George Floyd, Sushant Singh, and the discrimination

When does a difference arise between two people? Why discrimination gets formed between two countries? Is the reason for partiality done to degrade each other? To prove someone inferior, does it give rise to discrimination?

The most important question; can someone be murdered for discrimination? Is it necessary for a conservative society to have a perception of rich-poor, caste, work, skin colour, etc.?

Does it give something useful to any progressive community, to the country, or to the family? Put your hands on your mind and answer all these questions, what will you get, then it will matter to you.

A person can discriminate against another person only when he considers another person inferior. Or unsuccessful in comparison to himself. Thus, born the hatred and then the seed that killed George Floyd and Sushant Singh Rajput (henceforth SSR).

The situation of “believing or proving oneself as the best” arises when a lesser person does a great job than your ideology. And all the lesser human beings or those we consider inferior get an opportunity to mock the people with privilege. Then the mind and heart of the majority state’s people catch fire. And something unpleasant happens.

When does the seed of weak mentality like discrimination sprout?

In truth, it is the mind, and its belief that it is superior to all gives birth to seed like discrimination. And the people of society who suffer from this inferior mindset do the work of sprouting and nurturing it.

Any school or book does not teach Prejudice. It is a mood in which those who consider themselves at a higher ground, gather together on one side. And determine the group of people they think are less than themselves.

What can any kind of discrimination give to a country or to a person who discriminates?

Discrimination is not a competition. Or a form of any teaching from which a person can learn something useful and move forward in life with success. Rather, it is just a hidden wretched mindset only to stop another person from succeeding.

If there is discrimination in any country, whether it is on caste or colour. The majority of people will never let those people grow or become better whom they think inferior. Lower than themselves. They always have this fear in their mind that somewhere the smaller people may dominate their society, their culture, and their country.

They think that everything of theirs that exists will cease. And their existence can end in any form of community, business, and country. This fear pressures the majority of people to harass those weaker people in many ways.

If a talented person is discriminated against in a country, it is nothing but mental harm. Perhaps, the person can get himself into depression, and something unpleasant happens. In this situation, a country lost a talented person, who could later raise the name of the country. That person or that society, too, has attained self-aggrandizement.

Nothing has ever gained more by discriminating or under judging anyone. I believe that it should not happen to anyone at any level. Because it stops the progress of the person, who gets discriminated against.

He pretends to have false respect, but inside, he keeps harassing himself for not learning anything new. People with such personalities cannot give more to society other than envy, jealousy, evil, lies, deception, and incomplete knowledge. And all these come in the list that’s enough to end a civilized society.

Should George Floyd and Sushant Singh Rajput be respected?

One was physically killed by force due to discrimination. The other got tortured mentally, leading that man to commit suicide. Now both of them left this world, but did they pave the way for a change? Because respect is always received by dedication, and dedication should always be in line with their good deeds.

Will George Floyd’s death; would erase the Apartheid in the United States? Will SSR’s death be able to end the inferior-superior distance inside Bollywood? If this happens, even a little bit, it makes some functional changes, so yes! Both of them deserve respect.

How can we reduce discrimination?

When can discrimination be reduced? The better thing than this question is why to discriminate? When nothing’s earned from it, then there is no benefit in promoting it.

There is no one person or any government that can end discrimination.

It is a mindset that can be corrected, which can be given the right direction. For which the majority of people of the same ideology (whose views are considered, who are heard, who themselves believe in discrimination) have to give a new eye to their minds.

So that those who are abused due to discrimination can serve this world with something good.

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