How Do Choices and Attitudes Affect Our Success in Life?

Whether we are surrounded by some problem in our life, or we are going through the most successful phase of our life, at that time, our attitude about life or spirit shows the signal that we are weak or look strong.

According to the above sentences, if we curse ourselves in bad times, cry or blame time only to get sympathy from people. 

Or curse our life now and then; then, we are actually moving towards weakness. We don’t understand the power of attitude, especially the positive one.

And not only the people of the world, but we also consider ourselves poor, lowly or very weak.

Then, even if we want to, we cannot make ourselves strong, energetic, and optimistic in any way. 

At that time, we lose our ability to think. We accept the decisions taken by others as appropriate and start slavery to them forever.

We don’t have any basis of our own. 

People who know us start judging us as weak because our attitude towards living life or looking at any bad situation remains weak.

We reach a void where we cease to have any sense of hope.

A weak attitude to live life in bad times grips you with weakness. And you become dependent on other people forever. You can’t make any impact in your life. 

In adverse circumstances, the person doesn’t consider that their positive attitude to be successful can only get them and their family out of the problem that has arisen in life and will beautifully brighten their image.

A person should not forget in any problem that only a positive attitude and a positive way of life can give them the strength which most people lose in bad times.

Even if you just pretend to be strong in your bad times, that too will make you appear strong in front of others.

The Power of Attitude

Due to this, you will have the knowledge of the power of attitude. And the feeling of having this power will give you the ability to increase your strength. And once the power is felt, a positive outlook on life will help you move forward appropriately.

Read the biography of any successful person; you will find two things in common with all of them.

First, bad times. Bad times definitely come in the life of every successful person.

And secondly, you will find that what is common among successful people is that they reached success only because of their positive attitude towards life in those bad times.

What is a positive attitude? And how does your attitude affects others and bring positive change in your life as well?

A positive attitude always leads to positive decisions through positive thinking. And we will try to understand all these things by using a true example.

A True Story of Choices, Attitude and Success in Life

Malawi is an impoverished East African country where people have seen extreme starvation. 

Where the system of education and writing had deteriorated.

There were only a few schools and libraries in the country, and due to the lack of a good reading system, very few children used to go to the libraries.

It had also become difficult for the people to earn their livelihood.

The government used to give food packets only once a week or for months. The situation was such that people had to fight with their own people for the food provided by the government. 

Africa and Food and Attitude for Success

To live, you either had to snatch the food or starve. There was fighting, theft, and hooliganism all around.

It was so hot that there was no sign of water. People used to bring water from far away, which used to get stolen on the way. Misbehaviour, exploitation of women and looting were common things. 

You must admit that the country of Malawi was worse than hell. Attitudes for success and life must be negative and down to zero.

But not for all. There are always exceptions, and these exceptions show us what a positive attitude about life can do. Now, we are talking about change.

How a small kid made the name of his country shine through his attitude to be successful. 

With so much starvation and unemployment everywhere, the kid had to leave school and study from old books in the library secretly.

That child never complained about his bad and difficult life to anyone, even to himself. Whatever he got, however he got, he found his golden way.

He stole food from the food depository set up by the government to feed himself and his family.

Even in such dire times, that child always adopted a positive attitude to live life because of his positive thinking. 

And took the right decisions for the benefit of his home and country.

In such a bad time and with the spoiled environment around him, if that child wanted, he could have chosen the wrong path.

But then the same positive attitude for success; positive thinking inspired him to take the right and appropriate decisions. 

He continued his studies as he could, and because of his knowledge, he built a windmill for his home, which changed his home and his own condition.

This successful construction of the windmill made him so powerful that he built a stock of wind turbines in his area. 

It was not that easy, but due to the power of his positive attitude, he provided basic facilities like electricity to his area.

After that, the area of that kid started farming, businesses started happening in backward areas, people began getting employment, and a wave of change arose in the lives of ordinary people. 

Due to the successful efforts of that child, a film was made in Hollywood with the title “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.” It was actually based on a book by the same boy and someone who found his act incredible and worth telling.

William Kamkwamba and his attitude for success

Later, that child also worked for renowned companies. Honoured with many famous awards, today he’s a well-known name worldwide. The name of that child, the one who harnessed the wind in bad times, is “William Kamkwamba”.

Due to his positive attitude, positive thinking was generated in him. Then, due to positive decisions, he helped not only himself but his entire country to escape dire situations. That’s how your attitude affects others.

Today you are learning something new, failing again and again. 

Today your time is very bad, but always keep one thing in mind: that you will always remain optimistic by adopting a positive attitude for success and life and will be able to overcome the bad times. For success, attitude is as important as ability. 

First published on12th December 2022 @ 12:14 pm

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