Time, its behaviour & how you can use it

In the beginning, there was time. And in the end, there will be time. It all started with time and will go down with time. Everything will come to its end, buildings, technology, human society, and everything else. But what will remain is the time. It will keep working as it worked for the past centuries and as now. Without caring about anything. Without keeping an end goal and without being visible. But what if there would be no time. What if there had been no time when the universe first started to take its formation. I guess it’s an interesting topic to explore because people often blame time when their plan doesn’t go as they thought.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to see how time works and its behaviours. However, before moving on to this article, you should read this quote on time by Andy Warhol, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

(1) What if there would be no time?

The very first effect would happen if there is no time will be on the traffic signals. All lights either go green or red. Perhaps yellow, too. People would be stuck on the road, unable to move and go to work or someplace that adds a little to the nation’s economy. Perhaps some would reach their destination but unable to work. As to create electricity, time calculation is essential, and if it’s not there, then there will be no electricity production. Thus, at work, people can’t work.

However, people could manage this somehow. But because of no time, the very significant effect would happen on the very essence of patience. The patience inside human species would die. And when the patience is gone from us, we arrive at our destruction.

Women would not remain patient to hold the baby inside. Because if there’s no time, they won’t know how long they have to carry the child. The farmer will sow the seed and expect it to grow right the moment he planted it. When it doesn’t grow, he’d take it out and plant another. The process keeps getting repeated. And we’d have no rice or wheat to eat and fill our belly.

I would have no patience to write down my thoughts. And you would have no patience reading them out. Patience required everywhere, and time is the one that brings it.

No time = No patience = Nothing would remain.

(2) The behaviour of time

Have you ever wondered that the Moon and Sun don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over? Coming and going each day and each night. Well, technically, it’s the Earth that makes sunrise and sunset. It keeps revolving around the Sun and in its trajectory. And yes, she gets bored, but the weight of the responsibility is much bigger than her boredom. The fulfillment of duty is an essential part of their existence that makes them great. The Earth is revolving, the Sun is burning, and the Moon is revolving too, giving us the beautiful eclipse. Though we can’t see the other side of the Moon, it’s kinda amazing to see the one. Now, what if they stop because they are bored. The creation of life on Earth will end. Yes, without the Sun, Moon, and Earth’s rotation, we can’t live anymore. And you know it already. Right?

If the Earth stops in summer, the temperature will rise, and glaciers would melt, and we drown into the water. If the Earth stops in the winter, the temperature will drop, and we’re back into the ice age.

I know you know all about these, but there’s a meaning hiding behind these explanations. The revolving of Earth, burning of Sun, and following the trajectory of Moon defines the principle of Time. The only principle or behaviour that is keeping all the lives on this planet or any other planet in this universe alive. If you ask any scientist or someone from the field of science about the speed of time, they will come up with multiple explanations and theories. But in my opinion, the speed of time is constant. It is always running, which is followed by the great three of our galaxy. Whether they like their responsibility or not.


Nature, Earth, or the Universe are always in motion with time, giving us clear signals on how to guide our life. How to work and how to achieve our dreams. And this is what time says to us, “Keep Running, No Matter What Don’t Stop.

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First published on13th June 2020 @ 6:13 pm

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