What Makes a Strong Family?

Family Strengths - 11 ideas to build a strong family

What makes a strong family? It seems a pretty straightforward question. But, if you want to understand family strengths, you should ask when a family seems most united.  Different people would share different

Is It Worth Fixing a Broken Relationship?

Is it worth fixing a broken relationship

Is it worth fixing a relationship? Well, before we talk in this context, it is necessary to know why we want to mend the broken or weakened relationship after all. Are we the

11 Common Reasons for Divorce People Should Know

Reason for Divorce

In marriage, two people are bound by a very sacred relationship to bring together two different families as a whole. They vow to carry forward their family’s lineage and become the basis of

9 reasons of an unhappy marriage

Reasons of an unhappy marriage

Marriage is a bond that brings together the families of a married couple. It’s a relationship that is bound by respect, prestige, and love. In this sacred bond of marriage, husband and wife

What does a healthy marriage look like?

What does a healthy marriage look like in todays world

A good married life doesn’t mean that couples never quarrel or differences do not arise on any matter, but a healthy marriage depends on how soon the quarrels settle and who makes the