Are 21st Century’s People Mean? Obviously, and It’s Your Fault!

Before we take our discussion in the direction of answering whether 21st-century people are bad or not, first, you should answer this, “is poison deadly?”

“Yes, it is obviously, you moron.”

Would you like to drink it? 

“Nah! Why the hell would I do it, you crazy or something?”

But what if you do? 

“I’ll die and I don’t want to die.”

Yes, you’ll die, yet, still, some do, and that’s totally their fault. 

“Their fault, what are you saying?”

Don’t lecture me on this. I have no sympathy or empathy towards a person who gives up on their life. 

Giving up on life is a deadly sin people can do to themselves and their loved ones.

People are bad because we make them

But that’s beside the point. What’s the topic of the hour is “Are people bad?” “Are people cruel?” or “Are people less empathetic?” 

Yes, they are, and it’s totally our fault. 


Well, whenever we meet someone, we unconsciously believe that the other person is just like us. 

We never take another person with a completely different personality. 

We try to see our mirror self, and when that mirror self doesn’t act like us, we can’t accept it. 

Because our mirror self is personal, and when it doesn’t do how we want, we take it personally. That’s what taking things personally means. 

We don’t see our values. We don’t see our beliefs. We don’t see our purpose. 

And when these things aren’t there, we can’t see ourselves. 

Now, that other has become completely alien to us, and like the antibodies in our immune system, we start to fight that person back.

It never struck to our minds that each person has a different story. Each person has different experiences. And each person is an utterly unique individual with different values, beliefs and purposes.

It's our fault people show bad traits

Each person is going through so much. Each person is full of shit and wants to unload it. 

And when they find us, they, too, unconsciously take us as their mirror self, which is not acting according to them. 

They take it personally and start to throw all of their garbage at us.  

The same happens to us, and we, too, start to throw all of our garbage on them. Now, what happened here?

Well, we become a bad mirror image of each other. 

They say something bad. We reply with something bad, not realising that deep down, both of us are good individuals. 

Now, everything becomes personal because both individuals are showing the same traits. They have become one without knowing it. And that’s why people in the 21st century are bad. People are cruel, and people are less empathetic. 

We choose our bad side to react in response to the other person’s actions. 

However, in the first place, if we didn’t consider the other person as our mirror self, things would not have taken that route. 

If while they unload their trash on us, we don’t take it personally, we don’t become their mirror self that wants to unload its garbage.

But all this happens without us knowing, and it’s our fault. 

Because we choose to see people as our mirror selves, we choose to see good in people, but when it turns out to be bad, we can’t accept the reality. We chose to drink the poison, and it’s time to die. 

No other option. 

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People Are Bad, But You Save Yourself From Their Garbage

Different people have different temperaments. Some get cool very easily once they show some fierce emotions. So others never forget the fight for days. 

We can’t control people. But what we can do is control our reaction towards people’s bad behaviour. 

Yes, you should always look out for your mirror self (and the good one.) You should see the bright side of the people. However, when it doesn’t happen, don’t show your dark side. Instead, accept people as they are. 

Don’t turn yourself into people’s mirror self. Instead, turn them into your own. 

A garbage turn over a period of time gets empty. Therefore, let people throw all their shit on you and just be okay with it. 

Don’t react; don’t show your true side. 

The following video might help you understand this even better, and when you learn why people are bad, just try to forgive them, not for their benefit, but for your own.

I hope this article will help you understand why people are bad. Or why it looks like everyone’s out there to get you. 

If we look closer, nobody wants to hurt another person. Think about yourself. Do you want to hurt someone intentionally? And even if you want to, think deeply. Does it matter? Does it define the person you are?

With 100% honesty, I believe you don’t, and even if you want to, then you really need to read the this article on forgiveness. Because often, we don’t need revenge. Instead, we need forgiveness, grace, compassion and love. 

More importantly, self-love to heal ourselves on our own.

That’s it.

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