7 Reasons People Should Know

Why  Do We  Feel Lonely?

If you’re asking, “What are the causes of loneliness?” Or “Why am I feeling empty and alone?” Then the first thing you should know is that it is not unusual to feel lonely and sad.

# 1 

Death of Someone Close to Us

In this particular situation, the problem of loneliness; settles in our minds in the absence of someone by creating a reflection of their memories.

# 2

Change in the Environment

When people move to a new place, the barriers of language & culture compel them to form new social bonds. They experience social distance, which causes loneliness.

# 3

Being an Introvert

Being too simple or having a timid nature of a person almost makes social distance inevitable. And it can also cause loneliness.

# 4

Spending More Time on Social Media

A study suggests that limiting social media use to approximately 30 minutes daily can help you feel less lonely and better about yourself.

# 5

Lack of Quality Social Relationships

From a social point of view, it is always better for a person to establish limited but quality relationships than to have more connections.

# 6

Divorce Is One of the Main Reasons

With divorce or separation between couples, the feeling of loneliness naturally arises. It’s a popular reason among causes of loneliness.

# 7

Feeling Lonely Due to Harassment

If people are being harassed physically and mentally. Those people break down badly, and it’s like creating a sense of insecurity in oneself.

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