The most important thing for a human in its life

What is most important for a human in its life?

Think about this, maybe you know the answer because the more complex and strong this question seems, the answer is as simple, direct and appropriate as you can give with no research and deep thought. And it would be great if the answer is similar to the answer you think.

“We have full faith you will be right.”

According to our estimation, you guessed the answer, yes…, you are correct! But read thoroughly what’s written next; because it’ll help you understand your answer better. The one which causes man’s existence in this world is nothing but his ‘life,’ and to live his life, he needs a ‘family.’

Whether the family is of blood relatives or made from those who meet in the journey of life and stay with us till the end. And members of these two families hold hopes and desires too, with whom man’s progress possibilities are also attached. And it is his duty and obligation to fulfil those hopes and desires. For which he sees a dream; then gives that dream the shape of the goal. And ultimately, to get the goal, he threw himself into the fire of hard work. By which his dream begins to fall into reality.

Due to the hard work was done by the man, he succeeds in attaining the goal. Once the goal is achieved, he starts getting money, and by using that wealth he fulfils the hopes, desires, and requirements of his family members, which also completes his own duties and obligations.

Fulfilling his duty and obligations, he experiences happiness, peace and pride; from which he finds himself in such a wonderful and enjoyable place, whom he had always imagined. But, the most important link in the process to achieve the goal is the ‘first step.’ However, the first step taken in the unknown places is very difficult, as well as it is very far from the goal. But the same first step takes the man one place ahead on the ladder of success. Because the ‘beginning is the end.’

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Taken From
The Bright Rhythm- a Novel

Article by
Narendra Singh Nathawat
Vishvendra Singh Nathawat

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