Is Happiness More Significant Than the Sorrow?

Moments of sorrow, pain, and happiness last forever in a family, but when is the happiest time in a family? Can we say that when a baby is born into a family, then the family members have a lot of sense of pleasure? Yes, we can say that because when the baby laughs, all the members of the family are happy. Even when the child is depressed, all the family members do their best to bring a smile to the child’s face, and in the baby’s thrill, they remember their childhood.

Happy father and child

But can we see moments of grief and delight in equal proportions?

Probably not! Moments of pleasure steadily change with each achievement in the life of a human. Individuals misremember the pleasures gained from old accomplishments due to the happiness gained by each new success. They start to become dissatisfied with the charms of the present time. And in this way, craving, hunger, and longing, hidden in the desire to attain more happiness, lead them to darkness.

On the other hand, the sorrow in people’s lives will remain in their memory until their last breath. Agreed! that suffering is painful and stressful, but in this same pain, the birth of struggle occurs, which leads a person towards progress and change. Sadness is not the contractor for human destruction! Instead, it is a partner of physical, mental, and economic prosperity on the path of human evolution.

Happiness is with the pregnant woman

A woman who suffers for nine months of pain to gain motherhood achieves triumph over unbearable pain through struggle. Similarly, pottery and iron weapons must endure the fire’s heat to become strong. This means that sadness is prime and has always been prominent biologically and psychologically because the desire for happiness without suffering is meaningless.

To become a happy person, first, you must face what it’s like to be unhappy. Because if you want to climb the mountain, first, you need to face all the challenges that come along the way. It’s just like treating a wound; you must endure the pain you would feel when applying any lotion or antiseptic. You must accept your reality, whatever it might be, to evolve into a better you. And more important than that, you have to take responsibility for your actions, decisions, and whatever outcome it would bring.

Happy family

So, no, without any doubt, we can say the moments of happiness are not more important than the sorrows because giving more value to joy in our life is like getting caught in the happiness trap. Life’s uncertain; anything can fall to pieces at any moment, and if we focus too much on happiness, we’ll never be happy.

Therefore, if you want to make the most out of your life, try to accept everything that comes your way. If you can’t accept it, try to change it. And if, by chance, it’s hard to bring change, then leave whatever is causing the trouble.

Only and only then you can expect a little amount of happiness in your life.

Thank you. We hope this article has helped you understand why happiness isn’t always the best option to look out for. The pursuit of happiness can never work because with one triumph comes another longing for a happy moment.

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  1. Pain can be a gift or a curse depending on the attitude of the person experiencing the pain. Emotional pain is a certainty. Building walls or living life in the middle zone protects people from experiencing emotional pain, but at the expense of happiness. Experiencing emotional pain, no matter how severe, intensifies happiness. Achieving the high heights of happiness is far more satisfying than feeling little or no emotion hiding behind an emotional wall or living life in the middle zone.


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