9 Causes Why Do I Feel Intense Anger Over Little Things

Just as happiness, sadness, worry, etc., are emotions, anger or intense anger is also an emotion. 

Yes, but we can say that there is a difference in stagnation between anger and other emotions.

However, happiness and worry last longer and provide some sense of joy and contemplation at a deeper level. 

On the other hand, anger is an intense feeling caused by the imposition of another unwanted emotion on a person’s desired sense of self.

It’s only for a short time but can be very dangerous and destructive.

Like, if you have a different desire towards some work. However, that work can’t be done according to your desire because others have done it according to themselves. 

Now, your mind will develop feelings of anger or hatred for that other person.

What Happens Inside Our Body and Mind When We Are in an Angry State?

When we experience disappointment, frustration, judgment, rejection, fear, and other negative (society labeled) emotions, our body and brain go through many neural and physiological changes. 

The heart rate goes up, the arterial tension broadens, and testosterone production increases. We feel high on the power/energy able to do anything.

Our brain races with the stress hormone, aka cortisol. Thus, it takes time for us to cool down. Apart from these, the brain’s left hemisphere also gets activated, making anger take control of us entirely.  

And there’s more that happens to our brain and body when we feel intense anger. You can understand easily through the following illustration, 

Further on Anger – An Everyday Philosophy

Anger is an intense emotion that is the pressure of opposition towards a person, thing, or action produced by another person or thing.

Due to this, the person gets buried under an annoyance even without wanting.

And after this, dissatisfaction and this thing settle in their mind that they are being suppressed or immoral efforts are being made to prove them wrong.

Anger in everyday life

Due to all these things, the person’s restraint breaks down, and the tide of intense anger bursts.

Excessive anger by a person can put them in trouble. Rising blood pressure in the body can cause physical and mental harm. 

Even the individual, when rageful, gradually begins to lose their unit of thinking and understanding.

What is anger? We all understand this very well. Everyone feels angry sometimes.

It’s an entirely normal and generally healthy human emotion. It’s ok to be angry, but if it goes out of control, many troubles can arise.

For example, trouble at your workplace, personal and external, or social relationships may get sour, or it can also damage the sweetness of your overall life.

Couple fights in Anger

Many times it happens when a person gets angry even on small things. And it also takes the form of violence, due to which the person starts becoming socially isolated.

In such a situation, people start seeing people who get angry about small things as loose cannons, to which they shy away from even going around. 

And such an angry person starts getting disdain in the society.

Today, this article will explain why we get stunned over small things. Or why do we have a strange annoyance, and what is the reason for such anger?

9 Reasons Why I Get So Angry Over Little Things

These all are the reasons that I have experienced in my life. And as they are shared human experiences, I believe they could be reasons for you feeling angry at different times. 

In this way, you’ll be able to connect with them appropriately and reflect on the ideas with a deeper conscience. 

Or perhaps be able to answer your question, “Do I look angry?”

1. When I Don’t Accept Reality and Get Angry

You want an apple, and someone gives you an orange. You like ice creams, but all they can do is give you a cookie. 

When this kind of situation happens in our life where we don’t get what we were expecting, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable. And sometimes, this uncomfortableness takes a colossal shape and makes us angry towards others and ourselves as well. 

If we get sick and it’s crucial for us to work, we get uncomfortable and soon get angry. “Why does this happen to me?” 

It’s important for us to catch a flight, but there are no commutes to the airport. We get uncomfortable and then fuzz about society, transport services, government efforts, etc. 

Can't accept reality and feel intense anger


Because we don’t accept reality. The reality, that, if we are to move forward in life, we have to understand that sometimes things don’t go our way.

We have to accept that to progress, we have to regress sometimes. We have to go to the place where we were before. Instead, what we do is curse ourselves or society for putting us in that situation we don’t like and want to accept.

And thus, the anger bursts.

2. I Am Afraid That Something Will Go Wrong With My Family – When a Nice Person Snaps

Whenever you take your family along with you, you have to care for your family members. You know almost everything that’s right or wrong for them. 

At least for the kids under age 13.

You care about them; that’s why you love them too. 

But, whenever a family member does something that will only harm them, you switch on to the angry state. 

It is in the nature of a parent or a senior member.

Old lady shouting in anger

A family’s senior member always fears that something untoward or any accident may happen to their members. 

That’s why they say every sensible thing in anger so that their words remain valued, and because of their pressure, no one would make a wrong decision in the family.

Suppose the people you love in the family acknowledge your scolding. 

In that case, your nature automatically starts getting into the angry tendency. And you start looking like a bad and warlike person even if you don’t want to.

Due to the extreme care of the family members, you always fear that something terrible might happen to your family. 

Or, if something terrible happens, what will you do?

That’s why you start trying to subdue or control the people of your own family. 

If they listen to you, then it’s right. Otherwise, you start using force. And because of all these things, your nature becomes irritable even on small things, and you step in the angry state.

3. Because I’m So Choosy – My Choices to Feel Intense Anger

Picky people lose their temper very quickly over small things. These types of people are very dithering. 

They always need their choice of food, drink, clothes, etc. They have a very demanding kind of choice.

Quickly these people do not accept anything, and even if they accept something, they are always afraid that maybe they have made some mistake.

A person with a demanding nature is never satisfied with someone else’s talk or someone else’s thing, or help is done by someone else. They definitely find something or the other lacking in everyone’s things. 

Due to this, these people live their life in a different type of restlessness.

Because of their restlessness, they get irritated very quickly with every person, due to which they get outraged in the form of annoyance.

And finally, they lose their temper without knowing the seriousness of the matter.

4. Whenever I Feel Helpless or Weak – My Helpless Angry State

Whenever you feel weak and helpless, a different kind of intensity arises in you, which generates a desire in your mind to change your adversity as soon as possible.

You make big promises to yourself in anger. You start breaking things around you. In anger, you start comparing yourself to a successful person.

In your worst situation, your anger is so intense that you forget that you are weak, sad, and helpless in the present moment. 

You lose control of yourself and try to please yourself with unnecessary and false self-confidence.

When you are helpless, you want to make things right around you. 

But, you do not see any way out, and because of this, you start expressing intense anger at yourself and your adversity, hereto.

You are sad because you do not want to accept your bad situation, and you’re feeling angry that you cannot change your bad situation in the present very soon.

The reason for the intense anger of a weak and unhappy person is also that when the helpless person does not get support from their own family, office, and society in the worst phase of their life. 

Or their point, their adversity is ignored by everyone, then the weak person has a lot of trouble accepting this, and a tide of anger starts forming in their mind. Again, a nice person snaps.

Helpless person feeling intense anger

You should understand one thing: controlling all situations is not in a person’s hands. And the conditions which are not in your hands should be left in the trust of time. 

The tasks which the person has control over should be completed very well. 

In this way, you’ll be able to build yourself in a better way and, in the future, can make the right decisions. Or be able to do something about your situation rather than feeling helpless. 

5. When I’m Under Too Much Pressure, I Feel Mad

If you want to know your anger, you need to understand your pressure very much first because it is natural for a person to get angry. 

It is also natural for a person to have social, personal, economic, or domestic pressure.

Anger and pressure are directly proportional to each other in personal life.

Pressure and anger

If the pressure of anything increases on the person, then it is inevitable that intensity will also arise in the nature of the person, which directly reflects the angry personality of the person. 

And on the contrary, if the pressure on the person is less, then the reason for the person’s anger toward something will not be direct pressure.

For those who lack patience, the pressure of anything becomes overpowering very quickly.

It is, in a way, the inverse proportion of pressure. 

If a person has a lot of patience and tolerance, then the pressure of anything on that person will not invite their anger.

And if a person lacks patience, that person will lose their composure very quickly, even with slight pressure or some calamity.

Why does the pressure of something on a person become the reason for their anger?

The reason for this is due to the nervousness about ‘how to do the unexpected work’ that comes before the person.

The person starts doubting their ability. 

They are afraid that this work may go wrong or that they cannot do this work.

In the above situation, the person’s blood pressure starts rising, and they lose their restraint towards the work they can do.

Gradually work or social or economic pressure makes the person helpless to grumble and feel intense anger.

The person resorts to drugs to express their anger.

They feel as if intoxicated; they will somehow control the pressure on them, or else they will say farewell to anger. But, this does not happen, and the person becomes addicted to drugs.

Whenever there is any unexpected pressure on the person, they start thinking of intoxication as the only remedy. However, to do something right, choosing the wrong path will only lead you to destruction. 

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6. When a Feeling of Guilt Arises in My Mind

The anger that a person feels under feelings of guilt is not for another person. This type of anger is only and only for the person themself.

The remorse generated in your mind for some work or some situation makes you repeatedly realize that that thing has deteriorated because of you.

In this type of mindset, you cannot forgive yourself, and you consider yourself responsible for that mistake. 

Anger and feeling of guilt

The result of this is that you can’t sleep on time or wake up on time. 

Your whole routine gets disrupted. All your work gradually starts getting delayed, and because of this, your nature starts to become angry towards you.

You get very angry with yourself when you are alone and also damage the things around you. You bang your car’s desk board or the horn. 

Even you get ready to abuse your children, wife, or other people you know.

You keep asking yourself the same question over and over again, “Why did this happen?” or “Why did I do this?”

You ask such questions while crying or in strong anger. And to which you do not have the solution, because you yourself are angry and the angry person’s mental balance is not capable of thinking about anything properly.

All this happens because you want to hide your guilt. 

You hesitate to discuss this matter with anyone. And the hidden remorse tends to build up in your heart with a feeling of sadness, which is a matter of concern for your mental and physical health.

7. I Judge People Wrong Very Quickly

Judging people isn’t a bad thing overall. At one point or another in our life, we tend to judge people for either good or bad reasons. 

And more often than not, it’s necessary. 

However, what goes wrong is when we judge people, and it turns out that we did it incorrectly. 

I judge people very quickly, most of the time at my first meeting. If I feel something good they have done, I think, “he’s a nice guy.” If that person does wrong, I say, “not a good person.” But over time, as I spend time with them, a different picture turns out. 

By judging a person good quickly, I tend to trust them blindly, and when that same person tricks me or takes advantage, I regret it, and then intense anger clouds my mind. 

I feel this intense emotion that if I see that person in front of me, I would beat them or accuse them, and even worse. And why does all this happen? Because I judged them, based on that, I trusted them and expected something good out of them. 

However, things went differently, I couldn’t accept it, and you already know what happens when we don’t accept reality.

8. I Get Rageful When People Don’t Listen to Me

There are many times in life when you are part of a group discussion or a private conversation. 

The topic of your conversation or discussion can be anything, whether it is about your country or related to your personal life or someone else’s.

The discussion can be on any social or non-social topic; the point is, it could be anything.

The thing is that someone isn’t listening to you in the discussion. Or only you are making an empty effort to speak, and other people aren’t allowing you to speak. 

They’re only giving respect and importance to their own point of view.

In this disorderly group or two-person discussion, you start feeling that your thinking and experiences are being considered low. 

Or your views are being considered very middle class, which have no justification in personal life.

This type of vague conversation – in which your words do not get attention, then you start feeling dissatisfied with not being able to keep your point. 

And because of this dissatisfaction, an unacceptability arises in your mind towards those people and their thinking.

Due to this, you start getting a little frustrated in accepting their words, and in the end, you start getting bored with their words. 

You find it natural to get angry at people’s words, and this type of anger leads you to intolerance, where you start getting agitated over small things.

9. Impatience and Wish to Control Everything Bring Intense Anger

Why is it that we get angry when people don’t listen to us?

Why is it that we get angry when things don’t go according to ourselves?

And why is it when things take time, we tend to blame others and then get furious about it?


Because we lack patience. We can’t listen to another person because we don’t have the tendency to pay attention to other people’s words. We cannot process the thoughts of an individual other than ourselves. 

It takes time, and we don’t have any. That’s what we think.

Impatience and anger

If it’s taking time for the waiter to bring the meal to the table, we get impatient. We need things right at the moment. There’s no point if it’s taking time. 

We don’t risk taking another route because we might end up in traffic, and once we’re stuck, we’ll not be able to accept it. We will be impatient. And that’s where the anger steps in. It’s impatience, impatience, and impatience. 

We cannot listen because we’re impatient. We cannot wait because we are impatient. And we cannot trust another process because we don’t have the patience to allow something else to control the situation.

And that’s it; we are angry because we’re impatient in every other situation.

Life’s unexpected, and emotions like anger can make it even more chaotic. However, it’s easier to deal with the situation when we know the reasons. 

I hope the above ideas will help you identify your reasons for getting angry. And if I missed something, let me know in the comments. Apart from this, please Buy Us a Coffee if you want to Support Our Cause

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