13 Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

How to make the world a better place? I’m glad that you typed this question on your device. And I’m really thankful that you chose this article from all those articles in the search to get an answer to your question.

If you’re coming from a different source, I’m still thankful. What else I could be?

It’s the time when finally people are interacting with our website. So, a big thanks in advance.

Now, coming to your question.

I believe that you don’t or aren’t able to find the world a better place to live. With the Coronavirus spread from last year, it feels a bit true.

However, if you look at the 2021, 2022 and the current 2023 Year in Search from Google, you’ll find it a little different. You’d find hope that the world isn’t so bad after all. And while watching the videos, you’ll probably get a smile on your face.

But still, those joyful moments can’t deny the other factors as well. That some area of the world needs betterment.

So, how can we make that happen? How can you alone change the world? Believe it or not, you can change the world, and there are many ways to accomplish it.

Therefore, in this article, I’ve listed them out to help you easily take part in making the world a better place.

But before we go on to those points, isn’t it a good idea to see and learn why we need a better world?

I believe it’s a fantastic idea because it will help us understand the whole point much more clearly.

So, let’s see why we need a better world.

Why Is It Necessary to Make the World a Better Place?

Why do we need to make the world a better place

To bring balance to the world.

Hatred, crime, violence, and many bad things are never going to stop.

People are going to do bad to each other and other things in this world. Rape, burglary, cheating, drug intake, animal killing, and a lot more are never going to stop.

Never, because a world without problems doesn’t exist; nevertheless, a world with complete hatred cannot survive. And to keep the cycle moving, we have to put weight on the other side.

Just like there are no days without a night, there will be no bad world without a good one. And for that only, we have to try to make the world a better place.

Once you start, more people will join you on your journey. From you, you’ll start a chain reaction that will give rise to many good situations. 

Perhaps, we can’t make the whole world a better place, and it’s not possible because, without problems, we would die out of boredom.

Problems give us a cause to stand up and do something. And when we do something, we make the world better.

Not the whole, but some area of it. We keep the light of hope ignited. 

How Can We Make the World a Better Place?

The following points will help you try your best to change the world for the better in today’s modern times and modern problems.

1. Start With Yourself to Make the World a Better Place

If you’re saying, “I want to change the world,” then you better start with yourself.

Because if you can’t change yourself, you can’t change the world.

As simple as that.

So, what is it you want to change in yourself? If you want my opinion, the best place to start is to bring change in your nature.

How do you see things, how do you interact with people, and how do you feel about yourself? Once your nature starts to become better, other things will start to fall into the piece.

Start With Yourself

When I started to change myself, I got help from the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It’s a nice self-help book that can really help you bring tangible changes in your life—altogether.

The book is focused on the term SAVERS, which is the contracted form of Silence, Affirmations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribing.

By practising these methods on a daily basis, I brought good changes in my mind, emotions, knowledge, health and finances. And I believe if I can bring changes in myself, then you can as well.

But all those will happen when you read this book and apply the real power behind its teaching.

Moreover, if you’re a person who’s dealing with loads of impatience, then this article can help you → 10 causes of impatience people should keep in mind.

If you see your life as painful, you might want to read this →  Why is life so painful, and why do they say life is suffering?

And if you’re finding your life useless, you can munch on this one → I don’t know what to do with my life – Yes, you do.

2. Turn All Your Machines Off Once a Day for an Hour or Two

Do you keep your motorbike or car running all day when you’re not riding or driving it? Do you keep your ceiling fan ON when you’re out of the house?

I wonder why most people keep charging their mobile phones when it’s not getting in use. Why not switch it off for a while?

Because if you do that, it will help you make the world a better place significantly.

We are in a modern world with modern problems, and if you want to bring change to the world, you have to deal with the modern ones as well.

Mobile phones, tablets, WIFI routers, smartwatches and a lot more modern devices are machines.

And machines are supposed to shut down when they are not getting in use.

But we humans don’t realise it and keep using and charging our devices no matter what.

Turn off your mobiles phones once a week or year to change the world

Well, that’s not helpful for both you and the device. Because the more you use it and don’t give it a rest, the more early it will break down.

The earlier it fails, the earlier you’ll go for another. And the more the companies will produce them.

When they do so, they’ll take more from the Earth’s resources, which are already very limited.

I bought my mobile phone in 2017, and it was functioning until April 2022. (Unfortunately, in ‘2022’, it broke.) I used to switch it off at night when I went to sleep. Put it on charging only when it was entirely out or under 10%. And it had only those apps that were useful and nothing useless.

Here I am talking about the complete health of the mobile phone, not just its battery life.

Young woman sleeping bed

Anyway, just like we humans, who to get some energy to go to sleep, the machines are also required to shut down completely. Because only feeding doesn’t give us energy alone, and it’s so true in the case of machines as well.

So, put your machines off once a day, week, or year, so they won’t break down at an early stage.

You don’t have to buy another, and companies don’t have to produce more by taking more from Earth’s limited stock.

As a result, you’re going to make the world better.

3. Search With Environment Saving Search Engines

We all do searching.

What’s Taylor Swift’s age, how tall the Eiffel Tower is, and why is Donald Trump not leaving his place as the United States President?

There are so many questions and so many searches around the world.

But what if you save the environment with your searches? I guess it would be a nice start towards a better world.  

The world is changing, and with that, how you search around the internet as well.

In today’s time, you can do both things- searching and saving the environment side by side. There are plenty of search engines that support the initiative to make our world a better place in terms of the environment.

Below, I have listed some of the many that I use when I go on the internet.

Search with eco friendly search engines to make the world a better place

Ecosia– With every search on this browser, you’ll plant trees. If you cannot go out and find time to volunteer for tree plantation and other similar activities, then you can surely start searching on the internet using this browser and make the world a better place with some nice clean air.

OceanHero– In the past years, we’ve used plastic a lot, and leftovers have gone to the oceans. Which further caused damage to sea life— fish, turtles, and more water-based animals. When you search on the internet using the OceanHero search engine, you’ll help them remove plastics from the ocean and become a part of making a better world for the water species. 

everyClick– When you search the internet using this search engine, you raise funds for charities. So, you don’t have to donate separately to come out as a donor. Using this browser, you can do 2 things together – internet surfing as well as donations. 

More environment-saving search engines- If you want to explore other search engines that are working with a motive to make the world a better place, then you can read this article → Search Engines That Do Social Good; it has a collection of all the search engines that works for a social cause.  

Note: You can keep using search engines like Google, as it’s carbon neutral since 2007. And by 2030, it will be carbon-free. However, the aforementioned Search Engines provide their services for the sole reason of doing good for Earth.

4. Go Offline More Often to Make the World a Better Place

It’s all about resources. Whatever we do, it comes down to a single point, how much we’re taking from the Earth?

To say we have unlimited space to upload images, videos, blogs, and multiple other things on the internet, but somewhere we are using space.

The servers are running 24/7 continuously, taking power from generators and direct electricity supply from the government or private sectors.

The more we use those social media stuff, the more load we put on the servers. The more space we take, the more servers those social media operators will put in their hubs— thus, more use of the resources. 

Go offline to make the world a better place

That’s not the single reason why you should go offline more often.

However, when you remain active on social media, you miss out on the very interesting things that are happening in the real world.

You miss time with the family and the community. Which increases anxiety levels in your mind, and you feel more disconnected from the world. Once you start to feel that way, you start to see the world as the worst place to live your life.

Whereas the world you’re living in, perhaps already be better, but you’re not able to see it. 

5. Respect Women, Elders, and Children

You get what you give to the world. If you say bad words, you’ll get to listen to more bad words with interest.

Yeah, that’s right.

And I believe you have had any experience with this. If not, then you’re lucky or perhaps a wise man.

Women are already shaking the world; whether you give them respect or not, they’re doing things that have earned them the respect they deserve in the world.

Still, it would be a great start if you respect women.

There are still some parts of the world that require change for women. When you’ll do it, others will learn, and they’ll also start. Because bad things done by men to women happen when they don’t respect her freedom, voice and ideas.

You have to respect her completely. Because both women and men are part of a single entity, they seem different physically, but their cause same, to serve humanity hand in hand.

If you’re a woman reading this, then the same applies to you for men.

Older people are our guiding north star. They have opened this world for us— the younger generation.

They deserve respect already; we don’t need any cause now to respect the elders; they have done enough. And what’s the great thing about respecting elders, i.e., they don’t want anything from us except love and care.

If you’re lucky to have a mother, father, and grandparents, then go and spend time with them. They’re the reason you’re here today.

Perhaps, some people’s parents aren’t such great as they are supposed to be. But it’s not their fault; it’s the fault of the time and circumstances they had to live.

Accept them as they are, and show kindness that you have no grudge against them for how they treated you. Because they gave you the lesson about how bad it feels to a child when their parents treat them badly.

And you’re not going to do the same to your children.

It’s understandable to respect women and elders, but why respect children because people say to be friends with them? Bear with me; I’ll tell you why. 

Do you agree that kids learn from us?

Yes, they see things that adults are doing and then repeat them to learn.

To make our doings their part as well. However, it’s not recognised by adults because they are too busy in their worlds.

And because we adults don’t see how our actions are having an impact on our children, we might walk around the house throwing bad words from our mouths.

And when the kid does the same, we wonder, wherefrom it has learned all that?

Moreover, we adults believe that we can say anything to a child and expect from that little human species good behaviour in return.

Where in the first place, we were supposed to use the right words because we have gone through the learnings of life, and that kid has just started to learn something about this world.

How can he/she know what’s right to say and what’s not?  

So, with women and elders, it’s crucial that you respect children also because they are the future.

And they learn from us; if we set a bad example in front of them, they’ll set a bad example for the future generation.

That’s why it’s essential to be careful with kids, especially.

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6. Help With No Expectations to Make the World a Better Place

How would you feel if one day all the people who had ever helped you came to your house asking for help?

I bet you’ll hide under the bed.

But it won’t be the case because people often don’t help.

Because there’s a saying which is very popular, i.e., “There is no time for good.”

Why is this saying so popular? I’ll tell you why because people expect whenever they help someone. But help isn’t a trade. Is it?

No, it’s not. But still, we expect something back from another person without letting him/her know that he or she is supposed to help us back.

Help without any expectation

That’s not how help works. Because if we are going to expect, we will always regret helping another person.

We will always find ourselves saying the above words, “There is no time for goodness.”

So, if you’re going to help someone the next year, then please don’t expect something out of it.

I assure you by doing so; you’ll find yourself more proud and liberated. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about helping other people, then the below article is a good starting point. 👇

Helping others? Then you should learn this first.

7. Believe in Your Religion but Don’t Tell the Religion of Others Wrong

Based on my theory, I believe when God came down to Earth or came into existence, he* had many kids.

He told them about himself, who he is and what he does.

Then told his kids to travel to different parts of the world and spread his name and teachings.

All the kids went down in different directions, and as they met people, they talked about him.

Respect all religions to make the world a better place

But as they kept going, or you can say his story passed from one generation to another, variations of his story started to come out.

Different generations keep getting his name remembered differently. And that’s how many Gods were born.

The whole point is that God is One.

All the teachings are the same but have a different language.

Hinduism talks about Love, Kindness,  and Karma.

So does Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and more.  All talk about the same thing.

We are human, and we all should care about each other. 

So, to make the world a better place, treat people as your kin.

Don’t see their colour, religion or language as a barrier to spreading goodness in the world. 

* I prefer to use “He” to refer to God if you like to use “She,” I have no serious issue against it. There is no provable theory that defines God’s gender. 

8. Accept the LGBTQ people

If something isn’t harming us, then we shouldn’t try to destroy it. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queer people are people just like you and me.

They made their community because we didn’t want them in our life. That’s what I was very against at first, but then I realised why they did it.

They had no choice other than to make a community of their own where people like them could support them and take care of them in their dark times.

Accept lgbtq people

But, they all are not going to survive if we heterosexuals don’t accept them. Or rightly said, we will not survive if we don’t accept them.

Because some of them are our brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces and so on— a part of the family, and without family, nobody can survive, not even God.

9. Use Public Transport or a Bicycle

I believe I don’t have to explain it in detail. But to remind you, I’ll say a little.

When we use public transport, we contribute to the country’s economy, plus we all less pollute our world’s atmosphere.

Or if public transport is pollution-free, then it’s the icing on the cake.

Use public transport or ride bicycle

By using a bicycle, you’ll do three things. You don’t pollute the world, don’t use the Earth’s limited resources, and make good health out of it.

When your environment and health are good, you have more options to make the world a better place. 

10. Donate When You Can

Well, by using donation-generating search engines, for instance, Every Click, you’re already generating donations with every search.

There’s no need for you to make an effort and donate more. Yet, it still doesn’t feel like a donation.

However, it’s real, and those companies are genuinely making some quite good changes in the world with the help of technology.

But still, if you want to donate, which feels like you’re donating, then donate only when you can.

Donate to change the world for good

You don’t need to donate every time something requires a donation because even a single donation is worth 100 donations.

Even $1 counts as a donation.

So, when you don’t feel like donating, please don’t do it, and don’t feel bad about it. Because if something is worth donating, then it will get its donation from other sources for sure there’s nothing that can stop it.

11. Don’t Throw Old Stuff

Clothes, food (yeah, food never gets old, and expired food is of no use, but think of the leftover here), and plastic products, such as chairs, tables, bags, suitcases and other loads of things.

Rather than throwing it in the garbage, you can give it to the people who are less financially good than you.

And when I say give them, I meant to give it to them for free, don’t make money out of it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it just doesn’t feel right.

I guess doing so will make you less of a giver and more of a taker.

If you want to change the world, then don't throw old stuffs

Therefore, don’t trade old things, just give them for free. So, when they, the less financially good people, become good at finance can do the same.

And that’s it; you’ve started the chain reaction and done your part to make the world a better place to live. Cheers now!

12. Treat Everyone the Same as You Are Inside

I never got bullied in school, and I never did bully someone else.

However, I did see children bully someone else and never tried to stop it. I never felt bad about it. I guess I didn’t have that kind of understanding back then.

But one thing I do know now is that no matter what type of physique we have, from the inside, we all are the same. We all are soft and very vulnerable behind the protective bones.

We do get hurt, and so does the other.

Be the change by treating everyone just like you

So, if you’ve been treating someone very harshly lately or for a long time, then 2023 could be a great year for you to stop doing that and say sorry to that person you’re hurting.

If you do it today, then it will be much better. Why wait when there’s no reason to wait?

Perhaps, that other person isn’t telling you how hurt is he/she, but they get hurt when you hurt them.

Therefore, treat people the same as you are inside, and I believe we all are nice inside. We all have the same heart that is made out of muscles rather than steel or rocks.

So, go on and treat them nicer than you ever could. Or, you’ll regret it your whole life. One more thing, when I say treat everyone the same, I mean everyone, not only humans but everyone—animals, plants, birds, and so on.

13. And There Are Many Ways 👇 That You Can Follow to Make the World a Better Place

Many ways to change the world

The above 12 points aren’t the only things that you can do to make the world a better place. Nevertheless, these are effective in today’s modern times.

But you can find more ways to bring a good change in this nice little world of ours and your life as well.

If you want more points and ideas on how you can make the world better, then the below YouTube video would be a nice journey for you from here. 

I hope the above points have helped you understand why we need to change the world. Plus, it would have also opened the ways for you to make the world a better place.

But from all those points, what’s important is when you need to take action and how. So, for that, the only thing I want to say is that there will be no right time. And there will be no right tool or way.

Therefore, start taking action today no matter where you are and what tool you have. Little by little, you’ll get bigger and better at your job to make this world a good world.

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That’s it. Thank you for giving your time.

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