Why Celebration of #InternationalMensDay is a Worth.

The thinking of our societies is always been one way, today it is clear that the woman has become strong( that’s great and needed.) But on the same hand, the male might have no value in the twenty-first century. Because nobody cares about the sacrifice, sweat, insomnia, and pain of a man. In order to run the house. (Remember?) And not the love that a man gave to his family, wholeheartedly. Perhaps that is why today, big IT companies are not celebrating Men’s Day like Women’s Day.

It is not on the doodle or on the Facebook. Neither the actor nor a politician, not even a single person wrote a single word on the social media today in praising the man, while they had written very much on the other day. It is true that in almost all countries, men still work very hard to feed their families. But it becomes probably the thought that man is cruel, oppressive, and rapist.

Newspapers have coloured their papers pink and sprinkled fragrance of rose on Women’s day, but nothing on 19th November. And the government made cost-free travel. Why? Why not on International Men’s Day?

Because of 10% Worthless dirty people, why we are treating 90% of good men badly. This day is not about Masculism or meninism, this is about the men’s who are facing very critical issues in their life and no one is there to help them. This day is about men’s and boy’s health, to provide their need and to improve basic humanitarian values. About mental discrimination, a man is facing every day. About the men who are thinking of taking their lives. Men are 3x likely to take their own life than women. And about the 9 out of 10, who are not reporting the domestic violence, because they’re thinking they are strong as a Rock.

This world is for all because if we want it to be cherished forever we have to care about all. Yes God is a Woman and that same God made Men too. This world cannot survive with only single human species, whether it’s men or women. Because on the time of creation, the very same God made women with the Ribs of men, to protect the Heart of the Men.

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