The Importance of Imperfections in Life

When we started writing for this platform, we knew almost nothing about how online publishing works. We had our ideas, we had our writing, and the Publish button to send those words to the people. 

Yet, with time, as we learned how to make our content more accessible and good to read, the fight for perfection over imperfection has rapidly increased.  

Back then, perfectionism was spilt all over the place, and now, all we can see is imperfection. If I go and look at those articles, all I can do is laugh. And probably, I will do the same for this one later in the future. 

However, the point isn’t that we’ve learned so much or that perfection is the key. Instead, what’s to understand here is what’s perfect for you. 

Imperfection and perfection are only two states of mind. One will help you progress in life, and the other will hold you back if you don’t know how to harness it. And fortunately, imperfections in life can never be that. 

With this article, we will find out how this is so.

First of All, Is There Any Importance of Imperfections in Life for Real?

When the world was created, even before that, before the big bang, there was nothing. All you can see is darkness everywhere, even though no one was there to witness that. But still, can you picture that as perfect? 

Our eyes don’t show us reality. Our ears don’t let us hear the actual sound. Our mouth always tastes something better or worse. Our nose gets cold when it’s hot out there. And our bodies always live in the present, but the mind tells us something else. 

Yet, still, we call that perfect even though it isn’t. 

The world and imperfections in life

If the roads are broken, we need better paths. If the electricity is gone, we need illumination. If someone 100 km away needs us in 30 mins, we need better transportation. And still, we say, is there any importance of imperfection? 

To this, all I can say is that, Yes, there’s a 100% need for imperfection because, without it, perfection is imperfect. Or I should say, imperfection is perfect.

And through the following points, I will make my point clear and allow you to feel proud of yourself if you feel like you’re imperfect or think life is imperfect and there’s no place for someone or something that’s not perfect.

5 Reasons Why Imperfections in Life Are Important

You may find many reasons why being imperfect is necessary for life, but the following are regulars that make us imperfect humans, which we should be proud of.

Imperfections Give You Meaning in Life

There are so many bad things happening outside at a random pace, and we have no control over most of them. It seems imperfect, yet this is how we find meaning in life. 

If someone’s crying outside, we try to find out why they are and provide support. If a storm has broken the house, we find means to build it back. 

If everything was perfect, there probably would be no meaning in life. Because perfection is not real. Nobody has ever achieved it and probably will not ever. Therefore, it’s best that we find meaning in what we have and look forward to other imperfections in life to find more meaning.

Imperfections Help You Work on Different Things

Vincent Van Gogh worked on many paintings, and it’s not because he was so good at them. Instead, he was looking for perfection. 

To achieve perfection is every artist’s dream, and in doing so, they build countless imperfect things that are perfect for others.

Satisfaction is another term for perfection. When we are not satisfied, we are looking at an imperfect thing. If you are working on a new recipe and unsatisfied with the current one, you will try something else.

We go on to work on or experience different things all because of imperfection.

Imperfections in Life Keep You Out of Boredom

What if I buckle you up on a road trip that has no turns, no bumps, and no music at all — wouldn’t it be great? At first, you might enjoy it. Because it’s different from the usual trips. However, if that keeps on and on and on forever, would you enjoy it then?

Nope! Nobody would like to travel on this kind of journey because it’s boring. But if it has all the means; music, bumps, and turns — that would be perfect. 

Imperfections in Life Keep You Out of Boredom

And why do we call it perfect? Because it’s not dull. However, what you are calling perfect was in the first place, an outcome of imperfection.

If things aren’t imperfect, we don’t try to make them perfect. And when we don’t try, it means we are not taking risks, and without risks, there is no fun at all.

Whether you are developing new software or working on a new thesis, a pinch of salt makes the food tasty. Oh sorry! Imperfect.

With imperfection, there’s scope for improvement. 

It means there is scope for progress. And I believe you already know that if there is no progress, there is no life. No matter how little progress you make, it is essential to living.

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Imperfections Bring People Together to Give Birth to Empathy, Kindness, and Love

When we see someone recently met with an accident, it’s imperfect. Yet, we can empathise with the pain they are going through.

If we see a homeless person at worst, we feel bad about them, and it’s imperfect. Yet, at the same time, we can be kind to offer them some food or money.

Kids leave for college and it breaks parents’ hearts, and it’s imperfect. Yet, at the same time, they understand how much they love each other.

Love, kindness and people together

And this all became possible because of imperfection. Not everything is perfect; humans aren’t perfect, and the world isn’t perfect either, but this is how we find each other perfect to live together and create timeless memories.

Imperfections in life bring people together to share, understand, and be a part of this universe.

Imperfections Help Us Become Better — Every Time

You are imperfect, I am imperfect, and everyone we meet is imperfect. We are all imperfect creations, but that makes us perfect for improvement, for betterment. 

Look deep; your imperfections make you perfect better.

Each one of us is trying to be the best version of ourselves, and it’s only possible when there is space for change and improvement.

Think for a moment; if everything and everyone were perfect, how limited would this life have been? 

We would not have been able to explore. We would not have been able to learn, and we would not have been able to express ourselves to someone else.

Because if we are perfect, we need no one other than ourselves to fulfil us. 

And a life without someone or a world without someone is lonely, and it’s not perfect. It’s truly imperfect. And by this imperfection, I mean an endless void.

The Purpose of Writing This

Since 2015, I have witnessed many tragic events. Many fights and many, many deaths. Yet, I still don’t feel like life is imperfect; instead, I believe whatever I am going through is essential. 

Essential for growth, essential for my family and essential for being me. 

This is the notion, and that’s what I try to share in this post. Some would say, “Yes, we know imperfection is good.” “We know it helps us.” “We know you can build something great.” 

And there is so much that people say, and I agree with them. But, if that’s the case, if you know already, then why do you feel bad when your boss fires you? Why does it break your heart when your partner leaves you? And why does it feel so strange to you when something unexpected happens? 

If this is an eye-opener for you, then remembering this will help you a lot,

“Perfect or perfection is a metaphor to help us do things better. Similarly, imperfection is a metaphor to the things we consider bad such as pain, struggle, setbacks and more. They might be cruel, but they are essential.”

So, accept your imperfections, no matter where you are in your life, because it’s more than okay to be imperfect.

Yes, life is not perfect, but it’s not completely imperfect. And even if it is, there’s scope for change, improvement and satisfaction.

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First published on19th November 2022 @ 4:43 pm

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