A world without problems our lives deserves

At the time of writing this article, the world is fighting with fast-spreading disease COVID-19, and we hope when you’re reading this post, this disease would have gone forever for the greater good. Till now, it has taken lives of more than 50k people, and that’s not a small number if you imagine it could fill the entire Emirates Stadium, London– well there are more, but it sounds good. However, the purpose of this article isn’t that how severe this disease is and was. Or how many people’s lives it has or had affected. Instead, the whole reason for articulating this article is to discuss the vision of a world where everybody is doing great and smiling faces everywhere.

People around the globe dream and wish for a life with all sorts of luxury and freedom, and if not luxury, then a life full of peace and calm. But what happens is, they never get it. Though some get the luxury if you talk about celebrities, politicians, and sportspersons, but they, too, never have a life without problems. A world without problems was never here and never will be. Because having issues in our life are the reason for having no problems in our life. A world full of problems is the solution to create a better world and make people’s life more easy and with an abundance of joy. Because of the problems, we have the purpose of getting up and do something; otherwise, this world would have been a silent place with no aeroplanes to fly and romantic movies to play on a large plasma T.V.

If you look at the disease spread by the coronavirus from a different angle, you may understand that a problem to someone is not a problem for everyone. This disease has taken many lives for sure, there is no doubt in it. From the human perspective, it is a work of evil. A curse to brought down every human-created system. But on the other hand, for birds, animals, and the environment, it’s a blessing. Because of this disease, they are getting free space to fly, roam, and live their lives in an environment that was once here. The air is more clear now; water in the lake, the river is cleaner than the past 10 years. The rising temperature has decreased drastically. It seems like from the perspective of atmosphere and species other than humans, everything is getting better.

However, it’s temporary because as soon as the vaccine would come out, people start to get better. And the world will get so busy in polluting the environment again with the 2X speed. And then many people will get their purpose back to fight for a clean and healthy atmosphere.

A world without problems is an illusion

Why? Because life would become boring. There would be no jobs because jobs are to assist people who are in problems. If there would be no problem, then there will be no jobs. No jobs mean no purpose; no purpose means no invention or discoveries. And a life without purpose, inventions would end being boring, and sometimes no life. Meaning more problems.

If there is no world without problems, then what we supposed to do?

The best thing in this scenario is to accept your problems. Then move forward, try to find a solution. Once the solution found, indulge yourself in a new problem, and your life would be a life of goodness as well as less or meaningful problems.

A world without problems

The problem is the past of the world. Problem is the present of the world. And problem is the future of the world. That’s it, be proud & okay with your problems and take responsibility.

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