Why sometimes we don’t accept reality?

When something doesn’t go our way, it’s hard to accept. We don’t take life as it comes. We don’t accept the truth for life. But why? Why don’t we accept reality?

Whether it’s a failure in business or some criticism. Or perhaps things we can’t change or control.

In this article, we will try to find out why it’s so hard for acceptance to take place in our life, whether it’s for personal or social reasons.

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Why can’t we accept reality sometimes or every time?

Because it will change our reality.

It will change our values upon which our most of the life has been relied on.

It will hurt us and make us uncomfortable. Even though it is for a short period, but we can’t accept the hurting.

That’s the whole reason of ours not accepting reality or whatever is happening other than our beliefs.

People more often focus their mind and thoughts on the short term experiences. And judge their long term experience, which they haven’t experienced yet in a wrong manner.

They think that if this thing is hurting them right now, would keep hurting them forever, which is deceptive in many ways.

It further leads them to judge people, make wrong decisions, and sometimes even to suicide.

More importantly, why people don’t accept reality is because of their fear.

They think if they accept the situation, it will represent them as a fool. Even though they know they’re wrong, their fear doesn’t let them accept it, which is more foolish than accepting reality and looking like a fool for some time.

What is acceptance, and how to bring it in our life?

Most people would say acceptance is something that allows you to accept the reality, whether it’s in your favour or not.

You have to take life as it comes. But is it really possible?

For example, a student prepared well for the exam. According to him, he performed well in the examination. But when the result came, it was not in his favour. Then how could he accept it?

I think it would be hard for him to accept it. And this is the same for everyone, everywhere.

Thus, it is not true in a complete sense that you must always accept the right-of-way in any given situation. But acceptance is something like that, right?

Yes, but it’s different from only accepting things you can change or you can’t.

The right or I’d day better meaning of acceptance would be no expectation. Yes, whatever happens in our life, and if we can’t accept it, it is because we expected something else.

We assume a different situation, and if it doesn’t happen, we can’t accept that.

For instance, I am going on a trip, and before even the journey has started, I have assumed many things. Like, when I reach there, I’ll do that. I’ll eat that, I’ll visit those places, and my trip would be fantastic.

But, when something different happens according to my assumption, I’ll definitely not accept that.

But, if I had expected nothing to happen on my trip in the first place, I had an empty mind that would like to fill everything that would come along.

If I had set my mind on experience, rather than expectation, I’d have enjoyed the trip no matter what it offers.

And that’s how we are going to accept the reality in every situation of life.

If you’re going in a relationship and set your mind that you’re going in to experience how it feels like to be in a relationship, than expectations out of it. You’re going to end up with much nice experience and relationship.

Acceptance = Have No Expectation and Feel the Experience

Acceptance only comes when we don’t set or assume any outcome before any situation has even happened. That’s the first and only reality of the power of acceptance that enables you to accept everything.

Why do we need acceptance?

To move forward in life.

If we can’t accept our present or the past, how will we survive in this world that keeps moving?

If we don’t accept our situation or mistakes, how will we learn from them and save us from future misfortune?

How we’re going to improve ourselves. Acceptance opens our eyes to see the world from a different perspective than we ever did.

How to face criticism?

The only thing you can do about criticism is not to care about them.

Don’t listen, see, or even react.

That’s how you’re going to face criticism in a much – much better way. Yet, if you do care about criticism, then keep in mind what kind of critique you’re facing.

There are two types of criticism: the bad and the good one.

If you face a bad one, then what you need to do is, do nothing. Because if you do, then you’ll start a chain. You react, then they respond, then you react back, and it keeps going until you delete the post. If you’re talking in the sense of social media.

But when you face a good critique, that can help you improve your ability. All you have to do is, say Thank You and move forward. In this way, you’d become more generous and a better listener too.

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