The meaning of life, nobody is talking about

You’re reading this article because you might have a big plan for the future. Or you’re in search of something that can help you find the true meaning of life. Or you’re confused with something and can’t decide where to go. Then this article will help you to clear your vision and move forward. 

Well, actually, this article won’t tell you, what is the meaning of life for you because nobody can. Perhaps, not even the unknown power who created this whole universe. However, this article, for sure, help you create a meaning of life, which is also the foundation of life’s true essence. 

meaning of life

You can find articles, books and videos that says life is this and life is that. For instance, some say life is short, and some say life is awesome. But in reality, life is neither short nor big. Life’s neither hard nor easy. Life is just life. However, the challenges we face sometimes are hard or easy. All depends on our experiences and learning. 

Life is Life. But challenges are tough

Yes, challenges are tough if we never had an experience or learning related to that challenge. Like if you want to perform on a stage and you never had the experience of performing in front of people, then this challenge would become hard for you. Same in the case of appearing in an exam, if you had the learning, then it would be easy for you, else it will become hard. 

Life is for learning in our journey to the final destination (Death). So, we can share our experiences to help other people. Who someday will go through the same situation as us. 

Just like us- Nathawat Brothers- when our father died, we went through many complex situations. And from those tough moments, we learned so many things, that now we share with others to help them in their journey. 

Whatever comes in our way is for learning. So in the future, it would help others and us as well because the same situation can come again. 

Is death gives life meaning?

The straight answer to this question is no because death is the ignored part of life that completes it. A permanent destination for all. But what we do before reaching this destination, definitely gives meaning to our life.

Our grandfather died last month. And when we were taking his body to the funeral place, a sense hit us. That one day we will, too, arrive here like this. And people would remember us what we would do for them. Our grandfather came to this earth and gone. Did nothing spectacular, but we will remember him for what he did for us. 

Many people upon facing harsh situation and going through a struggle, kill themselves on a false hope that they would do better in their next life. But if you couldn’t get yourself out from struggle in this life, then how could you suppose that you’ll do good in your next life. 

Is happiness true meaning of life?

A happy life alone can never be the meaning of life because there is always two sides of a thing. And you have to accept both. If you refuse the other one, then you’re not ought to get the other side as well. Just like a coin, you have to accept both sides.

Our father was a good businessman. But whenever his business wasn’t doing good, he used to say, ‘winning and losing are brothers and sisters, whom we can not keep apart’. 

And because this thinking of his, he was able to make good out of his business in every situation.

You might have read or heard somewhere that you are born to shine or you’re born to reach the top. But it’s not necessary because if every person starts to think to reach to the top, then how this society and economy will work. Who will do the farming and who’ll clean the sewers?

Think of a pair of shoes, if we don’t wear them, then how we are going to walk on the streets. Because sometimes roads are hot and sometimes they’re cold. But in both cases, if we try to walk, our feet will burn. 

Here we’re not discouraging you or something but making our point that pain and happiness aren’t meaning of life. Instead, they’re part of it just like death.  

If great life is the meaning of life for you.

Look around and observe people who’ve achieved success in their life. People who’ve exceeded the limit of success in their respective field. For example, Mother Teressa, Nelson Mandela, and Abraham Lincoln. How these people became great? Only one thing you would found common in all these great personalities is that these people never lived for themselves. 

A life full of riches and abundance is good. But if you keep it to yourself, then soon you’ll feel that nothing is left for you in this life to live. Just like Chris McCandless from the book Into the Wild, who learned in his final time that Happiness is only real when shared

When you do something for others to create meaning in their lives, then you’ll remain alive even after your death. However, going for the big isn’t necessary. But if you want to achieve big, then keep in mind that how long the journey is. And what kind of challenges you will have to face. If you’re ready to face those, then you should go for big.

How to create a meaningful life?

(1) Responsibilities: Chasing dream and running from responsibilities won’t make you a great person. Instead, it only makes you a wanderer. However, if you handle your responsibility along with working for your dream can make you a much better person. Therefore, start to take responsibilities, and you’ll find out how much great strength it will provide you to work on your dreams.

(2) Learn From People: The one mistake McCandless did in his journey to great Alaskan adventure is that he didn’t learn from people whom he met. And what they were really trying to share. All the people’s he met had lost someone in their life. And upon that grief, they were trying to make him understand that what his loved one would feel if they lose him. Therefore, learn from people you met. Because every person we meet is here to give us something useful about life. It could be bad or good. But we mustn’t stop ourself to learn from them. We’ve seen it, and that is why we are telling.

(3) Have positive fear and face your challenges, because if you won’t, then you’ll never learn what life should mean to you.

(4) Meaning of life changes: Keep this in mind that as we grow our meaning of life changes. So, don’t give yourself a hard time if you find your pasts great experiences boring now.

(5) Make work your priority: Many people start to become great in life. But they forget about the key term that creates greatness- which is their work. Have big dreams but don’t think too much about them. Focus on your work and how to make it better each day. And with time, it will create greatness.

(6) Accept every aspect of life

(7) And try to do something for others because we get what we give to people just like Oskar Schindler in WWII.

To sum up, there’s no definite meaning of life. However, it’s unexpected. You can’t assume anything from people or society. But if you’ll do, then you’ll always find life challenging or tough. Something that you don’t want to explore. 

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First published on17th November 2019 @ 6:50 pm

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