Living With Pain – Is Pain a Part of Life?

Living with pain is the most unfavourable thing for most people on this earth. Yet, most people suffer pain. Lose hope and walk on a path full of despair.

Yet, some choose to live with it anyway. The human race has gone through many difficult times throughout history — full of pain, suffering, poverty, hunger, and whatnot, whether it’s WWI, II, depression, slavery, Hiroshima-Nagasaki or something else.

Humans had and still are facing dire situations, yet, we’re still here discussing pain in our lives. 


Is it because we’re chasing happiness everywhere?

No, chasing happiness alone cannot be the reason to question ourselves that pain is a part of life or pain is necessary or not. 

There’s something else included that makes our life living with pain terrible. And in this post, I will discuss those hidden fragments of pain, life and happiness to help you understand that pain is not a part of life. Instead, pain is life just like happiness. 

And if you’re saying over and over, ‘I want to be free of this pain’ then you better not. Because you can never become free of pain, it will come into your life over and over by changing its shape. 

Living With Pain — Post Recovery Greatness

History has its evidence that athletes after recovering from an injury showed excellent performance results. They either won a medal or broke the record. They were giving us a hint that through pain comes strength. 

In an athlete’s life, an injury is like hitting rock bottom. Nobody dreams of it in their career. Yet, it is inevitable. You have to face your fear one day, whether you want it or not. 

However, one who doesn’t give in to his fears and lose his toughness triumphs over pain. Or perhaps, pain gives him the power to triumph over his current situation. He accepts what happened and doesn’t let it ruin things even more. He becomes stronger by enduring pain. 

Living with pain athletes and sports personalities journey

A great example of post-recovery greatness due to injuries & chronic pain in life is Sachin Tendulkar. An idol for young cricketers in India and abroad and other individuals including me to never give up — no matter what — whether pain or no pain.

In his 24-year career, he got injured many times and went through over ten major surgeries. Still, he’s one of the best or the only best player cricket could ever have. Most runs, the first player to score 200 in an ODI, and better openings are just a few of his many accomplishments. 

Interestingly on his debut match, he got hit by the cricket ball, but he didn’t quiet, and in his second inning he showed no mercy to the bowlers. 

Like Sachin, many athletes and sports personalities from different countries showed their true potential after recovery from a severe injury. If you want names, then Helen Richardson Walsh, Tommy John, Peyton Manning, Lindsey Vonn and Alex Morgan are some of the few to be named as sensational post-recovery legends. 

You should read their stories by checking out the links added to their names above. 

From their success, what we learn is that pain makes us strong and gives us the power to do the things we never did before. 

Birth of Life in Pain

I am no woman but I’ve seen two women gone through pregnancy, twice. Yes, I never feel the pain they went through in their time, but I can feel the emotions behind their pain. 

Before delivery, as soon as they get pregnant, they need to face the phase of unlikely vomiting for three months. Even some women face it more than that. Then, once their belly starts to bulge, they face constipation – can’t even excrement for 5 to 6 days.

But, still, they live with that pain. No place to eat, but they do, so their baby can get the right nutrition. 

Some go through leg swelling, thigh rags – unable to walk or move. Yet, they live with pain because they know what this pain would bring. 

And finally, at the time of delivery, they face the pain that no men on this earth can tolerate. 

Yet, still, women face it and give birth to a life which washes away all the pain. It brings joy and happiness to the face of the mother and reminds her that the pain she endured has all the worth. 

Pregnant woman living with pain

Living with pain has value and by accepting it she did a miracle. 

Therefore, if you’re a man then you can learn from it. Motivate yourself that if women can go through all such things then you can, too, go through any pain.

Here, I am not implying that men are more strong than women, but they are not even less than them. 

Both have weaknesses and strong points which makes them equal and capable to endure pain without breaking themselves. 

And if you’re a woman with children, then you already know what it likes to give birth. I am in no strong position to teach you about how it feels like. 

If you haven’t given birth yet, then you’re still a woman. You know what you’re capable of. What only thing that you need to keep in mind is that if pain can give birth to a life, then it can give birth to anything.

The Realisation of True Nature When Living With Pain

Another excellent example of living with pain is Louis Zamperini. From his life and endurance of pain, much of my thoughts are inspired and revolves around this ideology of pain. 

What would be your answer if I ask you how many hits you can take on your face? 

I believe 1 or 3. 

You can test yourself by asking someone. 

Louis Zamperini and his life in pain

Image Source – IMDB

But Zamperini took over more than 200 punches by different soldiers of his nation, on the same chick or different one, it doesn’t matter. During WWII, Zamperini served two years as a prisoner of war at Ōfuna, Ōmori and Naoetsu POW camps in Japan. And there, he caught correctional officer Mutsuhiro Watanabe’s eyes more than anyone. 

He went through many horrible assaults throughout his time there — beatings, an ear being ripped off, sweeping stool and whatnot. 

For him and other prisoner’s life there, was more than hell. And it crossed its limit when Watanabe, aka famously The Bird, ordered a soldier to shoot Zamperini if he slips a log during his punishment to stand all day, hand raising with a wooden log. 

But the whole day passed, and Zamperini didn’t move a muscle and even the log he held in his hand with pain. 

The war ended, prisoners finally got free and came back home. But it was not easy for Torrance Tornado – our Louis Zamperini. He was burning in anger to avenge what he went through. 

And then, he realised why he hated Bird and wanted to do bad things because he did bad to him – Zamperini. 

But Louis was not like Bird. He can’t do bad to people, and if he did, there would be no difference between him and Bird. He’d have hated himself more than his assaulter. 

Thus, he forgave him and kept himself above Bird – Mutsuhiro Watanabe. And it all happened because he was living with pain and wanted a solution. 

Pain helps us realise what our true nature is. Not only forgiveness but also your capacity. Our power. 

For Louis Zamperini, it was forgiving those who did bad to him. 

Try it; you’ll know yourself what I am talking about. Because you cannot live with yourself if you do the same to another person for which you hated them in the first place. 

Forgive all = forgive yourself.

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The Simple Theory to Live With Pain in Life

Life is simple but unexpected. We were born; it’s not in our control. We live; it’s only a fraction of time in a matter of time. And finally, we die; it’s also not in our control. 

But still, it’s simple and unexpected. Because during our lifespan, many things happen that we can never anticipate. 

Although we try to assume life and its every moment that this will happen or that will happen, but they never do. For some people they do but not the exact same way — never, not even a second. 

Despite all of this, life is simple. But being simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

Break bad habits and build good one for positivity in life

To live our life we need to survive, we need to go through a lot of hard work and time. To put food on the table, pay bills, get diagnosed with a disease, go through treatment and whatnot. 

Nevertheless, we live. And only when we choose to, otherwise there are many pills, ropes and ways to end this existence. 

Now some readers would say, I’ve just mentioned that dying isn’t in our control. Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, I’ve said that. But, press a little and think, the person who attempts suicide was actually living? Hasn’t he died for a long time? Is there any meaning left when he attempts suicide?

I believe no because someone who’s living doesn’t try suicide. 

And the thing is, you cannot enjoy pain. There are many people who search or talk about how to enjoy pain, but can you believe that? For instance, cut your finger and enjoy it, “yeah, I did it, I’m feeling pain”.

You won’t, I bet a thousand dollars, aside from showing off, deep down you’d know, you’re hurt. 

You cannot enjoy pain but what you can do is go through it. It’s been five years, we — Nathawat Brothers — are going through many pains. Have written 2 books, and none were selected by publishers. We self-published them. But does it mean we’re not good writers? 

Because here at, each month, we’re receiving thousands of readers with beautiful reactions. 

As I mentioned before, there are things that are not in our control. But it doesn’t mean we should end ourselves in despair. I will not say there is always “a-way” if you want to find one. Instead, I prefer to say what you are willing to do to find the way.  

Your willingness determines your action, and your action determines your results that always come in the end. You cannot expect results at the start of every journey. 

After 5 years of present continuous struggle — Financially, Mentally, Physically, Socially, Domestic and  Work. I happen to believe that life is a test and every one of us is going through it the same as King Harishchandra. 

If you’re an Indian reading this, then you might be aware of King Harishchandra’s story. Still, I’m going to share a brief about him and his pain in life. 

King Harishchandra & His Life in Pain

During Treta Yuga, a king named Harichandra of the Ikshvaku dynasty lived with pride and dignity. The civilians were happy and all over his name was in good books. 

However, the Hindu deities like Greeks and Norse gods, furious about it and couldn’t gulp it down. 

So, they decided to test him. And the great sage Vishwamitra, who due to a promise demanded Harishchandra to give all his possessions.

King Harishchandra and his life in pain

Out of promise, he did and sold his family and himself also to separate owners. 

That was not enough, where he was working deity always played games. Emptied his barrels of water every time he filled them. His wife was unable to feed her boy. And in the end, due to her helplessness, the boy died.

When she took him to the cemetery for the last rituals, there was standing Harishchandra — working as an executioner on his master’s command. 

She tried convincing him that he should let her do the rituals without asking for money. 

But Harishchandra was truthful, who cannot speak a lie or let anything unethical happen. He denied her request and didn’t let her do the final terms. He suggested that she should bring money by begging. 

To set her son’s soul free, she considered the suggestion and went to beg. But, by the games of deities, she was charged for the king’s child murder. The kind ordered Harishchandra’s owner to execute her. And the owner ordered Harishchangra to do that. 

First, Harichandra didn’t let her do the rituals and later was obliged to execute her. But, he didn’t lose his fundamentals and agreed to do it crying.

Even though the boy was his son and she was his wife, he accepted what he was, his situation and what deed he was obliged to do.  

However, in the end, all the deities were impressed by his obligation towards his responsibilities and Dharma. They finally revealed that whatever happened was to test his honesty. He passed the test and got everything back. He also fulfilled his promise to the sage. 

Whether you believe it or not, it’s an inspiring story to overcome pain. Moreover, I can’t say it’s true or not, but the learning is true. If you remain sincere to your cause and purpose, you can overcome any pain without getting into oblivion. 

I hope this article has helped you understand why pain comes in our lives—no matter its form. And after now, you’ll see pain as a strength to learn your situation, your capability and your true nature.

I don’t want to say it, but you’re gonna suffer, but you’ll be happy about it. 

Thank you. 

Nathawat Brothers.

Putting thoughts for everyone.

First published on8th May 2022 @ 3:19 pm

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