Definition of grief & how to overcome it

There are many definitions of grief from which many are related to pain, self-aggression, self-loathing, regret for the past, worry for the future, etc. But are those actually grief meaning? Are those that lead a person towards his/her life destruction and others as well? If yes, then, what grief feels like, what its types, and how can we overcome it to take us into a better future? If not, then what’s that create chaos in a person’s life? Is it really grief and sorrow that brings worse?

In this article, we will try to find out.

What grief feels like?

Grief depends on a person’s thinking; it is produced or destroyed according to his/her thoughts, conduct, company, and intellect. In truth, sadness is nothing. However, it is merely a mood created by a people when they don’t accept their present condition. If people agree with the bad moments happening in their life, then they’d never feel sad.

Grief never ends but it changes. It is a principle that always determines a person’s progress and karma.

What are the reasons and how grief affects the brain?

  • The grief of a person injured in an accident (grief of physical suffering)
  • The sorrow of one’s passing (pain surrounded by selfishness or memories)
  • Loss of business’ downfall (pain of not fulfilling ambitions)
  • Flame of vengeance (pain occurred due to not fulfilling the hope to defeat someone, degrad or take personal revenge)
  • To consider physical weakness as a curse (inferiority complex to oneself)
  • If a person is afraid of another person in the world, it’s also the cause of grief.

What are the types of grief?

  • Physical grief (old age, weakness, disability, being injured, physical illness, etc.)
  • Mental grief (grief of being separated from oneself, worrying about past and future, fear of society, etc.)

What benefits does a person get from the miseries he/she creates?

The person gets the power to understand the time from any miseries that have arisen in his/her life. In those moments of grief, he/she comes to know who is standing with him/her and who is not. Time makes a significant contribution in these moments of sorrow. Time has the power to end all the pains that come in life, but time demands your patience, it also asks for your courage to fight that sorrow.

Grief always provides courage, and it teaches the person something new. We can say that sorrow is more important than happiness. Why? Because it re-creates a person. Pain always brings solutions to all the problems of a person, which makes his intellect durable. Grief also reduces a person’s dependence on others and makes him intellectually strong. Yes! For some time, pain makes a person anxious, frightens him/her. At that time, the power of thinking and understanding of the person is also violated.

But it is equally valid that unhappiness also tells the person how to overcome the crisis.

What power does a person gain because of grief?

  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Understanding the pain of others aka empathy
  • Mercy
  • Thoughtful thinking
  • Self-respect

How can you emerge from grief?

First of all, it has to be known that what is the real reason for sorrow? Is it internal or external?

(1) Inner Suffering

In this type of suffering, internal pain arises from mental sorrow, and this mental sorrow occurs due to the aforementioned reasons, whose prevention is also hidden in the inner self. Inner pain represents the loss of mental misery. It depends on many possible reasons such as losing someone dear to you, losing a family member, or a particular person connected with some attachment and an object with some affection.

Regrets for the tragic events that occurred in the past or the thoughts of changing it also reveal internal grief. The cause of mental anguish can also be associated with future anxiety. Fear is also mental anguish that happens by fearing the circumstances that haven’t happened yet. Or they are not the same as the troubled mind thinks.

There is only one remedy for mental misery: peace of mind, which is achieved only by dedication, kindness, contemplation, and constant effort with time. If a person has lost someone dear to him/her, then it is natural that there will be unhappiness. Still, it is also true that one should live the rest of their life with the help of that person’s memories, and associate their actions with good thoughts. Those actions can be for the benefit of their country, or for the family.

(2) External Suffering

Here external grief refers to whether the person is suffering from some disease or is unhappy due to old age or physical weakness is the reason for his unhappiness. Perhaps disability is the only reason for his dissatisfaction.

External grief always represents physical suffering, and it can only be treated by the inner mind. The suffering person should see the examples of such people who have made their physical disability the power of their mind and become an example in the world. External grief is actually nothing but the stubbornness of the suffering person to not accept the truth. However, if the person realizes that whatever has happened is providing him/her an opportunity to do a lot of different things and, perhaps, big things.

Then maybe the person’s grief is seen as a victory. When the injured person gets healthy, he knows that he has conquered his illness with courage. He has got even more morale. And his patience has succeeded him in this test of time.

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  1. “sadness is nothing. However, it is merely a mood created by a people when they don’t accept their present condition. ” But Sadness could be based on their own or their loved ones condition.

    Sadness usually passes with time. If it does not pass, or if the person becomes unable to resume normal function, this could be a sign of depression.

    So how to identify whether person is sad or depressed? In my opinion, it could be identified on the scale of time that from how long their mental health is making their life a misery.

    I am happy that your article are so adorable that it would influence positively the lives of readers.

    Keep Going and writing!! 🙂 🙂


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