Positivity Definition in Life, Nobody Is Talking About

So what’s positivity mean to you? Is it having beautiful thoughts all the time, or just seeing right in all the situations? I doubt you’re not sure about either because if you were, then you might have not reading this article.

However, you have arrived, which means there’s a curiosity in your mind to know what’s the true positivity definition in life.

Well, it varies from place to place, people to people, and situation to situation. There is no absolute definition of positivity. But like anything else in this universe, positivity definition, too, exists.  

Therefore, to uncover the curtains from the positivity definition, we’re going to see these following terms,

I hope you’d find this article helpful, read until the end, and bring real positivity in your life and others.

What is positivity?

People say positiveness depends on our thinking. No matter what type of situation we’re facing, we should always remain positive. Keep a positive perspective for everything. Like, if you see an accident on the road, then you should see its positive side. If you’re getting late for the job, you should keep your mind positive. As they say, a positive mind, positive vibes, and positive life.

Positive mind, positive vibes, and positive life

Now, ask yourself, does this sound correct? Does keeping our mind always focused on the bright side bring positiveness in our life? If I punch you in the face, would you feel optimistic about that, or would you try to get back on me? If I insult you in front of your colleague or someone you like, would you feel positive? 

These are simple questions, with a simple answer, i.e., you don’t. Seeing a glass always half full isn’t positiveness. Isn’t the definition of positivity. Being a little sceptical about things is essential in life. Because if your boss cutting the amount in your paycheck and you’re taking it positively, then you’ll always compromise with your extra savings.

Old man listening to music while smiling

Being always positive and not letting negative things come into our lives, in general, is the most negative thing we can do to us. We’re not learning what it is meant to being human. We’re avoiding the essential aspect of life, which is unexpected human behaviour — the trajectory which has ups and downs in a lot of amounts.

And you can’t entirely avoid that. You have to embrace it to let positivity come in your life. You have to start seeing things with an unbiased mind. Whenever something terrible or unexpected happens, don’t just jump in and label it with a positive perspective. 

If you’re getting a low score in an exam because you didn’t study and you’re saying to yourself, it happened for something greater good for the sake of positivity, then you’re doing the most foolish job. Because here you’re hiding the real cause behind getting a low score, which was not studying. You’re lying to yourself and putting a foundation of low self-esteem and respect.

However, if you say to yourself the real reason, which was that you didn’t study and got a bad score, then you might next time prepare well if you care about that particular exam. We’re getting responsible for our responsibilities here. 

So, what’s the positivity definition? 

The applicable definition of positivity in our life is that don’t be positive about everything all the time. Because if people were optimistic about everything in life, then we would not have seen the civil rights moments ran by Martin King Luther Jr. The Ahimsa Sangram lead by Mahatma Gandhi, and the latest one Black Lives Matter. 

Half empty, half full glass positive and negative thinking

Perhaps, the glass is half empty, but we’ve got the option to make it full again. Our action to bring change in our life is the true definition of positivity. Instead of sitting on our couch, wasting our time thinking, whatever is happening is happening for good. Even though your bank account is sucking.

How to bring positivity into your life?

As humans, we face numerous different situations in life, every day. However, some are the same for each day, like going to a job, buying vegetables, etc. And amid all these everyday activities, we encounter a situation that causes negativity in our mind. 

And that’s the time when we need positivity in our mind, more than ever. So what to do to keep positive thinking every day. How to think positive when everything is going wrong? 

Think positive

See, we’re making a mistake here. We’re thinking, which was never needed in the first place. Because we require thinking when we have to make a rational decision. We need to think when we’re required to bring change in our life or career. For everyday work, we don’t need thinking because everyday work is in our habit. It gets done without even thinking about it. Like eating, bathing, washing, etc. Do you think doing all of those activities? If yes, then you should perhaps see a doctor. 

Now back to our main topic, how to bring positivity into our life?

  • Focus & don’t panic: Whenever you face a situation that has a sour face, never deal it with thinking, alone. Instead, look into yourself and ask what it is (about that situation, how you’re feeling). It is thinking or feeling. When decided, what it is, ask again, it is pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. Note that situation from one of these phases, and then come back to the situation, your objective of focus. We need to note a situation in this way, not as negative or positive. We need to not panic in a harsh situation; instead, take action to improvise. We need to make a balance between our thinking and feeling mind.
Balance between thinking and feeling brain

  • The present is prominent: Negative thinking or thoughts come in our mind when we remain either in the past or future. Our past thinking gives us negative vibes by producing guilt. And our future thinking tricks us by producing fear. So to keep the time negative vibes away, try to remain in the present. You have to accept reality.

  • Causes of impatience: Our impatience towards something causes disturbance in our minds. Therefore, learn your causes of impatience and then deal with them.

  • Life is like a box of chocolates: No, it is not. Life is like a red flower with needles in it. You will get hurt but don’t try to numb the pain. Let it cicatrise just like scars on our body.

  • Staying positive in a negative world: Once disturbed by the bad situation, don’t remain in a negative environment. Come back to your real self, which you’re wanting to.

  • Turning negativity in positivity: Don’t try to turn negativity in positivity with lies for the sake of seeing things always on the bright side. If you’ve made some mess, then take responsibility and try to make it right (if it’s possible, otherwise don’t waste time) with action.

  • Ignoring problems when in doubt: People say ignoring problems that are giving you doubt is an effective strategy for positive thinking, but it’s not. Because we always doubt the action we’ve taken, or we will take. It’s good to ignore meaningless problems, but it’s not a brilliant choice to ignore meaningful problems. We have to take care of those. So, whenever you doubt, don’t overthinking it, because you have to choose and take action in the end. So, without overthinking, try that thing which is giving you doubt, and see what happens. Don’t be scared because there will be consciences whether you take action or not.

How to increase positivity?

Well, to create a positive mind, you have to develop and adopt some new habits which at first would look boring and tiring to you. However, by practising them on a regular base, you’ll make them your second nature, which will, later on, help you keep your thoughts positive.

Break bad habits and build good one for positivity in life

To increase positivity in life and better thinking every day, follow these below habits,

  • Create a schedule and follow it.

  • Follow a productive & mindful evening & morning routine.

  • Meditiate. 

  • Try to stay out of the time loop of the past and future.

  • Exercise, dance or do Yoga.

  • Read books.

  • Watch animated movies. This one will definitely bring positivity to your day.

  • Play with kids, spend time with friends & family.

  • Work on your passion. If you like to paint, then paint your life in it. If you like to sing, then sing your life in it. You have to mix emotions with your passion for bringing positivity to it.

  • If you found yourself in a bad situation, then try to apply Eckhart Tolle’s Accept, Change, and Leave philosophy. 1, 2, and 3.

  • Listen to people as much as you can. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but try to listen & understand what they have to say.

  • Follow digital detoxification, just like observant Jews.

  • And don’t just try to focus on the good side of the things, because sometimes being sceptical about things can help us save ourselves from many worst situations. Having doubts in our mind is part of our human nature; by focusing only on the good, we’re just ignoring our nature, which is even worse than anything.

Practicing these 14 habits will surely bring and increase positivity as well as positive thinking every day in your life.

How to spread positivity?

There’s no straight answer to this question, but if you want to spread positivity in the outside world, then first, you’ve to start from yourself. We have to fix our problems first before we try to fix others’. 

Spread positivity in the world

Then, once we’ve instilled positivity in ourselves, we’re ready to radiate that positivity in our surroundings. How? There are a couple of things you can do such as,

  • Join talk clubs, where people share their experiences like meet-ups and all.

  • Again, listen to the people, as much as you can.

  • Respect people, their ideas, thoughts, religion, and opinions.

  • Don’t honk unnecessarily in the traffic. 😅 

  • And always help your mama in the house laundry. There’s nothing better than this if you want to spread positivity in the world. Because if your mama is happy, then your neighbour will be happy. And if your neighbours are happy, then their neighbours will be happy. See, everyone is connected to one another. Our one positive act will direct the other person’s behaviour in a positive way. And his or her positive behaviour will direct someone else’s. 

Why positivity is important?

In life, positivity is key; without it, we might die from starvation. Because having a little suspicion in lots of positivity is reasonable, but positivity in many suspicions is a disaster. We can never trust people. We can never believe in our dreams. And we can never work for something which we care about. And these all are essential aspects of life — Trust, Dream, and Work. Without any of these, our hope dies, and once our hope dead. We’re nothing more than a sack of meat. 

So, positivity in life is essential, whether you’re an adult or a kid. Whether you’re a girl or a boy. Being positive is required always and forever. 

I hope this article has given you a better look at the positivity definition. And how you can bring into your life and others. Therefore, if you think it can help other people, please share it as much as possible. Think about it as if you’re spreading positivity in the world. Moreover, if you have any thoughts on the positivity definition or everything I mentioned in this article, please write them in the comment section. 

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