Are  You  Doubting Yourself? 

8 reasons why we self-doubt

# 1 

We Are Too Focused On Results

It’s easy to say don’t doubt yourself, but when your mind is all centred on the results, then there’s nothing that can stop you from self-doubt.

# 2

We Compare Ourselves To Others

First, we don’t love the process, and then what makes our self-doubt stronger is the comparison we do of ourselves to others.

# 3

We Don’t Believe Our Purpose

When we’re focused on results, we don’t believe in the process. And when the result doesn’t come out, we start to doubt ourselves.

# 4

We See Everything Would Fall Apart

A little piece of negativity stops you before you even start. By saying they don’t believe in you, isn’t that actually they don’t believe in you.

# 5

Fear Of Failure Makes Us Self Doubt

Fear of failure makes every negative thinking real. Because of it, we consider negative thinking as realistic and positive thinking as unrealistic. 

# 6

Lots Of Options Available

When there are lots of options available, we can’t decide. First, we doubt, and then our consistent doubting becomes self-doubt.

# 7

It’s Your First Time To Make A Decision

You haven’t made a decision yet. It’s your first time in your entire life, and that’s why you’re doubting and agitating to take it.

# 8

You Fear They’ll Judge You

After the fear of failure, this one is another reason why we self-doubt.  The thinking that people are sitting to judge us makes everything against us.

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