What to do when bored online, at home, in-office, or everywhere?

Humans created machines to get things done faster. To expand the limit of doing something. But still, machines have their limits. We can’t drive a car more than its mentioned threshold speed. We can’t use a battery when it’s out of charge. Everything around us has its limits. And we are humans, not machines. Therefore, humans, too, have their limits. And because of that, we get bored at almost everything. If you eat the same food over and over, you’ll get bored, unless you don’t have an eating disorder. However, “limit” isn’t the only reason for our getting bored at something. Therefore, before we learn what to do when we’re bored with everything. We should see the reasons that cause boredom in the first place. So, we can understand our dullness in the right manner and treat it much better.

Reasons why we get bored with things we do every day, everywhere.

1. Limit

If you’re exceeding the limit of doing something, you’re ought to face the boredom. The occurrence of the same even / task over and over conditions our mind to see it, as done. For instance, when we eat the first slice of pizza, we enjoy it. The second slice, we enjoy it a little. And as we continue to eat more slice, we start to get bored because our body sends signals to our brain, telling, why we’re doing it that we have already done.

2. Challenges and curiosity

When there are no challenges and curiosity involved in a task, we feel bored. How? Because we humans are a seeker of challenges from a very long time. Our forefathers lived in a world where if you want to live, then you have to face challenges and fear. And because of them, our DNA inherited that same seeking ability or habit. To understand this more clearly, think of video games. Why do we enjoy playing it? Because there are challenges, and curiosity to see something new that we never saw before at every stage of our play. And that’s why we don’t feel bored while playing video games.

3. Results

It’s not true that people quit in the middle of their long journey to reach the top because of challenges and fear only. People too quit sometimes because they’re bored. And why they are bored because they don’t see any results from what they are doing. Yes, we do get bored when we don’t see any results. But we must know it’s not about results, it is about process, growth, and our willingness to walk, no matter what.

4. Thinking

Yes, thinking can become our reason to feel boredom if we think of past or future situations. Our this kind of thinking doesn’t let us focus on the current task or present situation, which in turn makes us unable to finish the job, and we become the victim of frustration, anxiety, and sadness.

5. Sitting Posture

When we work or do something else significant that require hours of sitting, then we must sit in a comfortable posture. Because if not, then our body starts to send signals to our brain, pointing the uncomfortable part. And that uncomfortable part could be a pain in the neck, back, or chest, which further causes distraction, and we start to feel boredom. Bad sitting posture is not only the reason for our feeling boredom. Our wrong choice of the sitting area is also the reason. If you choose to work in bed, then our mind sees it as the place for sleep, not for work. And soon, we start to feel dizzy and get bored doing something and quit.

6. Health issues

When we are suffering from a disease, we see the entire world and the people around us in a different sense. We might see the mountain coming down right at us. There’s no solution to our problem or why it is happening to us. And because of that, we not only feel bored but feel like there’s no juice or excitement in anything. But if we think clearly, we can understand, disease or no disease, we are dying each day because we are mortals, and mortals are meant to die. Though, if we live each day thinking to do something meaningful that can touch people’s hearts, then it really makes a change in our lives and the world.

7. Sleep

For adults, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended. And we guess you know it already. And if not, then yes, 6 to 8 hours a night sleep is good not to get bored. Because when we sleep less than 6 hours, our body and brain don’t get the required energy that is needed to carry out tasks for a whole day. Our body keeps sending messages to our brain that it needs rest.

On the other hand, when we sleep for more than 8 hours, we face other problems that lead us to feel bored. Such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and many other health issues. And you already know how health issues make us feel boredom.

8. Playing the game with someone else’s rule

You should have guessed what this point is about. We feel bored when we don’t do things according to us. When we follow the rules, we are pressured to do the jobs keeping in mind other people’s expectations.

9. Weather Conditions

Nobody likes to work in adverse weather conditions. But nobody definitely wants to work in a super-duper weather condition. Do you wish to work or stay at home when there’s snow outside, and the weather is in a great state?

10. Much no. of task (burden)

Imagine this, you are working on something with your full attention, then suddenly, your superior assigns you much of multiple tasks in your issue tracking software to complete them on the same day. Now, what it would feel like, boooooring. Having so many things on the pile to do, and not deciding where to start, kicks dullness in our mind, and we feel bored.

11. No creativity

Have you ever noticed child playing games? Because we do (we have two lovely children playing around all the time). Now, why we asked that question because kids play all the time, same gave over and over, and they never get bored. Why? Simple, there’s creativity involved in their playing. Each time they play, they use to mix their creativity in it and keep playing the game non-stop unless they’re not ill. So, we do get bored when there’s no creativity in our task.

12. Lack of physical activity

There was a time when our ancestors in search of food, travelled miles of landscapes. To pass the winter season, they gathered wood to light bonfires and made shelters in the cave, so they can remain warm enough.

Then, slowly but surely the discovery of things started to take place, the industrial revolution happened four times and stepped into the digital world. And we shifted from factories to cubicles. Now, whatever we do is limited to our desks, and we don’t have to move around a bit. Whether it’s home or office, we are stuck in a place for hours. Some on sofas, some on beds, so some on chairs. No physical activity, and that’s why we get bored. And this is one of the prime reasons why we get bored doing something. Because our body is conditioned in the way from a very long time that it needs movement. But now without moving from a place, we’re ordering food, buying clothes, and watching movies.

These are some of the reasons we have found out. If you ever get bored, you may want to check this list. So, make sure you bookmark this page. Now, let’s move to another section of this article about what to do when we’re bored. You may find many things on the internet about what to do when bored, but the following are tried in real life by Nathawat Brothers, and all are proved to be working.

What to do when we’re bored.

1. Stop

The first thing you need to do when you feel bored is to stop whatever you’re doing or involved in.

2. Walk & Talk

You can find many articles that suggest for walking when you are bored but don’t just walk. Try to talk, and by talking, it doesn’t mean that you take out your phone and start calling your friends or partner. Instead, talk with your thoughts. Try to analyse your situation. And see what good it can do for you.

3. Quick Exercise

Maybe you are feeling bored because of no physical movement. So, try to do a real quick exercise that might help you to kick boredom out from your body and brain. Exercise could be push-ups, neck relaxation exercises, deep breathing, jumping jacks, so your body and mind can get enough energy. And you can get back to work.

4. Power Nap

It’s a small packet of energy booster more potent than caffeine. That can keep you focused and energetic for hours of work.

5. Read books, or watch T.V. or movies

Sometimes we need change. Therefore, it is good to watch movies or T.V. shows or read books. If you get bored by doing these, then head back to the first point.

6. Work on your passion

Whether you like to sing, dance or cook, if you get bored by doing usual things, then give some time to your passion or do whatever you like. You could probably do stalking if it’s your passion and gets you out of boredom.

7. Get taste of outside

Boredom comes when we are involved in repeated life behaviours, environments, or habits. Therefore, it is recommended to get some exposure. You can plan for a trip with friends, family, or solo. You can have lunch or dinner in a nice restaurant. Or do something adventurous, hiking perhaps.

8. Clean your environment

If you’re at home, you can clean your room or the entire house. At work, you can clean your office desk. Or you can also participate in a social service that plants trees and cleans the neighbourhood. Moreover, getting exposure to nature brings new ideas and excitement to our life.

9. Join meetup group

Sometimes thoughts and emotions inside us can cause boredom. Because with sad emotions and feelings, we see things as they have no meaning or value in our life. Therefore, it is good to meet new people and express our emotions and what’s inside us. Doing so helps us to get new and different perspectives of things and life around us. Also, it feels good too.

10. Learn something new

When life gets stuck with the same thing over and over, then it is good to learn something new. Something that can give you new skills, open up your mind, and bring excitement to live your life.


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2 thoughts on “What to do when bored online, at home, in-office, or everywhere?”

  1. Thinking
    Yes, thinking can become our reason to feel boredom if we think of past or future situations. This kind of thinking doesn’t let us focus on the current task or present situation, which in turn makes us unable to finish the job, and we become the victim of frustration, anxiety, and sadness.

    In my opinion, If we think about the future positively and decides what to do in the present to achieve that in the future, we won’t get bored.

    • In this case you’ve to test your level of patience as positive vibes too can overwhelm you and you start to think about the future situation to be fulfilled as soon as possible.


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