Want to Make Your Parents Happy?

Selfless love from your parents without any greed is the true gift to them and this is what makes you a good child.

# 1 

Do Your Own Thing

If you're a teenager, do your work. Don't impose it on your parents. You can do small things yourself, like washing your clothes, helping your parents with their work, etc.

By doing all these small things, your parents will realize that you are slowly becoming wiser. Seeing children becoming wiser is the first experience of happiness for any parent.

# 2 

Study Well

Make sure to study with the aim of making your parents proud by your good studies. Only then will your beautiful future shine on their faces.

# 3 

Always Be Obedient

You should always obey your parents, they should never feel that you do not care about their words at all, and you are not a well mannered child at all.

# 4 

Respect Your Parents

It's essential to respect your parents. It won't work just by being present; if you're an adult, take full responsibility of your parents & care for their social security.

# 5

Take Care of Your Old or Sick Parents

Take care of sick parents in the same way as you take care of your small child, take full responsibility of taking care of their health.

# 6

Don't Let Parents Feel Lonely

Keep talking to parents continuously, sit near them and listen to them, make them feel that they are not alone.

If you stay away from them, keep in touch with them through video and audio calls. Take them for a walk with you, and increase your children's interaction with them.

# 7

Avoid Quarrelling With Parents

Never speak stinging words to your parents, stay away from arguments, never talk to them with the aim of hurting them.

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