Why do we fall in life? The true answer you should know

Why do we fall? If you’ve watched the movie Batman Begins starring Christian Bale, you’d probably say, “To learn to pick ourselves up.”


But not entirely.

Many people fall in life, and many people face struggles in life, but only a few of them pick themselves up.


Because something is missing that people aren’t able to learn on their own, when Mr Bruce answers his question, “Why do we fall?”

Moreover, the way he answers is more philosophical or poetic, making it more difficult for us to decode the real meaning behind his words.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to do this alone. I’ll help you with this.

So, please don’t go anywhere and read what I’ve to say next. Then you can do whatever you like and if you haven’t watched the movie, which I doubt you wouldn’t have, for great entertainment and learning.

Shall we?

The reason why people don’t learn to pick themselves up

They don’t understand the meaning behind the saying, “To learn to pick ourselves up.”

What’s there to learn to get yourself standing again? All you have to do is push yourself against the floor, and there you are, standing on your feet?


That’s not true standing up because you don’t understand why you need to pick yourself up. 

A man before falling in life

Let’s understand this scenario with an example. 

Assume you’re an eight-year-old student heading towards your school; suddenly, you fall into a pit. 

Now, you can pick yourself up by putting your hands on the pit’s edge and dragging yourself out. There’s no rocket science in that, but what’s important is why you need to pick yourself up

The reason you need to pick yourself up. The purpose. 

And for an eight-year-old schoolboy, his purpose is to go to school to study. This is what the line, “To learn to pick ourselves up,” tells us, that you have to learn the purpose for which you need to stand up. 

And people take it in a very different way. They believe they have to just get over their struggles in life and bring their life in order. 

But it’s not. 

Failure leads to success when you have a purpose, and that’s what Bruce Wayne learned. When he fell, he realised why he needed to pick himself up. His purpose was to protect his city. 

So, next time, if someone asks you, “Why do we fall,” don’t just say, “To learn to pick ourselves up.” 

Instead, tell him we fall to learn why we need to pick ourselves up. We fall: to realise our purpose in life. 

How you can find your purpose when you fall

In previous articles, the true definition of success and, I don’t know what to do with my life.

We, Nathawat Brothers, have mentioned the steps that can help you find your purpose and succeed in life.

But I’m going to mention those steps again for your convenience briefly. If you don’t want the brief, you can check out the articles mentioned above.

How to find your purpose?

  1. Know your responsibilities — When we understand our responsibilities and try to fulfil them, we learn what’s essential for us and what’s not. 
  2. What you love to do in your childhood — When we grow up, we just forget or find it childish to do the stuff we used to in our youth. But in truth, it’s a genuine thing that can help you find your purpose.
  3. Accept your problems — Accepting our problems helps us not feel guilty about the past and anxious about the future. Besides, it increases our focus on the present, providing us with the path to our purpose.
  4. Are you happy with what you are doing? — If not, then you should give your time to point two 👆🏻 and see whether it works out or not.
  5. What difference do you want to make in this world — There are so many problems in society. You can try to find solutions to those and let your purpose be revealed.

I hope these points will help you find your purpose in life. Moreover, this article has given you an understanding of why we fall in life. So, if in life you ever fall, which you probably will if you haven’t, because without falling, we couldn’t succeed. And when you fall, I believe you’ll learn to pick yourself up with the help of this article.

And not just you’ll learn to pick yourself up, but you’ll understand why you need to do it.

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First published on6th March 2021 @ 1:18 pm

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