True definition of success in life & how to achieve it in simple steps

How to achieve success in life? This question can look hard and severe from far. A mountain that nobody can ever climb. But in reality, it’s as simple as smelling a flower or enjoying a cold ice cream on a hot sunny day. Or perhaps it is not, maybe it’s as tricky as people see it. Perhaps it is harder than anything else. Therefore, to present the true definition of success, what success looks like for people, and what it means in reality. I have studied some of the best books of all times that tell us how to achieve success.

Books such as Think and Grow Rich, BGE, The Miracle Equation, Who Moved My Cheese, and a couple more. And upon my reading, I have reached an amazing conclusion that you never heard of. And which I can’t keep to myself only. Whatever I’ve learned from those books, and my experience of life till now, I am going to write down in this article. So, people like you can benefit from it. And, so do I. Before we move on you should read this quote on success in life by Pele, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Part 1: Definition of Success

Definition of success for most of the people

What’s popular among people about success is that we set a goal, do our best to achieve it, and once we finally achieve it, it’s our success. As simple as that. And it has to be; otherwise, people would never think of it because of our ancestral survival instincts. But it’s not true after all, because if it’s, then we’ll lose it the moment we get it. Why? Have patience; this whole article is about your why’s regarding success.

True definition of success in real

Don’t take this single tiny paragraph as the whole conclusion of writing this article. Because it’s not, it’s a simple expression to start our huge explanation. Okay, now, what’s the true definition of success? The true definition is that success was, is, and never will be about reaching your goal or achieving something you’ve always wanted, else it is about your effort and willpower to make something happen that doesn’t exist for now. Success is a journey, not a destination with different-different parts dependent on each other, which you’ve to accept, face, and overcome to feel the sweet smell of success. And in this article, we will walk through each part of the success journey.

Part 2: Success’ Parts

A man or woman can never alone get success by following a single method or way to achieve success in life. However, in the self-help industry, people are tossing around information in a way that suggests people do this or either that to achieve success. But you can never bake a cookie without water, flour, and other ingredients. Similarly, you need various ingredients to cook your success recipe in life that I have piled up in this article.

Parts of success journey


The struggle in life has a higher value than the success you want to achieve. No matter what you want to become, you’ll always have to face it. And if you refuse it, then there’s merely a chance that you’ll ever become successful.

Different relationships, professions, and ideas bring different struggles in your life, path, or work area. And it keeps changing its character depending upon where you are and what you do in your profession.

For a beginner, the struggle is to start something. Once started, then how to keep up the progress becomes the new face of the struggle.

And after you reach your destination, then how to maintain that position would become the new struggle. As if it is evolving itself every time you climb up a ladder. Ergo, it means there’s never an ending of your struggles.

But there’s one thing for sure, which is, every time it appears, you’d have to accept it. Otherwise, you’ll perish. The apparent struggle meaning after seeing so many success stories is that both success and struggle walk hand in hand. They’re directly proportional to each other. Changing their faces.

And if in life, when you’d start to face no struggle, then it’s a shining sign that your success has stopped. So, keep facing the struggle until the day you die. And many great things and opportunities would unfold before you. Remember, the struggle is to live, not to escape.


Responsibilities in life come in many forms. For some, they are huge, so, for some, they’re little. But once in a lifetime, every person on this earth comes across some kind of responsibility. Even the beggar down across the next traffic signal.

But how does responsibility play a part in the path to success? Because if every person on this earth has some responsibility to fulfill, then why are so few of them successful? Why not all?

Don’t worry, there’s an answer to this question!

Because being responsible demands many things from a person, and this is where most people fail. The first is the choice of responsibility you take. Yes, the choice, because the more significant the responsibility, the bigger the outcome. You’ll get what you give to the world.

Once you choose your responsibility, then comes the sacrifice you need to make to fulfil that responsibility. If you want to achieve your family responsibilities, then you better get a job or start something to earn money. Sacrifice your time being with friends, partying, and your underlying desire to enjoy life with freedom without responsibility. Where you need nothing to do or accomplish.

But if you want to fulfil your duty, then you have to sacrifice, though these are cheap sacrifices, but you have to do it. After you’ve made the sacrifice, you’ve to face the struggle that comes concerning the obligation.

How to take your responsibilities?

Role of responsibilities in definition of success

Whatever duty you decide to fulfil, you’ve always have to face struggle and accept it, whether small or big. The struggle is a significant part of taking responsibility for your actions, of becoming successful. If you decide not to accept the struggle and not to move forward with it, then you’ll never succeed. Because as we discussed in the previous point, that if there is no struggle, there is no progress.

So, if you want to succeed in life, you have to choose the responsibilities, whether it’s social, personal, at work, or in the house. You have to sacrifice, and in the final, have to accept the everyday struggle that comes with the respective responsibility.


I hope you’ve liked the mathematics in your school or college days. Perhaps you still like maths for being maths. But if not, then we have something in common. Because I never liked it, I even chose biology because of the fear of mathematics, because I wanted to explore science.

However, one thing about mathematics always bemused me that every exercise in a maths book never had a problem without a solution. And whenever we solved a problem, we progressed to the new problem or next exercise.

Now, what did we do there? We solved a problem and progressed. So, whenever I have a problem in life, I remind myself about it. That, if a book with thousands of problems in it has solutions for them, then the problem I am facing, too, has its own unique solution.

Perhaps, I can’t apply rules of integration and differentiation on my life’s problem, but it’s a problem that needs to be solved. And just like me, there are many people, perhaps you, too, face problems that need to be solved.

But why is problem-solving important, and how does it help in achieving success?

I thought you’d not ask this, but you have.

Because without solving a meaningful problem, we’re stuck. Not us, but the whole world would get stuck if nobody wants to solve their problem.

The recent case is COVID-19 pandemic.

And it helps us in achieving success by giving us the knowledge, learning, and experience to solve future problems while attempting to solve our present difficulty. A problem never came to our life to destroy us; rather, it comes with a locked case full of surprise gifts, whose key we need to find, to embrace all the gifts of success and prosperity.

However, there are some times in life that we face some problems that come to us with a purpose to distract us from focusing on a significant problem. Therefore, in life, sometimes we must let go of some things as they are to keep ourselves on the path of success.

Failure and patience

You may find many definitions of failure around the world, and some of the famous are,

The omission of occurrence or performance,

Lack of success, or, one that has failed.

And last, it’s through failure that we learn the greatest lessons that life could teach us.

Yes, these are true that failure comes to our life to teach us that, what wrong we did and what needs to be done right.

However, this is not the whole reason, there are some other things, which you won’t easily find on the internet, i.e., failure also comes in our life to give its taste. To make us aware of how it feels like to be failed at something. Both physically and emotionally. So, we can build our mental ability to face failure. And, next time, if we fail or work for something, we do not fear failure.

Make friendship with failure, and you’ll never fail again.

What’s the role of patience in failure?

Patience helps you to bear the pain of failure. Just like Yudhisthira, who’s patience enabled him to take the agony of his defeat in the game of dice.


Different societies have different perspectives about life and the world around us. If you want to achieve something in life, you have to stop playing according to society. Culture, tradition, and your family can hold you back, not the family for always, but the above two can. A community can be your ally, or sometimes it can be your foe.

If you want to succeed, you have to stop pretending to keep everybody happy, because you can’t. One thing you do good for others would appear bad for another. You have to overcome society trends for sure if you want to succeed.

Best singers of Asian origin, mainly from India and Pakistan, are those who didn’t let society bound their dreams. Muslims are not allowed to sing, but they are the better singers of all time. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Bismila Khan, and Amjad Ali Khan are perfect examples who didn’t listen to their bounding convention.

Broke the community chains but don’t become selfish

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely mute the people. Sometimes people do speak for our benefit. Therefore, listen to everyone, think about their suggestions and opinions, but do what would return good for you and others also. Not listening to society, and doing what your mind says, which is only suitable for you and not to others, then it’s not worth doing.

Being a human being, it’s your duty that you should care about other people. You have to think about other people before you think about yourself. Help is also a part of society. Give a hand to the lower to bring them up without the intention that they would give you back. But people do, not all but some.

This is what society means: you should break the tradition that is not good for others and you. You should do the thing that would bring good into you and others. Listening to the people because it sometimes provides you with a better perspective (criticism), and occasionally ungenerous words motivate you to turn things into your side.

Society always plays its part in either making a person successful or keeping him/her where they are. However, everything depends on our thinking and how we measure the thoughts of others for our betterment.


Most people would say that fear keeps you from getting successful, but it’s not entirely true. If I tell you to drink poison and your fear related to drinking poison is keeping you alive, then how fear is bad. What bad is our way of getting scared.

Just like anything else in this world, fear, too, has dual sides. One bad, from which everyone is aware, and another is good, which very few people know and sometimes feel, but couldn’t acknowledge because of their lousy fear behaviour.

What are types of fear, and how do they help a person become successful?

Mainly there are two types of fear,

Negative Fear:

It comes when you are about to start something, and you couldn’t start it because you fear something that hasn’t happened yet.

For example, you want to start a business that requires an investment of considerable money, but you’re not able to start it because a question keeps popping in your mind. “What if things don’t go well?”

This kind of fear is negative fear, keeping you from taking risks and growing.

Positive Fear:

It’s something that keeps you going on your path to success when everything is against you and your workings.

For instance, somehow, you’ve started your business. Made promises and commitment to the people respective to your business growth. Now, after some days, you’ve started seeing struggle in your path. Hard enough to make you quit, but you’re not able to because of the promises and commitments you’ve made when you started.

You fear the humiliation you’ll have to face if you don’t fulfil the promises. What would people say? How they’re going to treat you and so on?

Here, after guessing these kinds of outcomes, you’d try your best to find a solution. So, you don’t have to feel guilty in front of people and can show them you value your promises, commitments, and people.

This is a positive and reasonable fear, keeping you on your path towards success and abundance. And this is important for people to have in their life.


Just like fear, our perspective about the past can either hold us back to achieve greater good or help us to reach the end of the success.

If we compare our present situation when we’re going to start something new with our past experience that has a failure in it, then we’d get the negative fear, which would tell us that we’ll fail again this time.

In reality, it was past, but no matter what, our thinking makes it our reality. That we failed last time, so we’re going to fail this time also. Ignoring the fact that this time we’re doing something else. We have an experience that can help us to keep away the mistakes we made last time.

By thinking past over and over again, we find ourselves the same person we were a few years back. Even if you have done something that has given you more in you, which you did not have back then. And it’s all because of our unfortunate past experience.

Now, only bad past experience isn’t the only thing that keeps us away from reaching our goal. Our good past experience can also become a part of our defeat.

How? It keeps us in an illusion that if we can win last time, we can do it again. This is good if we keep practicing our habits and work. But some people, after one win or success, stop evolving their talent or work area. So, they remain where they were. Or face a greater defeat that they never thought about.

Therefore, it is vital to keep our past in our minds, not to compare ourselves or to give satisfaction, rather to help us learn and evolve.


The whole self-help industry talks about sacrifice as something that requires giving away something of us to achieve what’s hard and somewhat impossible. But this isn’t only the meaning of the sacrifice because it is not.

Yes, to get successful, you need to sacrifice, sometimes small and sometimes big. The most important factor of your sacrifice is how long you’ll hold on to that sacrifice you made. Your determination after the sacrifice has been done, decides the true potential of your sacrifice.

Sacrifice and determination to sustain a particular sacrifice helps us achieve success.


Both good and bad habits are part of our conquest of how to achieve success. Good practices keep us to keep moving forward. Whereas, bad habits show us the mirror that, what’s wrong in us and needs to be improved.

Like everything in this world, habits, too, have some process, or we can say parts, which need to be followed when it comes to adopting habits. However, people are so busy in achieving success that they randomly pick habits which might give them benefit in situation A, but they could lose their good position in situation B. They dedicate themselves to a single habit and forget about other things that are valuable for them.

Habits have parts same as the success

Role of habits in the definition of success.

When we start developing habits in our lifestyle, it’s essential that we should cover every area of our life. Having a single good habit against hundreds of bad habits won’t do any good. Therefore, it’s better to know how to develop habits and what parts there are.

1. Habits of learning

This allows us to learn new things about our field and keep ourselves updated. So, we can grow and continue our progress without leaving behind when it comes to adapting to the change. Habits of learning could be reading books, listening to podcasts, taking courses for the new skill, and practicing the thing either you like to do.

2. Habits of health

If you’re too focused on developing and following the habits of learning alone, then it might be possible you harm your health. Once the health falls apart, then it’s much harder to keep yourself dedicated to learning.

a. Mind

When it comes to developing habits for health, it’s essential that we should focus on our mental health as well. It improves our ability to react in particular situations, helps us to focus on our work, and gives us a better sense to understand other people.

To develop habits for mental health, you can start practicing meditation, join meetup groups to express your thoughts, and learn new things.

Apart from these, don’t forget about sleep. It’s your magic realm to have an extraordinary mind and space. People are so busy working and learning that they fall into terrible sleep behaviour, which further leads them to many severe health problems and disorders.

b. Body

It’s possible that when the mind doesn’t work as required, we can function our body to get the job done. Many people do it at malls, in the kitchen, or in the garden.

However, those activities don’t take part in something big or significant. But, if our body doesn’t feel right, then it’s much harder to keep our mind focused. Thus, leading to not completing the task or an urgent job that is crucial in our progress.

Therefore, when we develop our habits for mental health, we should also adopt practices to keep your body in good health. To do that, we can either start doing the necessary exercise at home or join a gym routine.

If you find yourself busy enough to join a gym, to keep your body healthy, you can also walk for at least 20 mins. It’s proved that only a 20min walk can help you to stay healthy.

c. Nutrition for both body and mind

Meditation can help you remain mindful. Exercise can keep your body fit. But inadequate nutrition can ruin your health entirely. And this is what most people do. They focus on other traits of maintaining health at best but didn’t get much better with nutrition. So, if you want to keep your health good in every aspect, you have to follow your diet, a proper diet, every time.

Good food, good body, and good body, good mind. When the mind is good, everything is good.

3. Habits of work environment

As much as it’s essential to care about our habits of learning and health, it’s also necessary to keep our working habits suitable for our work environment. No matter whatever profession you are in, it requires focus, but if you are surrounded by things that are meant to disturb you, then you probably can’t find productivity.

Such as keeping your mobile phone at your working desk with notification on. Work desk full of unwanted things and unorganized. Lighting facilities, sitting posture, and not making a schedule and following it.

4. Habits of responsibilities

Perhaps you make a schedule, but don’t follow it, and there you lack the habits of responsibilities. This particular habit is crucial when it comes to achieving success and following the steps. Because this habit strengthens your ability to fulfil your commitment.

Like, you’ve scheduled the time to sleep early, but if you don’t take responsibility to fulfil that commitment, then you’re going to weaken your power to fulfil that commitment. And thus, you’d fail to meet any promise, which further leads you to failure in life.

Therefore, you must take responsibility to fulfil whatever commitment you make. However, it’s not necessary that you’d be able to make it happen, but you gotta try. If 10:00 is time to sleep, then you have to sleep or at least try. In this way, you never take anything lightly and delay it to happen.

5. Habits develop habits

It’s true, habits help develop habits. If you sleep at the right time, you will develop the habit of fulfilling the responsibility. By sleeping at the right time, you’d wake up at the right time: meaning, a good sleep, which is a better health habit. The right time helps you to follow your schedule that would also include some self-development, thus helping you to develop learning habits.

Good habits help you develop good habits. Bad habits force you to develop bad habits. Additionally, the good thing about developing habits is that they only take 10% of your days.


Everybody knows time plays a significant role in our success. And, most importantly, the present time. Whatever is happening is happening in the present. Whatever you’re learning, experiencing, or doing, everything is in the present.

There’s no doubt in saying present is the better half of our action. What we do today will become our past and the reason for our future.

All we have is today, so if we want to succeed in life, then it’s essential that we invest our time in mindful thinking and action. Neither worrying about the future nor remorse for our past mistakes. It’s up to us and our actions we take today that decide how we want to turn our present, either an irritating past or a shining future.


We all have affection towards something, whether it’s our home, business, perspective, and many other things. It’s good and useful because it helps us not to become irresponsible towards things that matter in our lives and progress.

However, what’s terrible is our stiff affection towards certain things, which becomes a problem when something is not working. And we keep other people’s ideas or suggestions at bay because we’re affectionate to our own ideas, and don’t want to leave them.

If our affection towards things isn’t flexible like a rubber pipe, then we’re bound to break. Our affection makes us stubborn, that doesn’t let us listen to other people, and when we don’t listen to people, chaos happens.

For to say, we’re focused on our idea, but as Steve Jobs said to Walter Isaacson in his biography, “When we say Yes to an idea, it means we’re saying NO to other good ideas. So, it’s important that we pick carefully.”

And when we’re affectionate, we pick unwisely.


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of Confidence is, “The quality of being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future.” And according to the people, confidence is something when they believe that they’ll reach the destination.

Yes, it’s true, but not entirely right in the case of success. Why? Because when people say, “They’ll reach their destination,” is the confidence to give them momentum. To help them put their step on the long path of success. However, it’s the confidence for a start, not for the path or the end.

If you ask me, then the real confidence is in knowing that you’ll have to face challenges, setbacks, or even failures on your journey. Your hard work, sacrifice, and belief would not return any result in your favour. You’ll be brought down to the grounds. But, no matter what, you’ll get up again. And try your best than ever.

The confidence in knowing that you’ll do whatever it takes to reach the destination. Faith in believing that you’ll accept the progress and do it without excuse, no matter how many odds would pile down on your journey of success. The confidence in believing that success won’t come easy, but you, too, won’t give up so easily.

Confidence is getting ready for everything that would be in your path of success, and you don’t back down when things go obnoxiously bad.

Dreams, hope and goal

There’s not a single person on this earth who has achieved success without dreaming. Before struggle, before sacrifice, and before everything comes the dream. Without a dream, life is like painting a picture on a black canvas with black colour. You don’t know what you’re doing and for what you are doing. Even though I am writing this after other parts of the success. So, you can remember it more than anything.

So, how does a dream help a person to succeed?

Dreams help a person in many ways. However, the main is, it gives him/her purpose — a reason to get up and work. The one who believes in his/her purpose always takes action. Because there’s a difference in dreaming while you sleep and awake. And once you take action to fulfil your purpose, it brings struggle with it.

And as you already know, if there’s a struggle, there’s progress.

Dream, purpose, action, struggle and progress

So, it means if you dream and struggle then you’ll get success?

No, you won’t, until you make your dream a goal and follow the steps to achieve success. Though, there’s something else you need before the goal and during following the steps. That is Hope. And it is required whether you are dreaming, struggling, or succeeding.

Hope is something that helps you to see the unseen when nothing is working out. Even if you accept and overcome the part of the success, if you don’t have hope, then you’re suiting yourself to despair.

Confidence is something that encourages you to take action. And hope is something that makes you feel confident.

If you are hopeful, then you are successful. Even though everything is fucked, as Mark Manson said in his book, but it doesn’t mean everything is totally fucked up.

So, if you think you are hopeful and believe in part of the success, then you are ready to follow the steps that make a person achieve success and glory in his/her life.

Part 3: Steps to Achieve Success in Life

Achieving success in life isn’t easy, which we have already discussed. However, by following a proper process, it’s also not impossible. A man can do anything, can achieve anything, but all he needs is his will to achieve and follow a path.

Therefore, below I have accumulated the simple steps that if you follow for a long time along with the parts of the success journey, then you’ll surely achieve whatever you wish to acquire.

Steps to achieve success

Get inspired:

Now, with this, don’t assume it as you have to wander around to get inspired. Because inspiration comes naturally. However, the key to remember related to this point is that if you get inspired by something, then it’s your calling. It means it’s the signal telling you that you can do it. An underlying purpose for you. All you have to do is catch the sign and move on to the next step.

Make a dream:

As we already discussed above, how much having a dream is essential in our life. Therefore, you have to turn your inspiration into a dream. You have to make it special, so it can encourage you or motivate you to take further actions to make that dream a reality. Without an idea, nothing works, and never will. So, dream with an open heart; maybe one day, it would become your reality. Alright, now what’s after the dream?

Search for knowledge:

To do something in our life, it’s important to have some basic knowledge about the thing we want to do. It helps us to move in the right direction. It helps us to do what is necessary to accomplish our dream. And above all, it helps us by giving an idea of how to do it, which means how to start.

For instance, a girl gets inspired by an athlete while watching an Olympic event. She dreams of becoming just like the athlete who inspired her. Now how can she become an athlete?

She can become an athlete when she acquires knowledge. And for that, she’d ask people, search around the internet, and get an idea of how to start. In her case, she’d find that she has to exercise, join a sport at school, and then a club. These are her start to become an athlete that all she knew from searching.

Once you’ve started to live your dream and work for your dream, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Action for planning

If you’re reading this, it means you are inspired. You have a dream that you want to make a reality. And for that, you’ve already got the knowledge. But, perhaps you haven’t achieved the success that’s why you need a definition of success, and steps on how to achieve it. Or maybe you’re just starting out with an ambition to become successful.

You have everything on your mind but not on your path. Meaning, you haven’t planned yet how you’re going to do it. The white paper is still white, no words inked on it. So, after your knowledge acquiring what you need to do is make a plan. And if I’m right, you have read the quote, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” by Benjamin Franklin.

Therefore, if you haven’t made a plan, a solid plan upon which you and your dream can rely on, then take action to make one. Put all things together, decide what’s necessary and what is not.

Leave unnecessary things behind, and prioritize the important. By doing so, you’ll have the direction to move towards one step closer to your dream. Because without a guiding star, we don’t know where we are going, and why we are going.

However, this is not all you need to succeed, there’s more to add in it. It’s just the first step in planning and proceeding.

Turn your dream into a goal

Once you’ve taken action for planning, it’s important that you make your dream a goal. The plan is something that gives you an idea of what’s needed to do, and the goal is something that tells you why you need to do it.

Without having a destination in mind, you’d always keep walking. There’s no end for you, and thus you’d get lost when something attractive enough to distract you would come in your path. You’ll fall for the marshmallow. So, it’s crucial that when you make a plan, always have your end in that little piece of success.

This will give you proper guidance on how you need to plan. To achieve your goal, or work for it, there are few more things required to make your plan work. And those are as follows,

1. Divide the goal into parts

You can’t climb a mountain in a single go. You have to rest in between. And not also you can eat an elephant altogether. Don’t try to bite me now, it’s just a way to explain complicated things. Don’t go and try to eat an elephant. And if you do, how you’d do it. Okay, forget about the elephant, let’s say you have a Pie that’s about 7 feet wider, and around 6 inches thick.

Now, how would you eat it?

Simple, you will eat it piece by piece, day in day out. But not in a single day and in a single bite. Because that’s impossible. Here, I am a person who does not like the word “Impossible” that much, but in this case, I have to use it. You cannot eat a pie like this huge in one go. And that’s the same for the goal too.

A big goal demands time, and you can only do it if you divide it into small parts. By doing so, you don’t feel the weight of the goal on your shoulders and work better with an edible amount of pressure. A big goal is only achieved when you believe in the process, and the time it takes to complete.

2. Pick a goal

Once you have divided your goal into small and achievable goals, the next thing you have to do is pick one. Not many, only one. As having a single target at a time, you’d be able to focus much better that would return better results than having multiple tasks with divided focus and poor results.

3. Set a deadline

Putting a deadline over a selected task keeps you in a positive, productive zone. Where you keep yourself busy on the goal that has a shorter period to achieve it rather than focus on goals that have much time. You can easily prioritize things and keep yourself out of confusion and difficulty to choose a task to do. Without having a fixed deadline, you might delay and delay a task in much amount that it seems impossible to do. Or it might never come to achieve.

However, deadlines put a reasonable amount of pressure on your head that finally makes that goal achieved at the right time.

Action to accomplish goal

Whether you set a deadline or not, if you don’t take action according to the plan, then you’d never achieve goal accomplishment. No matter how much you think or apply the law of attraction, if you don’t make your plan work physically, nothing would turn out as a reality. No matter how great your imagination was and is.

Action, action, and only action will help you become what you want to become in your life. And this simple as that, there’s nothing complex to explain to you.

Face struggle

The moment you start to take action to accomplish your goal, the journey will be filled with much and much struggle. Here, there are only two options for you to react when you face the struggle. Accept the struggle, or reject it.

The rejection of struggle will lead you to the failure before even real failure could even come. While accepting the struggle in the journey of success, you’ll only find progress, which we have already discussed.

Measure your progress

After your successful eye to eye with the struggle in your dream chase, it’s essential that you measure your progress. It gives a decent idea of what you have done, and what is remaining to do more to accomplish your goal. Without measurement, there is no sense in keeping the process going.

You should measure, conclude, and then move again according to the result and what the requirement. In this way, you’ll be completely able to put your hard work in the right direction at the right time.

There are some criteria on how you should measure your progress and keep the process going.

  • If you haven’t accomplished your goal, then keep going, and measure your progress again.
  • If you have achieved your small goal, then repeat from picking a goal.

The below illustration would help you to understand this much better.

Measure your progress
  • Repeat this process until you accomplish all your goals.
  • Then, measure again, and start the whole process again for something greater and good.

And this is how you’d successfully achieve success in any part of life.

Follow the steps but don’t forget decision making

Decisions are hard but they are crucial when it comes to achieving success in life. To do anything, you have to make a decision. However, a single decision of yours can change the entire symmetry of life. And that’s what most people ignore without any hesitation.

They don’t try to understand the simple fact of decision making, i.e., decision defines your future and the outcome of a particular action. People without any thoughtful thinking make decisions in their life and then later regret it.

Nonetheless, some make decisions based on their past experience, but what if they encounter something they never experienced.

Therefore, to achieve success in life, there are some patterns or you can say type of decision making, or do’s and don’t, that everyone should be aware of. When you know these types and their working, you can make decisions more wisely whether you have an experience or not.

Types of decision making

There are mainly three types of decision making that most of the people don’t know about. However, some know but don’t care to make decisions based on these which is equal to carelessness.

1. Based on experience

A decision made on our past experience and it could be both bad or good. This kind of decision making only helps when we come face to face a similar situation we have already faced in the past. We know what wrong we did last time, and what needs to be done now. However, it can’t help when something new comes, then what someone does. He/she should follow the do’s and don’t of the decision making.

2. Decision taken in a moment (Don’t)

We only make decisions in a moment when we are angry, scared, and under competition. And these are things we should avoid, because decisions that are influenced by our anger, fear, and rivalry, would never return anything other than loss, pain, and remorse. Frankly speaking, I have made decisions based on these facts, and they always gave me bad outcomes.

3. Thoughtful decision (Do’s)

The decisions we make after deliberation with patience, understanding the present, and anticipating the future are always done to find conclusions in life’s hard situations, to move forward, and to increase our strength to achieve the goal.

Success means decision

  1. Dividing goal in small parts is a decision
  2. Setting a deadline to achieve the goal is a decision
  3. Remaining calm and patient during hard times is a decision.
  4. The actions we take is a decision after all.
  5. Success is a decision. Or, the decision is the success.

What it defines? It defines that we’re bound to our decisions, whether you flip a coin or not, you have to make decisions every time, everywhere. Sometimes one has to make drastic decisions for the growth of a profession, which shows the true essence of choices that they will always be harsh, regardless of any of your goals.

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