Is It Worth Fixing a Broken Relationship?

Is it worth fixing a relationship? Well, before we talk in this context, it is necessary to know why we want to mend the broken or weakened relationship after all.

Are we the only ones trying to rekindle this broken relationship?

Are we trying to fix a broken relationship for the future of our children? Are we trying to be in a false relationship because of the shame of society? And have we or our circumstances become so helpless that we are left with no other option but to return to this broken relationship?

Before re-joining any old, weak relationship, think about all the above questions again and again in your mind. 

You will find that you consider any one of the above questions to be your priority.

But what do you think is making any difference to that person with whom you are trying to reconnect? Is it worth fixing a broken relationship for them as well?

Do they also think of any one of the above questions? 

If that person is taking proper steps to make a continuous relationship like you, then your decision to revive this broken relationship is justified and commendable.

But if you are going back to a wrong or false relationship under any external force or any pressure, and where you feel that your constitutional, ideological, and social rights have been violated and will continue to happen; in that case, there is no point in you getting involved again in this cheap and relationship for name only.

Why do we have to be in a relationship where our happiness has run out? 

Why do we have to get involved in a relationship where we live our lives choking in the hope that one day all will be well and everything will be all right? There’s no worth fixing that kind of relationship.

If you are trying to reconnect with your broken relationship, you must pay attention to why your relationship became weak.

Does your partner keep fighting with you? Do they abuse you and beat you up? Are there illicit relations between them? Do they often get drunk? Does your spouse not respect your family members? Do they love someone else?

There can be many reasons like this for a relationship to go from bad to worse.

But if you have seen all this and still feel that your partner will improve or there is room for change in them, and you have devoted a lot of time, then you have the wrong idea. There can be no sudden change in the habits of a person.

Is it worth fixing a broken relationship-women sad on call alone

Don’t keep yourself under any deception. The person you have tested earlier will deceive you again and again.

Because of all the habits mentioned above, your relationship has deteriorated because if the person’s habits were correct, then this relationship would not have deteriorated. If you still have to go into the same relationship, you shouldn’t have brought the relationship to this extent or be on the verge of breaking up.

Yes, I am considering you as the reason for this, because you are now thinking again about spoiling your life. Pay attention to how often the person has tried to make things right with you again.

If you are making a one-sided effort to reconnect with a broken relationship after thinking so much, then you’re only wasting your time and of those who love you from the heart. You will not get anything.

If you think it’s okay to reunite a broken relationship, you’re an idiot because you’re just wasting your life in that place. 

Your life is just passing by. You’re putting up with your partner’s bad thoughts, tolerating them, and looking forward to a time when you’ll be happy; everything will be fine for you. These are your thoughts.

But it’s not like that. You have ended your life in someone else’s hands; you have become a puppet. You will never understand your happiness because you are not trying to get it.

If there is even a small scope of improvement (ray of hope) in a broken relationship, then the relationship can be reconciled. 

But if this is not the case at all, then it is better to get out of it than to be in the wrong relationship. Take care of yourself and the people who love you and are attached to you, and focus on yourself and only your betterment.

Are broken relationships fixable? Only in one condition: is your partner making the same efforts? If not, don’t live in a dilemma about whether broken relationships are repairable

First published on15th November 2022 @ 5:08 am

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