Beware Facebook users because it will not continue to be free.

This article is based on current changes made by Facebook on its homepage and services. 

After the incident of Cambridge Analytica involving Facebook, people could rely on Facebook, and believe it only for one thing-its free services-but it’s a thing of past now because on midnight 7th August 2019 Facebook silently changed its slogan from “It’s free and always will be” to “It’s quick and easy.” Here’s the proof from Internet web archive,

It’s free and always will be
facebook free
Facebook Internet Web Archive Aug 6th 2019

Now, see the change

It’s quick and easy

facebook free

Now, the questions we should ask would be, “will Facebook always be free?” or “will Facebook still be free?” Or maybe this, “will Facebook continue to be free?”

And the answer to all these questions and question similar to above is no, because if yes would be the answer, then they would have never changed it. There have to be many reasons behind this change, but the simple one could be, that, Facebook is a technology company who wants to grow their business, and for that, they need money. There’s nothing wrong or betrayal or unethical to people. 

So, what changes it would bring? There are many, and we’ll discuss each one by one.  


Facebook’s Account Types

The first change Facebook likely to bring would be account types. As like PayPal, this top social networking site may adopt the same criteria of account types.

Facebook’s Account Types

facebook free
Facebook’s Account Types

As the name suggests this account type would surely for personal and entertainment purposes. However, this account would offer extra features and different services under other account categories.


This account type would be for business, like- somebody wants to sell his products, someone may want to launch a media company. 

Whatever the reason, a business account to reach broader customers, and gain extra revenue. This account type will, too, offer different services under multiple business account types, which we’ll discuss later in this article. 

Facebook’s Personal Account and its types.

Facebook will provide many new services, and therefore it would provide approximately three personal accounts types with their unique features and costs.

Facebook’s Personal Account and its types.

facebook free
Facebook’s Personal Account and its types.
Facebook’s Free Personal Account: 

As CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said in his testimony, that, “there will always be a version of Facebook that is free,” then this would be the free version of Facebook, with limited features and services. Under this account type user would only have access to their News Feed, can update status; use messenger, marketplace and “Facebook pay” (Facebook’s money transfer gateway and wallet; the name is just a guess). These all are the features that are available now, but in the near future, there would be some new and premium features which the user will get only in the paid plans.

Personal Pro Account:

The rate of entertainment industry on digital platform is growing and the rise of digital media platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, inspired many big IT companies to take their bit of share in this market; therefore, YouTube Premium and Apple TV+ came into play, then how could Facebook stay behind. So, the company decided to launch its streaming service, which is Facebook Watch to compete with YouTube and other video-on-demand services. However, facebook watch was released in August 2017 whereas Apple TV+ would start their services from fall 2019.

For now, the Facebook watch is free, and its original shows are decent, one of them is Facebook Watch Original Five Points, which is not getting much attention from the viewers. Like YouTube released its paid version, Facebook would, too, roll out Facebook watch’s paid version in the future, so again- nothing will remain free. And if Facebook wants to grow the business in the media industry, then they will surely release Facebook Reads (Book Reading Service) and Facebook Music. 

These services would come under Facebook’s Personal Pro Account.

Personal Pro+ Account:

There was a time when people meet strangers in parties, wedding or some other family function, have some conversation, show some interest and after that start seeing each other, like dating one another. 

But in today’s world, technology is taking its part in everything, and dating is one of them. Tinder has made a tremendous impact on dating, and because of that, people love it. But who has an immense database of users than Tinder?  On which platform you can find the person of interest by searching his/her name? Simple- it’s Facebook, and that’s why Facebook is about to launch Facebook Dating, they already have in Colombia for testing and implementation.

This would be the game-changer for Facebook because millions of people would use it, but for now, Facebook dating will not allow you to find someone by his/her name. 

However, it will allow you to secretly like someone of the friends of your friend. Initially, it will come for free, with little or limited services to grow its users, and then Facebook will play its bigger card and put up some paid features. In the end-you’ll pay.

In Facebook personal pro+ account you’ll get all the features of the pro account + Facebook dating and its benefits. Surely this would be a great game-changer for facebook. People would love it.

Facebook’s Business Account and its types.

For now, as a business on Facebook, people can only do some normal things, but with new account types under this category, there’s much to say.

Facebook’s Free Business Account:

Under this account type, you’ll get the basic features. Like- you can update status online, post a video or an image; manage your online presence as a celebrity or business organisation. May be under the free business account type, you’ll get limited page likes or the limited number of post to update. A limited area where you can promote your products via Facebook ads. This would be the online visibility of your offline business. 

Business Pro Account:

When it comes to buying something online people would go to Amazon, but Facebook jumped in this area, and in the Year 2015 re-launched its service Marketplace to help local users to sell their products like OLX and Quikr. 

Maybe you’ll get this service of Facebook in the free business account, but in pro, you’ll get more features, and we thought it’s more logical to put it in a separate category.  

With Facebook Marketplace, you will receive Facebook pay- which would help you to get paid quickly by users on purchasing your products. Perhaps under this account category, you have an additional number of products to trade and showcase them at the marketplace. Seriously, it would help people in a much prettier way than any other services.

Business Pro+ Account:

Finally, the third category of Facebook’s business account is Pro+. In this account, you will get all the features of free and Pro account with no limits. Also, in this account, you’ll get access to the most-awaited cryptocurrency, which is Facebook’s Libra. 

In this account type, you can do your business in the cryptocurrency. Libra is about to launch in 2020, but it’s not sure, and with that following, other features and apps of facebook would also come into the market. 


2020, would be the deciding year for Facebook, whether it makes progress or continue to face fall in the world’s one of the largest user databases. 

We hope you liked our version of future Facebook, but it’s not an assumption; rather, it is the hindsight of the writers. Maybe you’ll not get all these features as described here, but inevitably you’ll have them in a strategically diverse way. Maybe you’ll get all the services in a free account, but there would be alternative versions of Facebook account, to provide extra elements of these services.

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