11 Common Reasons for Divorce People Should Know

Reason for Divorce

In marriage, two people are bound by a very sacred relationship to bring together two different families as a whole. They vow to carry forward their family’s lineage and become the basis of

How to do something or Anything?

Learn how you can do something or anything

Self-confidence is not about the destination, goal or achievement; instead, it’s about believing that you can walk the journey to reach that particular end; it’s about the involvement in the process to achieve your goal; it’s about having faith that you can get up if you fall on the way to higher grounds.

The True Definition of Success in Life

How to achieve success in life? This question can look complicated and severe from afar. A mountain that nobody can ever climb. But in reality, it’s as simple as smelling a flower or

Is Sin rising in today’s World?

The World is growing faster than ever before. Technology is getting advanced even more. And our lives, amidst this, having roller coaster rides more and more every hour of the day. Somewhere people