Why Do We Worship God in Grave Images?

I guess there are many debates regarding this issue, even in the Bollywood movie P.K., it was the centre of all the arguments. However, the arguments weren’t wrong as people do their dirty business in God’s name.

The movie tries to put an idea in front of us that we should see God in our hearts rather than finding it in temples and statues. Because God is everywhere and in everything. True, no doubt in it. So, should we stop worshipping the god in images, as there was no god in it? If I pick a god’s image and throw it outside my house, nothing wrong would happen. God won’t punish me.

But as I said and as the movie tried, God is in everything, then why not in grave images. Well, if we go behind this point, then we should start worshipping the god in ourselves and others too. But we can’t do that, why? Because it’s not possible to believe. For a moment, we can believe that God in ourselves, but it’s impossible to believe that God is in the person sitting next to you on an underground train.

And the reason behind this is that people make mistakes, they say mean words and do mean things. So, we simply can’t believe that God resides in that other person’s body. It’s the power of belief that let us believe that God is in the statues or grave images.

But this isn’t the case either that we believe God is in the statue because it is not. Ah! If this isn’t the reason, then what? Why do we believe God and worship it in a non-living stone or paper?

The reason we believe god in grave images

I don’t know whether you’re an Atheist or a believer, but we believe in God in a statue to believe in ourselves. Yes, it’s the only reason. When we believe or worship before a statue or an image, we ask ourselves unconsciously that if you can believe that God is listening to your prayers through that tiny little piece of artwork, then why don’t you believe in yourself.

This is the only reason we worship God in grave images and shouldn’t stop doing it. Because if we do, then we’ll stop believing in ourselves.

So, people who don’t worship god don’t believe in themselves?

No, I mean, Yes. They do believe in themselves. The person who says who doesn’t believe in a god believes in having no religion. Meaning people who are non-religious are religious people because their religion is the non-religious belief. We are surrounded by communities, and non-religion is one of them.

And when we start to believe in something, we start to believe in ourselves. You don’t need god for particular to believe in yourself. It could be anything. For instance, you say that you believe that the market would crash, right that moment you start to believe in yourself. Because you believe that you’re saying right. You’ve got a base behind what you’re saying. If not, you won’t believe it. The concept of belief works when we have a cause. We have an understanding and knowledge about a particular topic — something for which we can take a stand and work for.

So, yes, you don’t need god to believe in yourself. All you need is the cause and a will to work for it.

What’s the true worship of God?

Most of the people worshipping god do it in the wrong way. They always complain about their problems or wish for something which is not in their reach. Or perhaps they try to bribe the god to fulfill something they want. In India, it happens a lot, the last point. But it’s not the right way to praise god.

However, the good thing is, your wish never gets complete. Because they all are worthless. Yup, they are worthless, so much selfishness hidden, and hatred lies under every wish. You see, there are around 8 Billion people in the world. And if 50% of those people’s wish gets fulfilled, then everything would change apart. You might die right now reading this article because someone who hates you is wishing to God to kill you. 😂

But it doesn’t happen, and I wish it shouldn’t in the distant future because you might, too, have some dreams or goals you want to achieve.

So, what’s the right way to worship God — The true worship

  • Stop Wishing.
  • Stop Complaining.
  • Then, Thank you, God, whatever you have today. Be grateful.
  • Ask for help.
  • Make commitments.
  • And, say sorry for whatever wrong you have done in the past. Whether consciously or unconsciously.

You could probably use this,

Thank you, God, for waking me up today, thank you for giving me this time to pray, thank you, God, for protecting, taking care of my family and me. Thank you for giving me the strength to face challenges and my fears. Thank you for keeping my family and me healthy and safe. Thank you for all the things I have today. Please god, keep helping me, keep protecting me, motivating and inspiring me. Thank you for all the mistakes to help me learn. Thank you for all the pain to make me strong. Keep helping me god in this way, so I can do something for the new generation and this Earth. Thank you, god.

How can you worship God?

Different religions have different ways to worship their god. However, there are times when people from different religions follow the same path for worshipping the god and get themselves in trouble. Well, it was not their god who put them in the hard times, else their belief, decisions, and action was the prominent reason for all the terrible situations occurring in their lives.

So, if you want to worship God in the right manner, then try these following points,

  1. To stop spreading hatred among people, it is good to say that God is in everything, but try to see everyone as human. Because most of the time, people with bad intentions take advantage of it. We are the creation of God; however, he/she has instilled the choice of free will among us.
  2. Understand the difference between superstition and faith.
  3. Perhaps you follow one religion but try to respect all gods. Try to respect other people’s religions. Because no religion talks about suppressing other religions. It’s human nature that wants superiority then whether it’s about prestige or karma.
  4. If I cut your hand, how do you feel? I guess you’d feel pain. Therefore, keeping your pain in mind tries to perform rituals that won’t hurt any species.
  5. And above all, feel grateful for everything, including your pain.

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First published on11th July 2023 @ 10:04 am

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