How to do something or Anything?

Take a deep-deep breath, sit tight on a bench or chair, wherever you are right now reading this article because as we will move forward in this article, you’ll learn about something magical, that will eventually help you to do something or anything you want in your life.

(Take it seriously because sometimes we only listen, but don’t understand.)

So, before you dive in this article, we — Nathawat Brothers — want to make you mindful about this article, that it’s a bit of length, and you would only get the wisdom of this content if you read it completely and thoroughly. 

Now, think about what you want to accomplish in your life or right this moment because it would help you understand these entire words written here on the website.

We are sure that you want to do something, otherwise; you aren’t reading to this article.  

So, in this article, you will read an excellent mantra: a tool, about that you heard before, but not sincerely and effectively.

However, before you come across this mantra, we will walk you through some fundamental and required ingredients, that will help you deliver the desired outcome you want.


The Hand of the Success

Hand of the success that let you do something or anything
Hand Of The Success.

(1) Patience — To Do Something or Anything

The base of all the things.

Patience is the foundation of everything was built, and you see in this world today. People could have found nothing with the absence of this finger.

We don’t want to give the example of Thomas Alva Edison, but he had the pure character of patience. Yes, we know you know about patience, and you have heard about it many times by motivational speakers.

But ask yourself, that, do you have a good quality of patience? Because if you have, then you’d go to the end of this article, and see what it offers and what great mantra it will share with you.

That is one of many reasons we put it in the first place, and for your knowledge, do you know that studies have found that patience is the right medicine for anger or negative emotions

So, if you’re one of the people who get angry on small topics, then start working to build your level of patience because it will soon kick out the anger problem of yours. To increase your patience level, you can do meditation, a great exercise, and for meditation, you can join offline classes, or download a mobile application. In our opinion, Headspace is a helpful app with daily new content.

You can also try other apps as well, like- Calm, Simple Habit or Sadhguru. You can also read the book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” by Marshall Goldsmith. It has excellent techniques that you learn to control your anger and increase your level of patience.


(2) Positive Fear

Did you ever read about this?

We can bet you didn’t because fear is a condition that people define as a bad thing, something that can hold you back to achieve your greater desire, but mark our word like everything has two sides.

Similarly, fear, too, has two sides, one is good, and one is terrible, and we will discuss the good one because the other you already know.

 “Becoming fearless, isn’t an option, rather, understanding the character of your fear is the correct way to treat your bag of fear,”

How to define positive fear?

“The fear, that, ignites your body and mind with trembling hands to do a meaningful task.”

For example, if we say, we have a gun on your head and command you to do something. If you deny we’ll shoot, or let you go if you do as we say.

Now, if you say you’re fearless, then, what the definite result would be? Of course, death! But instead by fearing death, you complete that task and save your life, is positive fear.

Don’t associate this positive fear to terror because you can say that by putting the gun on your head, we can tell you to do anything that includes bad ones too. 

But it’s a wrong way to understand the fear because if someone commands you to kill hundreds of people over your life, and you accept it because of fear of death, then it’s selfishness.

Employing positive fear is doing a rightful and meaningful task.

If you choose to sacrifice your life to save millions of lives, with the fear of losing your life, is positive fear. You are fearful, but you are careful too. Positive fear has many forms, but we will discuss only four which we came across in life.

(a) Fear of ill Health

When you come across a big sized burger, or Domino’s Pizza, what do you say to yourself?

Do you say, “I love pizza, I will eat it,” or “I’m foodie nothing can stop me, to eat this delicious burger.” If your mind tells you something similar when you see junk food, then, for you, it’s necessary to have a fear of health.

Positive fear of health is like when you see a burger, and it holds you back to eat it by telling you in your mind that, “It will make you fat, there’s so much calorie, you could have a heart attack and die.”

Or you keep yourself away from smoking by knowing the fact that it will lead to cancer or severe disease.

These type of fears, associated with health are positive, and they keep you healthy as compared to addicts. Though, it’s hard to obey, but it is good to choose a healthy life than short term temptation and, later unfavourable consequences.

(b) Fear of Bank Balance

You’re sitting at home buying cool stuff, spending time binging on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and eating food by spending money from your savings.

Suddenly a voice arises in your mind that if you keep doing all the things you’re doing, then soon your bank vault will get empty and you have to face harsh situations.

A horror overflowed in your eyes and made you find a job; do work and get paid. So, your bank account would never face the emptiness, and you could buy the cool stuff from the online stores. 

This type of fear is positive fear of bank balance.

Now, some would say that if someone plans to start a company and thoughts about the money he has in his bank account, would go in waste if his business won’t work. But our friend, it’s not fear of bank balance, rather, it’s a fear of failure, which is bad.

However, if he gets the same suspicion before gambling, then it’s a positive fear of bank balance. Although, both involve risk, however, business relies on hard work, whereas, gambling relies on luck.

(c) Fear of Embarrassment

For many instances, this kind of positive fear helps a person to continue his path to success. For example, when an entrepreneur faces difficulty in his business and feels like quitting, then he remembers the promises he made to his close ones, and feels embarrassed that what would they will say? He has to face their laughing faces.

Now, don’t interrelate this fear with the fear of criticism because when you have something useful to do, and you care about people’s opinion, and won’t do, that is right and necessary to do, is fear of criticism.

Fear of embarrassment keeps you on your path what you have decided before unless you don’t have something better to do next.

    “Fear of criticism stops you to start, and fear of embarrassment stops you to quit.

And these all fear works when you’re not careless.

Our father was a smoking addict. He used to smoke a lot of cigarettes-nearly about four packets of it per day. He made enough money in his field, too careful about family — the man of the house.

But careless enough that he didn’t think that his smoking habit is making him ill every day, and would kill him one day.

Careless enough that he didn’t think, that after he’s gone, his family have to face many difficult situations that they never thought they would.


(3) Self Confidence and Persistence

Yes, we know you have read about it in the book Think and Grow Rich and The Power of Self-Confidence, but we bet that you have never been there where we are going to take you: the depths of the Self-Confidence.

Call it self belief or confidence, both are fine, but what matters is how does it come? What is the base of it? Give this a try, ask yourself, and if you got some answer or opinion, then please do share them at email id [email protected].

But for now, we want to share what we understand about persistence and depths of self-confidence, and it all came through experience.

So, how does it come?  For most of the time, it occurs when we are sure about something.

“Confidence in willingness, confidence about your tolerance. The voice that arises and says I should do it. Self-confidence is not about the destination, goal or achievement; instead, it’s about believing that you can walk the journey to reach that particular end; it’s about the involvement in the process to achieve your goal; it’s about having faith that you can get up if you fall on the way to higher grounds.

That’s what self-confidence, and for persistence, is believing in your self-confidence that you can take it to make it, like Zamperini’s brother said in the movie Unbroken: A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.

If you don’t have self-confidence, then you’ll never persist for anything.


(4) The Fourth Finger

Without this, no dreams can never be a reality. Scheduling comes before habit. Once you start scheduling, you’re becoming habitual, as Tony Robbins said in his Podcast “The Edge,” if you schedule it, then it becomes reality. 

Acquiring schedulability is like walking towards something with direction, without a schedule you might do random things or things which are of less priority but with a to-do list, you’ll see by the end of the day that how many right and high priority work you did.

Also, it will make you productive, and being productive means less time with anxiety, worry and overthinking because whole day you’d spend your time doing something better and greater or something fun.

Finally, the last part of the hand of the success which not a finger, else it is a thumb.


(5)  Thumb of Pressure

So, the thumb of pressure or force; what’s the wonderful part about it, and how it supports an individual to do something or anything?

The thing is that pressure never comes alone.

It always happens if you have positive fear and skill of scheduling. Both positive fear and schedulability build pressure, and pressure push you to wrap up the task important to you on time, or before the time. 

For example, a person gives you a task-without any condition or deadline-which you have to complete. Now tell what would be the possibility of completing this task, around 0.1%.

On the other hand, the same task comes with a condition and a fixed deadline, which is if you don’t deliver the task in 12 days you will be fired from your job. Now, what’s the success chances of that particular task, around 90%, you fail if you are careless.

Like if you want to write a book and you don’t pressure yourself then how it would be possible that the book will come out. If there were no pressure, then today there would be no trains, no planes and no cars. Pressure always leads to action.

So, as we discussed all the essential parts of the hand of the success, to do something or anything. Now, it’s time for us to reveal the cool Mantra-without it, none of the finger works-that made everything possible in this world.

The Cool Mantra or you can say Palm of the hand of the success is Consistency.


to do something or anything

Yes! Consistency is the crucial part which gives more value to other parts of the hand. Oh! You know about consistency but be careful because this consistency is not that means doing something regularly or continuous-only.

The consistency we are about to define has profound meaning, and each character of it plays a different role.


The First C of the Consistency: Cause

You want to do something maybe little or big but what the cause behind it? Like you want to clean your room, then what cause behind it? Say you don’t like to live in chaos, or it is nice to live in an organised way. 

The main thing you need to do something is the cause: a rightful, mindful and meaningful cause, which don’t spread hate and fear in society. 

If you want to be an actor then what’s the cause behind it, or you want to be a philanthropist what’s the cause behind it, or if you want to be a writer then what’s the cause behind it.


The O of the Consistency That Matters: Obligation

So, as you know your cause, now, what’s your obligation towards it? What necessary things you need to do? Like if you want to be a philanthropist, then you should have the art to understand people and their needs. 

You should be a giver before a taker. 


The First N of the Consistency: Notion

By notion means, that you should have the knowledge about the thing you want to do. Now, you would say that you don’t have the knowledge, so, it means that you are not right to do it? 

No friends no, because you have the knowledge of the resources where you can get the knowledge. 

When Google was created, Google didn’t have Google to help it out.


The First S in the Consistency: Start

Whether you have the knowledge or not, you should start because if you keep your thinking as thinking, it will become trash, but if you work on your thinking, it will become a wonder. 

You can define wonder as a success, wealth, or whatever good you want to call it. And as you go forward in your journey, you’ll find better resources.


The Only I in Consistency

If you’re thinking about interest, then you’re wrong because imagination has more power than interest. Yes, it’s true, and it does not only has great value over interest, but it holds a higher rank than anything.

Like Albert Einstein said, that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

 If you imagine that your work is getting appreciated, and working as you supposed, then it will give you more positive vibes, and you are able to build more interest in it.


After Start, Here Comes the 2nd S of the Consistency: Sacrifice

Success=Struggle=Sacrifice are names of the same thing, and your willingness to tolerate sharp forks which comes with a beautiful flower that you desire. If you can’t accept the struggle and sacrifice, which that particular goal demands, then you’ll never achieve that goal in your life. 

If you want to be a writer, then you have to sacrifice your good job or have to rely on something average. If you want to be an actor, then you have to walk hundreds of cinder audition and face rejection, unless you are not a kid of billionaire or celebrity.


T Makes Tactics in Consistency

What you do isn’t a big thing, what matters is, how you do it, your parts, your tools and your methods. So, by working on your plans could help you to create miracles, and to build spectacular wonders, do the experiment, and use whatever you can in your project. 


E Plays an Important Part in Consistency: Environment

And by environment means not your outside world, instead what’s going on in your mind.  Your surroundings, too, holds a positive account, but your inner voices are more prominent.

Like, how your mind behaves when someone disguises you, or when you work on something, does your mind talks too much and create a distraction for you. So, it is essential to have a clear mind, and by clear means, that you should know how to react with particular thoughts.

How to let go of negative once, and how to treat the positive ones because it is not mandatory, that only negative thoughts create a fish market and anxiety in your mind.

And again, if you want to learn how to understand thought, you can try the app headspace.


The Second N of the Consistency: Nerve

When your house is burning, and you’re in the middle of a massive blaze, what would you do? The new scream, or take a deep breath or try to find a way to escape? 

Most people choose escapism, but taking a decision in a rush or with fear (negative fear) can only lead to more problem. Therefore, the term nerve appears, which means how relaxed you would be in a harsh situation, and take the decision wisely. 

But in a circumstance like a burning house, how could someone remain neutral, and senseful. Yes, you can, because in life, there is no situation where we can’t remain calm. And by calm means, you need to take action with caution.

Every situation requires action; without this, nothing was ever possible.

The best example of term nerve is, we — Nathawat Brothers, because when our father died in our sister’s marriage, everyone was terrified- all the people in their 50s, 60s and 70s-except us, one was 17 years old and other was 22 years old.

It’s not like we were not shocked or sadden with the incident, but we knew, that by panicking or shedding tears nothing would change. Our father was gone, and he’ll never return.

So, we handled the situation and did all the essential and necessary things at the time. However, we too had the tears, and bitter fire in our hearts but we didn’t show it because if we did at that time, then maybe things could be more disorganised.

And finally, all the people were there appreciated it and told us that what we did was unbelievable and motivating.


The Second C in Consistency: Credence

Sometimes, it’s hard to work on something if we don’t see any result. Therefore, it is must to have faith and belief, that whatever we are doing, would give the result. And that’s what credence, is about we have to believe in the unseen. 

Because if wright brothers never believed that they could let human fly, then we would never have the plane or space shuttles. Or the thought to reach over to the moon. 


Y the Very Important Part of the Consistency

 Guess what it can be. If you’re reading this, you know what it is. What was the thing that helped you to read this?

Yes! YOU, and you’re right, it is you who are the most important. You need you to do something. You need you to bring your dreams to reality. You need you to accomplish them. You and your thirst to thrive. You and your willingness to learn and apply that learning.

We hope that the time you gave to read this article become an investment for you, and learned how to do something or anything. And we will be more pleased if you share this article as much as you can. 

Thank You

Nathawat Brothers

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