Is Your Life in Pain? Know 7 Reasons

# 1 

We Don’t Accept Our Reality

The reason we feel emotional pain is because we don’t accept the situation. We want something else. We overthink about the decision we made in the past.

And keep ourselves in anxiety and depression, asking, “why I did that? If I haven’t done it, then I might not have to face this.” And the worst question of all, “why is it happening to me?”

# 2

Weakness of Mind

Feeling scared in small problems, accepting defeat in any situation, getting stuck in negative feelings before doing any work, all these feelings give nothing but sorrow in life.

# 3 

To Think That Everything Is Permanent

Everything is temporary in this world. If you took your problems to be concrete, you would end up being a very unhappy person.

# 4

Anger Is a Big Reason

An angry person often takes wrong decisions after which nothing is left except remorse, and the person becomes a partner of sorrow.

# 5

Feeling Physical Pain as an Emotion

If you are feeling physical pain due to an injury or illness, then making up stories behind it will make you feel sad.

# 6

To Worry Unnecessarily

It is said in Indian scriptures that worry is like a funeral pyre. If you try to control the situation, you are inviting unhappiness.

# 7

Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to someone else's life is enough to cause severe unhappiness, the jealousy and sadness of not being the same are enough to drive a person to ruin.

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