Alcohol of whatever kind is made for drinking. 

It helps a person to create a pleasant atmosphere and, from time to time, through this, a person can express their feelings easily.

But here, the question arises that when is it considered wrong to drink alcohol?

The answer to this is directly clear, that, when a person forgets their responsibility towards their family or themselves or whatever good they believe in. 

And intoxication becomes the routine for day and night, then consuming alcohol in this situation is very wrong.

If any person thinks that the addiction to alcohol can be left in a day, then this is absolutely wrong.

Drinking alcohol is a habit that attracts a person towards itself. 

Just as masturbation is a common habit in men, by which they reduce their stress. 

Just as sexual activities are done quietly to relieve their stress or to achieve sexual pleasure, in the same way, according to a person who drinks alcohol, drinking alcohol is physically and mentally relaxing.

Whether good or bad, habits are built gradually over time. Hence, they can only be broken or replaced slowly and in the long term. 

No one can build a habit – good or bad – by trying something at once. The occurrence of something on a daily or frequent basis creates the habit cycle. 

Or you can say second nature.

If the intoxication of alcohol is confined to only one room, will the drinker be called an alcoholic?

Why do people drink alcohol

Alcohol causes a chemical reaction in your body, which makes a person feel lightheaded and has a tremendous impact on a person’s thinking and understanding. 

After drinking, a person’s mood becomes focused on his or her recent social or personal upheavals.

If something good has happened to the person, they become happy after drinking alcohol or show a feeling of sadness when something goes wrong. 

Or they go into a state of mind where they are empty and do not care about their surroundings and only observe the people nearby.

If we look at the study, the psychology behind people who consume alcohol shows traits of,

  • Impulsiveness.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Approval-seeking behaviour.
  • Emotional problems.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Poverty, unemployment, physical or sexual abuse.

Genetic factors are also the cause of being vulnerable to alcohol abuse. According to science, when someone drinks alcohol, it quickly passes into one’s bloodstream, hence making it travel to every part of the body. It first affects the brain and then other parts. 

In your brain, it first affects the cerebellum, which coordinates movements, or you can say it controls how one’s body works. 

Overall, the effects of alcohol affect one’s actions and the ability to make adequate decisions. Heavy drinking can cause severe brain disorders, such as Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome that can generate,

  • Mental confusion,
  • Damage to the nerves that move the eyes,
  • And trouble with muscle coordination.

To sum up, alcohol is a drink to make your life a living hell if not controlled.

If a person thinks they can get rid of the excessive drinking habit of their parents, siblings, relatives or any friend, then they think absolutely wrong.

No de-addiction centre or any drugs to stop drinking can in any way get rid of a person’s alcohol habit. 

They can provide them a drug free environment for some time. But the point is that as soon as that person moves away from that drug-free environment,

  • Will they not consume alcohol? 
  • Will they not have a strong desire to drink alcohol?

Any person can stop drinking alcohol when they want to stop drinking and why.

When they ask themselves, “how do I stop drinking alcohol?” Or go into deep introspection, asking, “why can’t I stop drinking?”

Any person can stop drinking alcohol only by being independent. When alcohol is kept in front of them, and drinking is a distant thing, they do not even see it.

Today, through this article, we will understand that when and how a person can quit alcohol addiction. 

This article will prove to be very useful for those people who want to quit alcohol forever.

Through this article, we will discuss those aspects from which an alcoholic will come to know why they are consuming alcohol and how they can leave this bad addiction now.

9 Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever

The following tips to stop drinking can only make a real difference in a person’s life if they genuinely want to stop drinking alcohol. 

If you’re the person reading this article to learn how to stop drinking on your own, then it’s great. 

But, if you’re reading this article for someone else, I urge you to make that person these because you can only inspire people but cannot change them.

Hence, to make these stop drinking tips work, make that person read these.

(1) Ask Yourself, Why You Want to Stop Drinking Alcohol

If you don’t know why you want to do something, you won’t make genuine efforts to do it. This is the same when you are trying to quit drinking or smoking. 

Give yourself some time to think. Go to a secluded place and think about why you want to stop drinking. 

Are you not feeling well or are you afraid that you might become very ill?

Or have you started worrying about your family that if you die because of alcohol addiction, then who will take care of your family? 

Or maybe you cannot concentrate on your business/work, or your work has stopped, or you are afraid of losing your job.

Drinking alcohol to cope pain is not a solution

There can be many questions. And these questions can be different for each person. So, first of all, you have to understand the mindset of drinking alcohol.

  • Are you drinking under stress?
  • Have any of your loved one’s left this world, so you are drinking alcohol because of a sad heart?
  • Are you drinking alcohol to get a better sleep?
  • Are you drinking out of boredom?
  • Do you hang around people who drink heavily every day?
  • Have you turned to alcohol because of some stress at home?
  • Is your relationship broken?
  • Have you lost faith in your wife or husband?
  • Is your love cheating?

There can be many other reasons, but there is no such difficulty in this world which cannot be solved. 

You must understand that consuming alcohol was never and will never be the solution to any problem.

If a person can have whys to drink alcohol, they can also have whys to stop drinking alcohol as well. Because the whys of which you’re drinking can be solved without it. 

Not can, but they’re 100% solvable without it because alcohol is only a drink, not a solution and the worst replacement for water. Because when you’re stressed, a glass of water will give you more relief than a shot of vodka

I can bet on it.

Why do you want to stop drinking alcohol

Due to alcohol, you will take your life in the direction of destruction. And from there, it would be harder for you to come back. Therefore, it’s better you know why you want to quit. For instance, you can give up alcohol,

  • for the happiness of your family. 
  • to build good health for yourself. 
  • to make yourself a pleasant company. 
  • to get a good job or build a good business. 

And above all, to be a good man, to be a good husband, to be a good brother, to be a good friend, to be a good son and to be a good father.

Your why(s) to stop drinking should be bigger than your why(s) to drink alcohol. 

It is imperative to stop consuming alcohol or quit alcohol addiction. Because under the influence of alcohol, you cannot take the right decision, due to which you only have regrets in the end.

This fully applies to women who remain under the influence of alcohol the whole day.

(2) Recognize the Ill Effects of Alcohol

When a person becomes a new alcoholic, every situation seems resolved and comfortable. 

They become friends with people who drink. They laugh with them and have a lot of fun. 

The person starts enjoying all these things and unknowingly, or we should say that in the initial wave of alcohol, starts to get away from their loved ones.

The person enjoys alcohol with their false friends or drunk friends; on the other hand, someone who loves that person is waiting for them.

This marks the beginning of conflict between the individual and those in their relationship.

Gradually, this habit of drinking alcohol increases, as well as creates a lot of arguments in the person’s family or the person’s relationships.

Along with this, a rift arises in the person’s relationship, due to which the fear of breaking the relationship also remains.

In most cases, either the relationship ends or the person.

Bad effects of drinking alcohol statistics

Due to excessive consumption of alcohol, a person gets surrounded by sleep-related issues. They can’t sleep without alcohol and there comes a time when a person feels that they should sleep 24×7.

Slowly alcohol drowns the person in laziness, and the person keeps swinging in a hangover throughout the day.

Due to trouble sleeping without alcohol they don’t get enough sleep. 

As a result, the digestion process gets disrupted, which results in liver-related diseases like indigestion, gas, vomiting, constipation etc. 

A person’s body becomes inactive and remains just a lump of flesh.

Gradually, the person’s nature starts to remain irritable. They start feeling wrong about everyone associated with them. 

To them, only consumption of alcohol is the right path. 

They don’t know the benefits of living alcohol free. Or you can say, they don’t want to.

They also keep swinging in this problem that people have started keeping their distance from them, and now they cannot do anything to escape it.

Depression grips them from all sides. The family’s concern starts appearing in the gesture of a drunkard after a time. 

Even the alcoholic also starts losing their memory.

Then they do not see anything except their helplessness. An alcoholic cannot give up the dirty intoxication of alcohol even if they want to because they know now what has become their reality in society.

But one forgets that every problem brings with it many solutions. One should give up alcohol at this time with firm determination to regain one’s lost health and reputation. 

Because the alcoholic should know that they themselves can win the war going on inside them. 

(3) Understand Your Company to Stop Drinking Alcohol

There is a famous saying in India that by seeing a melon, another melon changes its colour.

It means that due to the person’s company, the person’s thinking and understanding develop. 

The type of people in which a person sits day and night, they become like that.

A person’s ability to think is obtained from their fellow people only. The person first hesitates to consume alcohol and first never drinks alcohol alone.

At first, the person tastes the feeling of intoxication a couple of times with their friends.

After that, as they become addicted to alcohol gradually, they do not need any companions because alcohol has become their friend.

And the habit that is most destructive to a person is that they have taken to drinking alone. The person first tasted the alcohol in a group and has now started drinking alone.

At this time, a person starts sharing all the sorrows and happiness in their mind, and all the troubles start gathering inside.

Because they have left the intoxication of the group and now things will only be of sorrow, and at that time, the person starts observing themselves.

This is the first step in feeling inferior to yourself. 

When a person is intoxicated in a group, all kinds of discussions happen. At that time, the person’s morale develops a lot, and they feel that alcohol is a very good intoxicant.

A person forgets that intoxication of anything is always harmful. Here, I am not saying that drinking alcohol in a group is beneficial or suitable.

I am trying to explain that you should recognize the people in your group.

  • Are they making progress in their respective lives?
  • Do they all get drunk in misery?
  • Do they use alcohol only occasionally?
  • Or are they addicted from the beginning?
  • And do they only find someone as intoxicated as themselves for their group?
  • Or do they try too hard to make a person an alcoholic?

Drinking alcohol is not a bad thing. Alcohol is made for drinking. But drinking too much alcohol daily that ruins you and your life is a matter to be taken seriously. 

If your group consumes alcohol regularly, then it is inevitable that you will get used to alcohol. 

Therefore, choose a group where people reflect on progress in their lives and do not consume alcohol regularly.

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(4) You Need to Be Organized in Your Work

The practice of alcohol has been going on since time immemorial, and today it is widely consumed at parties, music concerts, marriage ceremonies and business conferences, etc.

Alcohol boosts entertainment and is only a beverage if consumed for joy and merriment.

But if you leave all your work and enjoy only alcohol, then things get worse, and you are called an alcoholic.

The use of alcohol on the occasion of happiness increases your smile, pleasure, and fun. But the use of alcohol at the time of work or when you have to achieve something in your life can ruin everything.

Set goals to stop drinking alcohol

A person must set goals because if a person does not have a plan, they will remain distracted, and it is possible to waver in life without any direction.

And if they choose the path of alcohol, they will never be able to concentrate on their work.

So it is necessary for a person to have a goal because the goal proves to be very laborious to keep the person busy. 

As there is an Indian proverb that “an empty mind is the devil’s house”, similarly, an empty person/ a person without direction is easily addicted to alcohol.

5) Find an Addiction Free Community

Try to establish yourself among people who are naturally simple and calm—those who like drug-free environments. 

You have to choose the people who are excited about their beautiful future or the people who are progressive.

You can connect with good people through social network sites or meetup groups. 

If you do this, it is sure that your environment will be alcohol-free, and you will have a lot of new things to learn.

6) Stop Drinking Alcohol for 7 Days

You have to show your endurance to yourself. 

No other person will come to get rid of your alcohol addiction. 

You must control your desires and work with a focused mind with full confidence to overcome the addiction.

First of all, challenge yourself not to drink alcohol for 7 days and complete it with your determination. 

Reward yourself with compliments and continue this cycle for 30 days.

During this period, try something else whenever you feel like you have to drink. Something that’s good at taste and makes you feel calm. 

The question shouldn’t be how to replace alcohol with something else. Instead, it should be what to replace it with, and following drinks can be very healthy alternatives to drinking alcohol.

What to drink instead of alcohol

If you do this for 30 days, then understand that you absolutely want to leave alcohol addiction.

If after 1 month you start drinking alcohol again, then either your environment has become alcoholic or alcohol reaches you for some reason or the other.

If you can go without drinking for 30 days, then keep it up.

Even then, due to some program or any other reason, if you start craving alcohol, then it is vital that you improve your company and try to make your environment alcohol-free.

7) Consult a Psychiatrist

Whether you drink alcohol because of stress or for some other reason, you must talk to a psychiatrist about it. 

They will give you proper advice to quit alcohol along with drugs to stop drinking.

The psychiatrist will try to understand your stress and problem and maybe even tell you the reason for your excessive drinking.

The psychiatrist establishes their relationship with your brain in such a way that you cannot hide the truth even if you want to.

And it may be that you stop drinking after knowing through a doctor the reason behind your drinking, which you don’t even know till now.

Find a good psychiatrist near you online and book a consultation today.

8) Get Help From De-Addiction Centre

It is very important that you want to quit your alcohol addiction by taking the help of a de-addiction centre; it is the last resort to quit any habit.

I want to tell you again that whatever type of addiction it may be, it is very important to have self-confidence and determination to quit it. 

If you don’t want to get rid of your addiction, then no one can get rid of your addiction.

I would consider it appropriate to narrate a true example here. 

Case Study on Alcohol Addiction

A very young person in my family got trapped in the habit of drinking alcohol. Earlier, he used to consume alcohol secretly; then, he started drinking alcohol in front of everyone. 

Due to alcohol, he also lost his good job and started causing mental pain to his family.

Time passed, and his alcohol addiction only increased. 

The family members thought he would not survive like this, so why not get him admitted to a de-addiction centre. And they did the same.

He was kept in the de-addiction centre for about 3 months. 

Everyone thought that now this person would get rid of the habit of intoxication. But as soon as the person came home, he drank 1 bottle of liquor. 

It all happened very fast. 

Seeing the way he was drinking, it seemed that he had not drank water for many days.

This example means that you can leave the addiction only with your willpower; otherwise, you can never leave the habit.

9) Yoga, Exercise and Spiritual Practices Are Necessary

Through meditation, yoga, and spirituality, you can stay away from stress, and it also helps in detoxing your body.

You can get rid of the habit of drinking and smoking.

Yoga develops your mental power, allowing you to think and understand appropriately. Through yoga practice, you can conclude what is right and what is wrong for you.

The spiritual practice connects a person to that divine, higher power through which you can achieve much in this world.

Yoga, meditation and spirituality can help you stop drinking

A person who worships such power can never go on the wrong path if they are devoted to that powerful form with a true heart.

This type of person can never hurt any living being. And God never allows them to get addicted to alcohol through good deeds.

However, somehow that person gets addicted to alcohol and forgets their path; the supreme power plays its cards to bring that person on the right path. 

And if that person isn’t coming back, it means they have lost the faith they had once in power above all.

What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

If you’re asking, “is life better without alcohol?” then the absolute answer is yes; however, it only depends on other areas of your life. Your job, relationships, geographical region and more. 

But, the benefit of living alcohol-free is that you gain self-control. You have proper sense whenever you make a decision. Although consequences depend on different reasons, you won’t have regrets that if you weren’t drunk, you would have done something else.  

Apart from this, when you stop drinking alcohol, you can notice,

  • Unease in your brain for a few days when you take the challenge to stop drinking.
  • But as you pass that moment, you can notice benefits like,
    • a lightweight heart with no heavy feelings.
    • improvement in your liver if it was damaged earlier. It will start to heal.
    • you’ll start to lose weight in a good way.
    • better relationships, both romantic and platonic.

And there are many benefits of living alcohol-free. But overall, what good will happen to you is that you’ll start to feel good about yourself. You’ll have a new sense of respect for yourself and see the world with a fresh perspective.

You’ll feel grateful for whatever you have.

That’s it; I hope this article helped you gain a new perspective on why you should stop drinking alcohol and how to. Please share it with your friends, family, and people who need it most.

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