What Makes a Strong Family?

Family Strengths - 11 ideas to build a strong family

What makes a strong family? It seems a pretty straightforward question. But, if you want to understand family strengths, you should ask when a family seems most united.  Different people would share different

The Importance of Imperfections in Life

Are Imperfections in Life Needed

When we started writing for this platform, we knew almost nothing about how online publishing works. We had our ideas, we had our writing, and the Publish button to send those words to

Why Do I (or You) Want Everything to Be Perfect?

Perfectionism and you - Why we want everything to be perfect every time

This article on perfectionism contains some vivid graphics that might seem inappropriate to readers under 18. If you’re not the right age, please don’t read it. You want everything to be perfect because

7 Things You Must Do Every Day to Live Fearlessly

Live Fearlessly

To live fearlessly means you’ve accepted the uncertainty of life and have a deep trust in the ways of the universe. Some people are lucky to be born with such a feeling, and

7 Causes of Loneliness People Should Know

Causes of loneliness - why do we feel lonely

If you’re asking, “what are the causes of loneliness?” Or “why am I feeling empty and alone?”  Then the first thing you should need to know is that it is not unusual for