The True Definition of Success in Life

How to achieve success in life? This question can look complicated and severe from afar. A mountain that nobody can ever climb.

But in reality, it’s as simple as smelling a flower or enjoying an ice cream on a hot sunny day.

Or perhaps it is not; maybe it’s as tricky as people see it.

Perhaps it is harder than anything else. A ship that’s sailing towards a haunted island in the cold winter mist. Afraid from the darkness, excited about the unseen.

Many people working for a particular goal find themselves in the same situation as the sailing ship. Whether they’ll make it or not?

The troubles of the present and imagination of the future stand them in a situation from where they start to question themselves, “will they ever succeed? What is it like to be successful? Is it worth it?”

And there are so many questions that circle around their mind over and over.

Confused and overwhelmed by those questions, finally, they end up being completely frozen, unable to move or speak, and they choose a path that either stops them forever or provides to survive.

On this journey of survival, they still don’t forget about those questions.

Though the frequency becomes lower, in the night of full stars, sometimes they ask themselves hopelessly, “What’s success?” And turns the light off to sleep and wake up again to live another day of survival.

This article is the work of survival for those who are surviving. And not just surviving but having a dream to achieve one day. Become a change and provide something useful to the people.

This article won’t tell you how to achieve success or become successful but will allow you to understand what success is like.

And by coming back to it whenever you find yourself confused and overwhelmed in the world, you’d realise whether you’re surviving hopelessly or surviving with a purpose.

The power of understanding is more significant than anything.

To present the true definition of success, what success looks like for people, and what it means in reality. We have studied some of the best books of all time that tell us how to achieve success.

And upon our reading, we have reached an amazing conclusion that you have never heard of. And which we can’t keep to ourselves only.

Whatever we’ve learned from those books, and our experience of life till now, because books cannot teach you all. Or maybe they can.

But the point is, we’ve learned a lot that we’re going to share in this Book. So, people like you can benefit from it. And, so do we — Nathawat Brothers.

Therefore, if you’re a dreamer, someone who wants to leave a mark in the world. Someone doesn’t want to take no for an answer.

Then you know what, welcome aboard, but before we move on, you should read this quote on success in life by Pelé,

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Part 1 – Definition of Success

Definition of Success for Most the People

What’s popular among people about success is that we set a goal, do our best to achieve it, and once we finally achieve it, it’s our success.

As simple as that.

And it has to be; otherwise, people would never think of it because of our ancestral survival instincts.

But it’s not true after all, because if it’s, then we’ll lose it the moment we get it. Why? Have patience; this whole article is about your whys regarding success.

True Definition of Success in Real

Don’t take this single tiny paragraph as the whole conclusion of writing this book. Because it’s not, it’s a simple expression to start our huge explanation.

Okay, now, what’s the true definition of success?

The true definition is that success was, is, and never will be about reaching your goal or achieving something you’ve always wanted.

Else it is about your effort and willpower to make something happen that didn’t exist before now.

You may have read before that success is about a journey, not a destination.

But, in truth, it’s not for that either.

Instead, success is a journey that depends on different parts that are dependent on each other, which we’ve to accept, face, and overcome to feel the sweet smell of success.

Without these parts and the above three traits (Facing, accepting and overcoming), you can never achieve success. Even success will never come to your mind.

You’ll just go through your life cursing your past, mistakes, situation, people and whatnot.

Perhaps, you’re doing it now. Going through the worst phase of your life but unable to accept it.

Yes, accept. Real success starts when you accept where you are, what’s your situation, what you’ve got and who you are right at the moment, neither yesterday nor who you’ll become tomorrow.

Just like the famous phrase given by Friedrich Nietzsche — Amor Fati — Love of fate or love of one’s fate.

We believe you’ve heard about it before, but it’s the only thing that can help you understand. You’ve to accept it as it is.

And once you do that, you’re ready to embark on your journey of success’s journey.

Part 2 – Parts of the Journey of Success in Life

A man or woman can never alone get success by following a single method or way to achieve success in life.

You have to go through many methods or mistakes to learn a single working way. Even that single way requires multiple different fragments to make it work.

However, in the self-help industry, people are tossing around information in a way that suggests people do this or either that to achieve success.

But you can never bake a cookie without water, flour, and other ingredients.

Similarly, you need various ingredients to cook your success recipe in life that we’ve piled up in this book.

Parts of success journey

Furthermore, you’ll be able to master a particular recipe with these ingredients only and only when you practice them over and over.

Simply put, you’ve to come back to this book and ideas shared in it over and over to sharpen the knowledge you’re going to acquire.

This is simple and easy to do, but still, people are unable to.

Perhaps, they’ve never climbed the mountain or climbed in one go. Because success in the first attempt always brings ego, and failure forces you to narrow down your mistakes which further allows you to try and go back to the basics — only if you want to climb the mountain.

Else, you’re better off.


The struggle in life has a higher value than the success you want to achieve.

No matter what you want to become, you’ll always have to face it. And if you refuse it, then there’s merely a chance that you’ll ever become successful.

Different relationships, professions, and ideas bring different struggles in your life, path, or work area. And it keeps changing its character depending upon where you are and what you do in your profession.

For a beginner, the struggle is to start something. Once started, then how to keep up the progress becomes the new face of the struggle.

And after you reach your destination, then how to maintain that position would become a new struggle. As if it is evolving itself every time you climb up the ladder.

Ergo, it means there’s never an ending to your struggles. Just like there’s no ending to our thoughts and ideas.

But with struggle, there’s one thing for sure, which is, every time it appears, you’d have to accept it.

You can let go of your thoughts and ideas, but struggle needs to be welcomed with open arms. Otherwise, you’ll perish.

After hearing so many success stories, the apparent struggle meaning is that both success and struggle walk hand in hand.

They’re directly proportional to each other. Without one, there’s no possibility for another.

Both struggle and success keep changing their faces. But they’ll remain in your life as long as you live.

Perhaps, you’re facing the worst time of your life right now, but it doesn’t mean you’re shorthanded with success.

If you look closely, there are some areas in your life where you’re excelling — if you look closely. Perhaps you’re not making huge money, but you might be growing as a person, doing better with your relationships and other areas of your life.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that you’re doing good with your finances but struggling with your health and relationship.

This simply means there will be struggles and there will be successes. And you’ve to balance both in a way that one doesn’t overwhelm the other.

Out of struggle, you won’t underestimate your success. And because of your success, you won’t forget your times of struggle. Because if this happens, then one will make you miserable and the other arrogant.

Despite all of this, one crucial fact about struggle is that, in life, when you’d start to face no struggle, it’s a shining sign that your success has stopped.

You’re done being successful. You cannot expect more out of what you’re doing now. It’s time for you to either look somewhere else. Or sit home, relax and enjoy a cold or hot coffee per your liking.

So, keep facing the struggle until the day you die. And many great things and opportunities would unfold before you. The struggle is to live, not to escape.


Responsibilities in life come in many forms.

For some, they are huge, so, for some, they’re little. But once in a lifetime, every person on this earth comes across some kind of responsibility.

Even the beggar down across the next traffic signal.

But how does responsibility play a part in the path to success? Because if every person on this earth has some responsibility to fulfil, why are so few of them successful? Why not all?

Don’t worry; there’s an answer to this question!

Because being responsible demands many things from a person, and this is where most people fail.

The first is the choice of responsibility you take. Yes, the choice, because the more significant the responsibility, the bigger the outcome.

You’ll get what you give to the world. Once you choose your responsibility, then comes the sacrifice you need to make to fulfil that responsibility. If you want to achieve your family responsibilities, you better get a job or start something to earn money.

Sacrifice your time with friends, partying, and your underlying desire to enjoy life with freedom without responsibility where you need nothing to do or accomplish.

But if you want to fulfil your duty, you have to sacrifice, though these are cheap sacrifices, but you have to do it.

After you’ve made the sacrifice, you’ve to face the struggle that comes concerning the obligation.

Role of responsibilities in definition of success

During the Indo-Sino war in 1962, Major Shaitan Singh, PVC, faced a great deal of struggle to fulfil his responsibility.

On November 18th, at Rezang La, they were attacked by Chinese troops of 4000 soldiers occupied with heavy weaponry.

And Major Shaitan Singh’s company only had 114 soldiers with limited shots and other long-range weapons.

Despite bad odds, Major and his company’s members didn’t leave their posts and became involved in the fight.

Major Shaitan Singh could have retreated his company back. He could have left everything to his company’s men. But he didn’t. Instead, he remained there, and under heavy firing from the enemy’s side, he moved post to post to review and increase the soldiers’ morale.

He was fearful and scared like anyone else at the battle. But, he also knew he had a responsibility to fulfil, and without doing it, there would be no peace for him, even if he lives his life after those horrifying hours.

However, due to the heavy fire, Major Shaitan Singh got shot while commuting. And when soldiers tried to rescue him, he denied, because if they had done that, nobody would have left to tell the courageous story of Rezang La.

So, Maj. Shaitan Singh sacrificed himself to save his companions. Perhaps, there were fewer enemy soldiers than reported, but Indian soldiers were, too, fewer than the few.

Whatever duty you decide to fulfil, you always have to face struggle and accept it, whether small or big. The struggle is a significant part of taking responsibility for your actions, of becoming successful.

If you decide not to accept the struggle and not to move forward with it, then you’ll never succeed. Because as we discussed in the previous point, if there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in life, you have to choose the responsibilities, whether it’s social, personal, at work, or in the house.

You have to sacrifice, and in the final, have to accept the everyday struggle that comes with the respective…..

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