You Only Need These 10 Best Blogs on Life to Grow in 2024

Growth in life is essential. Without it, everything’s mundane. And to make it enthralling, from time to time, we need to learn different things to make adjustments in our lives to pull ourselves from situations that are holding us back. 

If you want to learn, then nothing’s better than reading. 

I know there’s video content out there that motivates people, but the issue with video content is that it doesn’t require effort. 

You can lie down the whole day on your couch or bed and watch different motivational videos. You’re only staring. Different topics are coming and going. You keep playing different and different materials and, in the end, end up remembering little to nothing. 

That’s the issue with watching motivational content. 

But reading requires effort. A real mental effort where you whisper words inside your mind that help your brain learn and train on what’s being said. It disciplines your mind to live life by the code of what’s learned through reading. 

Our mind cannot ignore the stuff it gives effort to.

And if we talk about science or research on reading vs watching, almost every renowned organisation and research paper supports reading over watching a video. 

Whether it’s about sleep, comprehending information, or reducing stress, reading always has the upper hand over watching a video. 

Hence, it’s better to read than watch when it comes to growth in life. And if you’re looking for something online, nothing’s better than blogs on life because they are free and share many new ideas that can help in this modern world.

However, what’s tricky with online stuff is that there’s so much content available pretty much on everything, and not every platform is worth trusting. 

Some are new, and some publish stuff just to gain traffic and earn potential capital.

So, which blog about life lessons should you trust? Which blog should you spend time on that would ripe radical and effective changes in your life? 

It’s hard to say, but you can trust the one who’s been reading blogs and books on personal development since 2015—someone who knows where you’ll find the practical knowledge to make long-lasting changes. 

Hence, considering that I’ve written this article compiling the 10 best blogs on life that have helped me since 2015’s tragic event of my life.   

We all are humans, and I believe you’ll face what I’ve faced sooner or later because it’s a shared human experience. Everyone goes through the same stuff. But the knowledge you’ll find on these self-help blogs will make things bearable. 

And not only bearable but worthwhile to become better in life. 

Therefore, look at these best blogs about life and learn as much as possible. 

10 Best Blogs on Life from Anyone Can Learn

Whether you’re a man or woman, a kid or an adult, dying or living, these blogs can help anyone who genuinely wants help. 

But, only reading what’s written on these blogs won’t help; you need to apply the teaching because that’s the only way you can become better. 

Otherwise, it’s all wasting time.

1. Mark Manson – Life Advice that Doesn’t Suck

Mark Manson blog on life

Mark Manson is quite a buzz now. 

He’s been maintaining his blog since 2009 and giving people practical and science-based advice that can genuinely help a person grow. 

On his blog, he focuses more on the negative sides of things and lets people know that without something terrible, there’s no possibility of good. 

The idea behind his advice is simple: if you want good, you have to face the bad. Nothing will come out easy. You have to sacrifice; you have to make some people feel bad; you have to accept that some people will never like you, and to grow and be mature, you have to feel the pain in life

If you try to avoid it and run from your responsibilities, you will never get anything you want in your life. 

His mantra of life is: With great responsibility comes great power, not the other way around. 

Apart from articles on his blog, he also offers one of the best self-help courses. He’s also authored #1 New Times Bestselling sensational books: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, and Everything Is Fucked, which, if you read, you’ll get to learn a lot.

Also, there has been a motion picture based on his first book, so if you’re into movies, you can also try that.

If you’re looking for topics for personal development that cover relationship advice, career advice, motivation, life purpose, etc., then this is the #1 blog about life you shouldn’t miss. 

A side caution, while reading his articles, you might get hurt, but it’s worth it to feel the pain to become a better person.

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2. Ryan Holiday  – Powerful Advice on the Direction of Life Through Stoicism 

One of the best blogs on life by Ryan Holiday

If you feel you’re lost, you’ve wasted your life, and it seems like there’s no direction in life, then Ryan Holiday’s blog is what you need. 

The thing is, nobody is wasted; there’s always time to pick ourselves up. And that’s what you’ll find at Something to help you to keep moving forward. 

Something to help you forgive yourself if you have done wrong a big time. Whether you want to motivate yourself or inspire or introspect, the tools for self-improvement you’ll find on his blog will set your life in the right direction.

Or, at least, give you the wisdom to bring it in one place. 

His philosophy stems from stoic ideas on life that you must be resistant and persistent to achieve your goals or targets. 

You have to endure the pain without any complaint. Yes, it feels a bit unrealistic, and it is unrealistic if we’re talking about domestic violence, injustice, discrimination, etc.

However, what’s not unrealistic is that when we take our stand against these social diseases, we shouldn’t play it by the wrong books. 

We shouldn’t become just like our perpetrators. We should have our values in check and defend ourselves, fight for ourselves, keeping the good of others in mind, even if they are our enemies. 

His blog’s personal development topics range from life advice to money advice: stock and share market, and more. 

In addition to the blog, you should check out his books; I suggest all of them. 

3. Nathawat Brothers – Sharing Shared Human Experience to Overcome Pain in Life

Self help blog by Nathawat Brothers

Here we come, Nathawat Brothers. Before I write something about ourselves, I want to mention that this list doesn’t rank anybody in any particular order. 

I’ve put on 3rd so people can know about us early on while reading this post on blogs on life. 

So, what can you learn from here and become better? 

Well, the genesis of this blog is out of pursuing our passion for writing stories and keeping our family supported. 

We can/won’t wholly focus on our passion for writing, ignoring our responsibility. Hence, in 2019 we decided to start this, and it’s been going well. When in 2015, we lost our father suddenly in our sister’s marriage, and everything changed for us forever. 

We saw betrayal, we faced prejudice from people towards us, we felt left out by our relatives, and there were/are countless moments that caused pain. 

Yet, we learned so much from them. Each incident gave us a lesson of a lifetime. 

And when we look at those moments, we feel that people can indeed feel them, too. Many people are going through the same thing, and because we have learned, we can share our experiences to help them learn and grow. 

That’s why this blog is here. 

We have covered topics on many things; you can find articles on life advice, life purpose, suicide, relationship, career, motivation and more.

If you want to grow by reading real-life story blogs, then you should keep ours on the list for sure. 

There’s so much, so much we share not only from our lives but others, too.

4. Marie Forleo – Everything Is Figureoutable Blog

Marie Forleo Self Help Blog

When it comes to a woman entrepreneur in mind, Marie Forleo’s name shines like a moon star.

She’s the motivational speaker you need if you don’t know how to figure out your shit. Because for every shit, she has a killing mantra, Everything Is Figureoutable.

If you’re looking for blogs for women, her website can inspire you big time. 

Although her content is for everyone, if you’re a woman and think that your problem can be understood by another woman, there’s a lot of advice you can find on Marie Forleo’s site

Another great thing about her blog is that she doesn’t only publish life advice from her experience. Instead, she sits down with people from different industries who’ve made their name in that particular field and shares their wisdom on how they did it.

You can say if you’re looking for real-life stories blogs in which you get to learn from successful and self-made people, then Marie Forleo’s website isn’t something you miss.

5. Zen Habits – One of the Best Positive Blogs to Feel Good About Life has been around since 2006 and is maintained by Leo Babauta. 

It’s a blog to free our minds from chaos, negativity, and unhelpful chatter that grabs us daily while doing different things.

The purpose of this blog is to give more value to simplicity in our lives and enjoy each and every moment, no matter how small they are. No matter how fleeting they are. 

If you’re struggling with today’s egoism, or you can say the show-off culture, then you can learn a lot from here on how to navigate your life without succumbing to temptations. 

You can also read blogs to help you defeat procrastination, build new habits, learn how to live in the present and trust your creativity when you can’t do anything else.

Leo publishes 4-5 monthly articles on topics that can help you become mindful, patient, and in love with yourself.

And not only with yourself but with your work, the people around you and, of course, nature.

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6. James Clear – Build Good Habits Effectively

Well, not only habits, but those habits that will help you sharpen your creativity, decision-making, focus, and productivity. 

That’s what James Clear’s blog on life does for you. 

He’s the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller book Atomic Habits. A power-packed book that can literally help you take control of your life with grace, with space and with time to become more. 

To become what you’ve always wanted to be.

However, the catch here is that your journey to build good habits will become a flame only when you build the habit of applying the lessons mentioned in his book and blog, and after that, there’s no going back. 

If you’re lacking motivation lately or facing a setback or failing at something you were working on, then scrolling the pages of his blog can do wonders for you.

You can learn why saying ‘No’ can actually become ‘Yes’ for things that are indispensable for you in your life. 

You can learn the essence of being grateful for the things you own and why they matter in the first place. In addition, James Clear’s blog offers other self-growth tools you can access directly by subscribing to or downloading his application. 

7. Tony Robbins – One of the Best Motivation Websites

Awaken the giant within; that’s what Tony Robbins says to people who want to achieve big in their lives. 

His website,, isn’t primarily a blog but rather a complete platform to find different resources to boost yourself. You can find books, podcasts, events, coaching material and more to elevate your level of life.

Tony Robbins has been in the business of coaching people for over 40 years. 

He has helped over 50 million people from different countries and is still doing the same. 

But, if we are talking about blogs here, it’s better to focus only on them. 

The blog on his website offers articles on business, career, mind, leadership, health and vitality. 

For one looking to bring change in their life by checking all areas of their life, the advice you’ll get on his blog will impact your present in the best way possible. 

Although he doesn’t write the posts, you’ll get to learn a lot because the basis of all those articles is his way of living life, which is on your terms.

8. Seth Godin – Blog for Growth for Entrepreneurs

Seth Godin is the mogul of marketing. What he’s achieved through his ideas of marketing is more than phenomenal. 

And for an entrepreneur, marketing is something that cannot be ignored to thrive in a business, just like a body needs water to nourish itself. However, his blog isn’t primarily for business people. 

Instead, anyone can learn from it. 

Every day he shares a bit of wisdom covering everything one can say, but mainly ideas that can help us interpret today’s world easily. 

On his blog, you can find a solution to your money problem. Solution for social issues. Solution for technical burden. And there’s more one can learn as life lessons from his platform.

Something one shouldn’t miss. And what’s best is that he rarely publishes something you cannot read by giving 5 mins of your time. 

But the knowledge you’ll receive can last for a lifetime.

9. Dr Sara Kuburic’s Substack – Life Advice for Things that Matter

Sara Kuburic blog about life

Dr Sara Kuburic, aka the Millennial Therapist, can significantly guide you on what it means to be self-care.

She can help you learn how to be healthy and act mature in a relationship. How to set boundaries and protect them so as not to hurt yourself. 

Her psychological advice can also help you grow as a person and understand the real self. Become better at what you do. 

And not beating yourself too much when something doesn’t go as you planned. 

She’s been active since 2017, and her views on life, or you can say life lessons make their basis from her life through wars, complex relationships and living the life she’s grateful for. That’s what she has to say about it.

You can find her life advice on Instagram, and her Substack-Notes From My Phone, that’s very popular among readers of all ages.

Soon she’s going to release her first book – It’s On Me, which can bring more light to people’s lives.

10. Vex King’s Substack for Positivity, Self Love and Peace

Wisdom Wave Blog on Life by Vex King

If you’re into books, mainly about life and love and positivity, then you already know who Vex King is.

He’s the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller book: Good Vibes, Good Life, which teaches people how being positive about ourselves can illuminate us to thrive in every direction of life. 

How the love we want to give others, if given to ourselves, can break all the shackles we hold ourselves into. 

Like Dr Sara, he has a Substack – Wisdom Waves, where he regularly posts articles to help people cope with anxiety; live above their egos, improve relationships, eliminate self-doubt and overthinking and more to help you become a better person.

In addition to his Good Vibes, Good Life, he has authored some other books as well that are,

  • Healing Is the New High.
  • And Closer to Love. 

Reading these will give you a new perspective on how to spend the rest of your life living the best of your life.

That’s it, folks; these are the 10 best blogs on life you can find online. Yes, there are others, but after reading posts by these self-help bloggers and authors, you won’t need anything else.

I hope you loved this post, and I believe you’ll share it as much as possible. 

Thank you

Nathawat Brothers

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